Clean Cut Train Decapitation from Morelia, Mexico

Clean Cut Train Decapitation from Morelia, Mexico

Clean Cut Train Decapitation from Morelia, Mexico

Hot off the press news – unidentified young man between the ages of 22 to 25 tried to cross the railway track at the intersection of Avenida Siervo de la Nación in the city of Morelia, state Michoacán, Mexico but was hit by the train, thrown a few meters forward and landed with his neck on the track. The train decapitated the fellow with a clean cut leaving his body on one side of the track while his head lay detached on the other.

This train decapitation took place on August 18, 2010 which means it’s a fresh news and a brand new photo to grace the pages of Best Gore. Major props go to the Best Gore reader Armando for sending this in while it’s still so hot.

I must take this opportunity and make the remark you are all expecting – yes, there actually are people in Mexico who die in ways other than by the hand of Narco assassins. Actually, we have lots of readers from Mexico so be nice to them. To get to the high res photo, click on the image twice.

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22 thoughts on “Clean Cut Train Decapitation from Morelia, Mexico”

  1. come on, what r the fucking chances that u not only get hit by a train, u land on the track so perfectly that u then get run over by said train. I call bullshit and think its a suicide or is this really the story the mexican news is running.

  2. Personally, I think that bean burrito caused the screamin’ shits and he was trying to get to a toilet. He was runnin’ for the toilet, tried to beat the train and didn’t. Go ahead, check his draws….bet they’re full of bean burritoey shit. Those damn bean burritos will do it to ya everydamntime.

    1. dude… this is morelia mexico.. not even near the border… you ignorant lame fuck!

      This is obviously not caused by a train, otherwise his head will be meters away from his body… and the head would of been smashed!!

  3. I had been plotting my own suicide for a long time, and this was one method.
    The majority of my feelings about how bad my life was went away as I got into my 30’s. Still, a stark reminder of how fragile life is. The beautiful boy who hung himself is far more of an insult to life. Mainly my religious views kept me too afraid to do it…

  4. I think it may have been a suicide. What are the chances of him somehow falling on the track..right as a train was coming, with his neck on the rail, and then not be able to get away in time. It had to be a suicide unless he tried to cross the tracks right as the train was passing and tripped, and who would be stupid enough to do that? I say it’s a suicide.

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