Colombian Cop Shoots Man Who Apparently Takes Gun from One of Them During Arrest

Colombian Cop Shoots Man Who Apparently Takes Gun from One of Them During Arrest

During an arrest attempt in Colombia, the alleged suspect uses the overconfidence of the cops to take hold of one of their’s guns. The shot then rings through the air, which is apparently discharged by the suspect with the cop’s gun.

In response, a trigger happy cop who still has his gun uses it to shoot the suspect. I’m not too sure what the outcome of the shooting was, but it’s possible the suspect was fatally hit.

Props to Best Gore members @elledios and @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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103 thoughts on “Colombian Cop Shoots Man Who Apparently Takes Gun from One of Them During Arrest”

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  1. I don’t know why the poster decided to put the cop in a bad light. The “trigger happy cop” shot the suspect who took his gun. What the fuck else would you do? Give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and tell him to keep it? Of course he fucking shot him. I would’ve done so too.

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  3. Another case where police doing their jobs, What they need is more officers with batton to beat the shit out of the crowd into sumbition,

    Here in america police always have an educated excuse not to do their job but they always shoot and kill manorities due to their skin color and ethic background.

  4. “The trigger-happy cop”

    Go fuck yourself! You forgot to mention what exactly the cop should have done in a situation like this. Perhaps give him another gun? Run away screaming? Call the cops for backup?I’ve seen the same thing happen in another occasion and he managed to kill the cop, but then the other shot him dead.

    I also remember another post where a muslim in the Netherlands started to run around with a knife screaming “allahu akbar”, ready to kill some Europeans, and a cop shot him and of course Mark went in the defense of the poor soon-t0-be muslim terrorist calling the cops trigger-happy. It definitely raises some doubts since the only ones siding with muslim filth are the globalists/leftists.

    Let me guess, if a week ago the cops arrived and the Florida school shooter was still armed and murdering students, and they killed him, they would also be trigger- happy cops, right? There’s a new definition of trigger-happy now: a cop who uses his gun, it doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong.

    Some people here act as if everything would be wonderful if law enforcement ceased to exist over night, but they clearly don’t have the skill or the guts to defend themselves and others if something threatens their life. What would YOU do in a situation like this, if you were armed and some idiot with a gun started to threaten everyone’s life and there was no cop around? You would must likely suck his cock and then get murdered by him, like the little sheep ready for the slaughter that you are.

  5. The cop wasn’t trigger happy, if the suspect is resisting arrest, grabs a gun and fires it, they have every right to use their guns to cease the threat and protect their lives, and he only fired once.
    Had this happened in the US, all the cops would have drawn their weapons and emptied their mags. No such thing as overkill for them

  6. The fuck you mean apparently. You can see it clearly in the video when they are two manning him he grabs the gun in the officers holster. This loser deserved the bullet and the cops weren’t trigger happy at all.

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