CJNG Try to Behead Corpse of La Familia Michoacana Member with Dull Machete

CJNG Try to Behead Corpse of La Familia Michoacana Member with Dull Machete

CJNG Try to Behead Corpse of La Familia Michoacana Member with Dull Machete

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows members of the CJNG cartel (Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion) attempting to behead a corpse of a man allegedly affiliated with the rival La Familia Michoacana cartel.

The video is only a little over 22 seconds long, but despite chopping, the executioner didn’t get any close to decapitating the corpse by the end of the video, than he was at the beginning of it. The machete seems to be rather dull, and the Mexicans are notorious for their inability to carry out efficient beheadings.

Props to Best Gore member @burnthecoal for the video:

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94 thoughts on “CJNG Try to Behead Corpse of La Familia Michoacana Member with Dull Machete”

        1. I’m actually getting entirely bored with these completely incompetent retards chopping away at a tree for 8,000 hours. A mass kill off has been in order for a very long time. It might already be here, but this is just likely the practice run from what it looks so far.

    1. say what ?

      Trump just allowed them to have total control over afghanistan with a perfectly signed contract.

      result on already a wave of terrorist attack in afghanistan.

      soo yeah.. killing them all… not that much. more like “hide them for the time peoples think Trump is a good guy, then let them go out and enjoy having a whole country for themself”

    2. Brian…

      Probably thanking the Federal Reserve, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and the corporate media, would be a good place to start.

      The last time any president made a decision based on moral integrity, was JFK.

      …look where that got him

        1. Yup…

          He also wasn’t a friend to the Federal Reserve, or private health insurance companies either.

          Yes, he made a few mistakes, but he learned from them as well. More importantly, he had the balls to own up to them.

          His handling of Operation Northwoods and Mongoose (false flag operation against Cuba) didn’t earn him any gold stars with the military either.

          Creating the Peace Corps, while preventing a nuclear hollocaust with Russia, will get you removed from the planet pretty quickly with the Deep State as well.

          Shortly before his death, he made a speech to congress, pointing out the importance of being transparent with the American people. He also issued a warning about the Dark Powers within, that want perpetual war and corporate control over our government.

          Not only was he right about this, but all the members of congress gave him a standing ovation during/after his speech.

          Could you imagine our congress, having the same reaction today?

          …I can’t

          Kind of unusual to see a multimillionaire President, so determined to go to bat for the American people. To this day, the only president I’ve ever seen in real life. he was right across the street at my neighbor’s house, campaigning for the next election. Three months later, I watched his funeral on our black and white Zenith tv.

    3. Now we can expect less sand niggers to drive a fully loaded mini van into a crowd of people here in the United States. We ain’t causing a fricken’ war over there by nuking those fuckers…we’re PREVENTING a future war. No more 9/11 OR Boston Bombings! Russians, camel jockeys, dune coons, beaners, SJWs (no matter what race color), mentally ill chinks. They’re all trying to fuck us dead.

  1. not that dull imho…

    meanwhile, the difference between a new generation cartel that have almost nothing, and a powerful cartel like la familia that have huge control and link with some of most powerful cartels around.

    CJNG vs la familia… game is ON, place your bet.

  2. I guess all the experienced enforcers are gone.
    Like the the bunch that cut the face off that gangster after cutting his hands off, and jamming a long box cutter in his mouth.
    They kept him alive, took their time, and videoed much of the action.
    Or maybe that kind of brutality backfired on them with the general populace. It’s hard to win the hearts and minds with videos showing yourself carving up a teenager and his father, or cutting head off some low level nit wit mule with a chain saw.

    1. “Funky Town” is the most fucked up shit that the internet has to offer. What we witnessed was bad enough, but think about what transpired before they started taping. Honestly, as long as we don’t see shit like that, the human race is winning.

    2. It appears that the experienced lot of the yesteryears seems to have been said goodbye to ,hence the real touches of brutalities ,often are seen gone/going amiss .
      And what better way to describe the dumb headed fresher lot ; who give a heck to anything but meaningful like looking after their tools that carve out their daily living
      Try as they might it appears the newbs can’t do without gambling smoking weeds or shagging to the zoo porn using rusty blunt knives not worth even shearing a sheet of paper let alone use ’em to behead Corpses.
      Living up to the old fashioned way of extreme barbarity will have to be seen when the tools they use start getting worshiped.

  3. you greasy aztec fukalots with your dull knives. come to my country and we use a bit of technology which might impress you, the Ar-15.

    I’m sick of you picking my lettuce and shitting in the fields. go back to Sinaloa and sniff for corn like hogs. Your feeble goat-brained midgets have oblong skulls. Easy to identify a forlorn pachuco

    1. Unfortunately they lettuce pickers had offspring. Now all the spics are construction workers and the signs at Home Depot are 1/2 English 1/2 spic. We should DO AWAY with ALL multicultural signs in “spic” etc… America (WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE – AND ONLY ENGLISH)) Fucking spic, wetback, beiner, fuck-wads.
      Damn I need to get out of the house… this quarantine is makin’ ma crazie!!

    2. The only ones that think an AR-15 is impressive, are 15 years old. Stay in the hills Fuck-face. Sure y’all have eyes, but y’all are deformed rejects. You live in an idealistic past that never truly was. You are a self proclaimed sociopath, which puts you in a fucked up club. I’m much closer to the empath spectrum of things, and that’s why part of me feels for you. On the other hand, you are a total dick, so most of my feeling towards you aren’t that good. Cheers.

      1. My Dear Dog Fetisher;
        I beg to disagree! An AR-15 is VERY impressive when compared to a dull machete. However, you are correct, Sir, that it has only limited application and advantages in certain arenas.
        For your information, a lot more satisfaction is to be gotten by an up-close and personal, man-to-man confrontation with a snub-nosed .38 special, fired through a hoodie front pocket, when said opponent has no idea he is going to be treated like Lee Harvey Oswald.
        As to my self-proclaimed status as a fellow sociopath..well, in the past month I’m a bit ashamed to admit my mental state has drifted more in the direction of full-fledged psychopath. Should you care to discuss my deviation from the societal norm? I am at your disposal.
        Your eager friend, Deadvector

          1. no, no no my new friend. We have established a relationship now. Now bear in mind that my dislike of dogs is much akin to (perhaps) your dislike of large rats. I see these beasts as vermin. a public nuisance, and we have laws preventing their presence outside the control of their human owners. My REAL ire goes to such a warped, inexplicable human being who feels compelled to own such an animal….to allow it in his kitchen where he prepares his food,sleep in his bed at night, an animal he “kisses” after it tongues fecal flecks from its anus. These mentally ill fetish worshipers somehow bring out a murderous rage, perhaps the same feeling you have when confronted with a pedophile who has just violated a toddler.?

            There, all better!. We are becoming close chums. May I know the city you hail from, amigo?
            your inquisitive buddy,

          1. much obliged. dying to meet muh new kimo-sabe. Man-Man is going to be enough.

            I guarantee.

    3. Yes. They’re going to need more than just landscaping tools to do the dirty work in America. Oh that’s right…ICE sent them back to their own lettuce fields in beaner-Mexico. So they can SHIT in their own fields instead of ours. No more free hand outs or dull knives for these low life fuckers.

      1. the police here are starting to catch the virus, and soon their buddies won’t be showing up for work, or wont wanna leave their patrol cars. Not a good time to have your face all tatted up. walking targets. and MAN have i been waiting for this….! ITS HAMMER TIME

          1. Nice! 🙂

            Then it looks like their Coverage area, would Penetrate into regions where Parts time work is only available. Of Corpse, the demand is high, when Stiff competition Saturates this market. This Cutting Below The Belt, interferes with their Bottom line. Seems like nobody wants to Shoulder the responsibility, when dealing with the Head of any Organ-ization anymore.

            …and getting it Live Streamed, is a thing of the past.

  4. In the early days of nuclear subs the selection process included an interview during which the interviewee had to sit on a stool that had one leg shortened. To test the man. Maybe a dull machete could be a way to test members of the cartel. Keeps trying – has heart. Finds another method – takes initiative. Etc, etc.

    1. Yeah
      “your gunna pay so bad, for driving down a road I’ve already driven down ! This means war!”

      Hey here’s a thought….why not team up and smuggle your drugs together – might even stop the WHOLE fucking world knowing about your lil operation. Nothing screams success like 60,000 murder victims chopped up each year……….


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  8. What’s pissing me off here…is how fuckin’ amateur leveled can you GET in the god damn cartel and NOT know how keep your fuckin’ weapon of choice in a good enough condition. God forbid if I was to ever encounter a cartel-beaner and was to get offed in that form or fashion. You’d better make it fuckin’ quick with a fucking machete that actually WORKS! You gang beaners are losing more and more class by the day. Keep it on the south side of the border you assholes and NOT the to the north side. Also… make sure you pack enough nachos and margaritas for the next time you try jumping over the Trump wall and end up like this poor son of a bitch here in the video.

  9. And I have sensitivity in cutting to pieces an already dead Chicken. These people kill human so nonchalant. What this fucking world has been turned into. Public slaughtering with little regard.

  10. does not look blunt to me, but those taps aint gonna cut through the bone…….ya can see it slices the skin on the shoulder quite easily. A blunt blade won’t do that.
    But who cares, irony being that the roles were reversed the other day.
    That guy to all intents and purposes could be one of the ones laughing in that earlier video………

  11. That’s it… seriously I don’t even mean the blade I mean the effort and professionalism. First they didn’t have much intensity in their voices. Not very intimating sounding even if you don’t know what the fuck they’re saying. Seemed afraid to touch the damn corpse(perhaps the proper uniform, tools, gloves would’ve helped) is it or is it not their victim. Third the chops were feeble at best. I know geriatrics for fuck ‘s sake who could swing a machete deeper into somedays throat. And finally that dull ass blade that needs to be refurbished. Perhaps there’s been a dip in pay and it shows in performance and equipment. Whatever the case I’m used to better from them and expect a higher quality of work and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  12. Finally,,, we got ourselves an Awesome Mexican-Narco-Sicario-Beheading, Puta-Madre. :)st a tad,
    Kinda-Sucks just a tad, that the dude was already dead though cause the video was void of any 3 ft. high arterial bleed. 🙁

    (Cameraman): Look at your fucking dogs, how tough they are, sons of fucking bitches. Here they’ll get fucked up, vato… Here they’ll get their whole self snatched away, bitches. Better recognize and learn what’ll happen to you here. Here you don’t play around with the New Generation, faggots. La Familia ain’t worth shit, just so you know, shit-faggots.

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