Colombian Models Burn to Death in Ferrari Crash in Mexico

Colombian Models Burn to Death in Ferrari Crash in Mexico

Two Colombian models of sorts were passengers in a Ferrari 458 Spider that ran into a wall and burst into flames while traveling from Acapulco to Mexico City in Mexico.

Both Dayana Sánchez García and Tatiana Guzmán died days later. According to the medics, Tatiana died of having suffered burns in 90 percent of her body, and Dayana of second-degree burns.

The man driving the vehicle was identified as Ivan Borbolla, who fled the accident scene along with his mates who were traveling in a BMW that followed the Ferrari, according to local media. The group had abandoned the Colombianas and left them to fry. The Mexican police say Ivan Borbolla has meanwhile been located and detained.

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      1. @eraserhead-2
        Chicks like those too only go for bad boys. By definition this Ivan Borbolla dude is a badass, so much so, he like them be barbequed like pieces of chicken inside the car while he did a runner.

        Dude really should like to drive his car properly lol.

  1. Their current worth just dropped through the floor. All they need now is a straw to feed from and they’ll be set for life. Too bad looks can be toast…intellect tends to be a tad more resistant to tragedy.

      1. I didn’t see this link inside the link that FarCanal posted.

        The Ferrari is smoked in this link. It still seems very odd that the car just looks wrecked in the 1st link and totally destroyed by fire in the second link??

        The rims have 10 spokes in the 1st link & 5 spokes in the second link. It’s possible they used the wrong photograph of a wrecked Ferrari in the 1st link?? Strange days indeed.

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  4. I wonder what life she wuld have if servive, must be a broken heart , i cant say that its beter for her to be dead,but from a model to a poor and limited person…thats hard to much..
    If you r a model, it doesnt say that you need to run after son bitches that will run away from you whene you need them around the most..
    Better go with normal then a one who will treat you like u r a ferrari that he dont care to crush…

  5. Both “models” were from Medellin, Colombia.
    No doubt there are many chances one or the two had ties with cartels. The driver who appears to be Iván Borbolla fled the scene while the 2 young women were still alive, but not so well…
    Thus, we’ll perhaps have a funny vid on BG very soon, on which this gentleman will be crying for help watching and feeling each of his limbs slowly detached from his body and then gasping for some fresh air when he’ll get his empty skull severed with a blunt blade, for sure.
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  7. Two passangers? I don’t get it. The Ferrari 458 Spider is a two seater… unless one of them was stuck in the gear. Well… too bad they didn’t survived. They would not need to shave for quite a wile.

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