Comandante Charro – High Ranking Zeta Decapitated

Comandante Charro - High Ranking Zeta Decapitated

Well… holy shit. You most certainly don’t see that often. They are decapitating one another in Mexico like there’s no tomorrow, but victims are usually either small fish or complete nobodies. And look what we have here now – severed head of Comandante Charro, henchman very close to the leader of Los Zetas Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano aka El Lazca.

Mexican authorities said that there was an intense shootout between rival drug cartels in Ojo Caliente, Zacatecas after which head of Comandante Chorro was found next to a narcomensaje which bore the following text:

Ai esta tu pinche mierda del comandante charro lacra de Lazcano, no que muy vergas el wei vamos por todas las lacraz de los Z’s en Zacatecas

I put it into Google Translate but got complete garbage of a translation:

Ai’s your fucking shit charro commander scourge of Lazcano, not very cock the wei Lacraz going through all of the Z’s in Zacatecas

It’s pretty clear that Zetas are losing an upper hand in many of the Mexico’s states and Zacatecas will likely be next. El Chapo Guzman said it himself that he’s gonna get rid of the Zetas once and for all and the witch-hunt for them has been intense. Decapitating such high ranking figure as Comandante Chorro is definitely a sign that the Sinaloa, CDG and CJNG coalition is hell bent on getting the job done.

BTW, he looks more like he had his head ripped off rather than decapitated. You don’t just walk up to someone as high ranking as Comandante Chorro with a machete to behead him. He was probably shot in the mouth which incapacitated him enough for the opposing force to capture his body and finish him off with a beheading.

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102 thoughts on “Comandante Charro – High Ranking Zeta Decapitated”

        1. yeah…fucking illuminati puppet peice of shit!!! if ever he got killed i swear i would watch that video over and over for the rest of my life.i knew somthing was up when i saw there was gonna be a nigger president…i knew it didnt make sense and that it smelled like shit.

  1. What they said in the message was: Ai esta tu pinche mierda del comandante charro lacra de Lazcano, no que muy vergas el wei vamos por todas las lacraz de los Z?s en Zacatecas IN ENGLISH NOW: THERE IS YOUR PIECE OF SHIT COMANDER EL CHARRO. LAZCANO?S PIECE OF SHIT COMANDER, YOU ALL THINK YOU ARE ALL BAD WHAT HAPPENED HERE FUCKERS? WE ARE COMING AFTER ALL OF LAZCANO?S PIECE OF SHIT CREW. ALL ZETAS IN ZACATECAS.

  2. This happened because Los Zetas are fighting within the organisation the two main leaders are fighting for control they didn?t like the way the crew was being ruled so they are fighting agains each other and this guy was killed because scence they all know each other they knew where he was. This is the first time some one of his ranking gets killed. And it was easy for them to find him because his own crew killed him. now los zetas are fighting each other and all the other cartels are after them too so expect them to be gone in no time!!

      1. What?s up man! No I didn?t get it from that place I usually go into this page but the information about los zetas fighting each other I got it because In Guadalajara de capital city of the state of Jalisco the Marines captured an ally of the Sinaloa Cartel They called him Mencho and there is this one page where they give all this information it?s like a secret page because it?s not from the Goverment it seems to mee like the creator of the page is a jornalist and he reasearches for all this information with the people but I found the page by accident, I will look for it again and I will post it here so you can give it a look!! The problem that the page is in spanish.

        1. Yes you are right soon they will appear because the Sinaloa Cartel and the CJNG cartel broke bonds last week because the Sinaloa Cartel found out that the CJNG were kiddnaping people and charging a lot of money to small bussinesses and the Sinaloa Cartel Doesn?t do that and as we all know the Sinaloa Cartel is protected by the President of Mexico most likely is that Chapo gave the order to catch the main boss of this organisation so now that this happened there will be a lot of blood.

          1. You’re just full of dirty info, Is that why you’re called Dirty-J?

            Keep it coming, btw. And I hope a video of this killing is released soon.

          2. Na man this is not fake info! I live in Mex I was living in Arizona then I decided to come to live here to Mex. Cus I have family here and I wanted a bit of a change in my life style but this was more than I expected In the city where I live this is every day shit!! That?s all you hear all day long! on the news, the radio, the net and the people. I have been on the road and then from far away you can see a bunch of patrols and soldiers when you see that you know something happened I saw this woman torn to shreds right on the fucking road!! so I know what I?m saying!!!

  3. The Sinaloa Cartel, El cartel del Golfo (CDG) Los caballeros templarios, El cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) they are all fighting los zetas and now los zetas are fighting each other too!! So los zetas are fucked!!!

    1. The Los Zetas are beyond being fucked they have grew to big where they have 100s of trained men coming from Guatemala every month and all the cartels who they are fighting know this they may kill some of them but its a war people get killed in war.

  4. Shit like this is why i dont visit mexico anymore. Crazy fucking Zetas are not giving a shit bout the civilians no more, if they did to begin with. Last time i was there they blasted holes in a man, damn near chopping him in half with fucking gun fire just in the way. If knew of this site back then i would’ve taken pics of all the dead guys. But then again the cartels would probibly not like that very much.

  5. CJNG is not against zetas anymore..theyre hiding from sinaloans now ..those fuckers where extorsioning kidnapping and taxing exagerating amounts of money to small businesses..Sinaloa doesnt work like that and once the sinaloa cartel finds out one of his allies is doing shit like this it automaticly makes them an enemy..the zetas have nowhere to go now..tamaulipas is being taken over by comandante diablo and his commando and also by the gente nueva (new people) both working for el chapo..

      1. it was problably innocent people and they just said they where zetas so the cartels would think that they are doing there job..just like the mexican military and federales do everytime they get a robber or a crackhead..

  6. Comandante Charro was probably killed by the zetas faction loyal to Z-40, Miguel Trevinho. Their best days are behind them. The zetas are the ones that fuck the normal law abiding citizen up. They’re the ones that do the most extorting, killing and kidnapping of civilians. Everyone hates them, and now that Trevinho is more powerful than Lazcano, all shit is going to break loose. Get ready for a gore overdose because heads are going to start piling up, in the next couple months.

  7. i live near of ojo caliente, 150 miles from there, in this part, the mexican Navy and Chapo sicarios are killing the zetas, but they burn the bodys, so that’s why there is no reports or notice of them. to give you a number of how many zetas are killed, in every gun fight, they kill over 13 or 14 bad trained zetas sicarios, that’s so bad for the people of M?xico, we are so fucking sick of this shit, but we can’t do nothing, here the maximun caliber for gun posesing legaly is .22, a joke!!! cheers

    1. so far, this is about the only narco that ends bad in narcomejico in 10 years, in NARCOLANDIA, only the nobodies, innocent people and losers get screwed. We cannot build a definitive opinion on this subject based on an exception rather than in the rule.

      1. @Tulio_Hermil, what’s an exception now, will more than likely become the rule.

        I agree what we have seen so far have been innocent people slaughtered, but that’s what they WANT us to see.

        We all know the drug cartels are fighting each other for power, so as yourself, why haven’t we seen more them slaughtered in the media?

  8. If I was to invent so crazyfuck theory, I will say that this new crooked presidente is going to make a cease fire deal with El Chapo until they can manage to bring down Los Zetas. The PRI party is about the biggest political machine mafia in the americas, together with shit like Banana Republic’s peronist party. I bet that smart narcos like El Chapo will respect them far more than the party that just left power.
    It seems to me that if Los Zetas are removed for good, violence in narcomejico will go down to more or less normal levels, as the traditional cartels behave in the same semi-civilized manner than most mafia like organizations in the world, you know, too much violence is bad for business…then the govt would have to mediate some sort of business arrangement between surviving cartels to avoid another all out war between themselves, but it kinda seems that nobody will be challenging El Chapo if Los Zetas are gone…but you never know in NARCOMEJICO were reality surpasses fiction everytime

  9. This is a really interesting severed head photo; I like the way it looks. It’s does look like a very sloppy job, though, with what appears to be damage to the jaw that makes me wonder if this was another chainsaw job.

  10. Translation from Spanish to English , i have a better translator than google, ” Ai is your fucking shit Lazcano scourge commander jet, not very cock Wei Lacraz going through all of the Z’s in Zacatecas” seriously messed up still no matter how it is translated. But still one scumbag off the streets.

  11. Nobody is getting the translation right so far, it actually reads:

    “Here is your fucking shit commander Charro hoodlum of Lazcano, not so bad ass the dude, we are going for all the hoodlums of the Zs in Zacatecas”

    ‘Wei’ means the same as ‘dude’ — but it can be more pejorative.
    On the street level in MX, ‘lacra’ means people who rob and steal; so I used ‘hoodlum’.

    Also, there is no real evidence that Lazcano and Z-40 are fighting. Those rumors have been flying for years, if it were true the Zs would never have gotten this far. The true rift is between El Taliban Vs. Z-40 & Lazcano, which has broken wide open. El Taliban ran Zacatecas for Lazcano, and now has switched sides, so explains why Lazcano’s guy got hit.

    Can’t we all just get along??????

  12. Mexico is just holding their promise to pay back the U.S. for those two recent U.S. embassy peoples killed just recently. 🙂 American tax earned dollars hard at work, the “Meridia Initiative” whatever it is called where the U.S. gave Mexico 1.6 billion dollars to restructure the drug trade, and than the U.S. agencies can double that amount in no time. America needs easy access to drugs without all of this nonsense going on in Mexico.

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