Comandante Diablo Cuts The Tongue Off and Beheads Zeta with Folding Saw

Comandante Diablo Cuts The Tongue Off and Beheads Zeta with Folding Saw

Savage offensive against Los Zetas by the Sinaloa, Gulf and Jalisco New Generation cartels continues. El Comandante Diablo, in the name of whom many Zetas have been beheaded, had his name signed under this beheading as well.

As we have come to expect, it wouldn’t be the Mexican drug cartel sicarios if the brutality of the executions was not at an absolute high. The Zeta in this video had his tongue cut off before he was beheaded with a folding saw (it’s folding all right, but it’s one of the mega ones, much bigger than any of the folding saws I’ve seen before).

Traditionally, picture quality of this video is awful. It was filmed in a dimly lit room with a crappy camera so much of what’s going on is left to imagination, but audio, traditionally, makes up for it.

Instead of the typically Mexican Narcocorrido music, this video begins with a fusion of French Chanson and Opera in the audio track (sorry, I’m not an expert on classical/French music scene so I couldn’t tell you what the title of the track was and/or who sang it).

Second half of the video is the replay of the first half, but this time with the original audio and as could be expected, once the beheading begins, the sounds the victim makes are worse than the presentation of visual gore. You can tell the victim saw hell before his eyes when the beheading started.

The video was filmed in CD Victoria in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Best Gore member papi1 who provided us with the video also provided the translation of the dialogue:

Sicario: Whats your name?
Zeta: Mario Alberto …
Sicario: What did you do for work?
Zeta: We give information to the zetas.
Sicario: So you are an halcon?
Zeta: Yes
Sicario: And your friend?
Zeta: My friend works for the zetas
Sicario: And you friend what is he?
Sicario: What’s the name of you commander?
Zeta: Candado
Sicario: Where are they?
Sicario: And the other people?
Zeta: They left the city
Sicario: Why did they leave the city?
Zeta: They can’t stay in there no more cause they are scared of being there.
Sicario: Why?
Zeta: I don’t know too many laws they are just scared of being there in the city.
Sicario: Tell me where are the taxis that work as halcones for the zetas?
Zeta: Victoria….
Sicario: What’s the numbers of the halcones?
Zeta: 1211

Sicario: What’s This is what’s gonna happen to all the people who keep supporting the dirty (Los Zetas).
You guys can’t fight this war no more. Here’s your brother, Here is your brother.

Sicario: Say sorry to Comandante Diablo and El Rey De Reyes (the king of kings aka El Chapo Guzman)
Zeta: I’m sorry Comandante Diablo and Senor Rey De Reyes.
Zeta: Forgive me for being part of the dirt. Forgive me for being part of the dirt
Sicario: For all of the people and sting like the dirt, go fuck yourself. Comandante diablo is coming for you Culeros.

You can hear the sicarios having themselves a laugh as they’re torturing the guy. When one executioner starts cutting the victim’s tongue, the talk translates as this:

Sicario: You all are going to die fucking bastards. Open his legs, open his legs. Open your legs, open your legs. This has to be seen, this has to be seen. No… it won’t be see. Stand him up, stand him up. It can’t be seen. He just died. The fun is over…

As the Zeta is screaming, the sicarios laughing in the background:

Sicario: Kill him like a dog. This is going to happen to all the dirty people. Keep supporting them Culeros. Comandante is gonna kill you all putos. Let me finish him, let me finish him. Here you go assholes, keep reporting to soldiers. Long live El Diablo Culeros. This is from Comandante Rey De Reyes. Here come the dirty people (and the sicarios start laughing again).

Thanks papi1 for the video and translation:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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124 thoughts on “Comandante Diablo Cuts The Tongue Off and Beheads Zeta with Folding Saw”

    1. Yep he was definatly trying to play dead…You think with all the money these guys make they could afford some hd cameras like they use in those nature shows and could give us some hd executions with slow motion. Just a suggestion.

      1. Holy shit! Remember that video where they “presumably” killed Comandante Diablo’s family? The one where they hit those three women and one guy with a two by four and then beheaded them? They WERE his actual family members.

        The mesage in the beginning states so. Here is the translation.

        “You guys fucked my family up but no problem, we all know what we’re into. You will cry blood and we will all see who is stronger. And all the dirty fucking Zetas will go to shit along with their whole families. You have done this to me, now it is my turn.”

        I guess we will see some significant retaliation videos featuring Zeta families being butchered?

        Shit just hit the fan.

        1. Well, we knew it was going to come at some point but I really do hope they get new cameras before they fuck their next victim up. When I saw the title for this vid I must admit I got a little bit excited but then it started playing and well, to be honest it was a bit of an anti-climax to say the least – although the Z’s cries of fear were pretty good, fucking bit of a pussy though eh.

          Anybody else think the guy doing the interrogating sounded familiar, sounded very much like the interrogator in one of the other CJNG vids, will have to go back and check which one.

          Anyway, thanks Mark, I do like me some narco-gore, the brutality these guys treat each other with is second to none and I fucking love it!

          1. that one recent video where they have the guy in the back of the pick up truck. the video starts with some people doing a drive by an mowing down two guys. thats him. it is the same people doing the killing in this video as in that other one.

    1. not all of mexico is fucked up. i friend of mind just went their, I THINK he flew there not sure, but he showed me some video of him and his family swimming with the dolphins. though i wouldnt recomment going to Mexico anyhow, even a resort like that.

  1. No matter how gore this piece of beheading video, that huge, hulking, really fucking annoying watermark just detracts from it big time. Well, that just ruined everything.

    I’d rather shut my mouth than to have my tongue cut.

    Nuff said, nuff said, nuff said.

  2. Wow, that one really does have great audio. Guy went down screaming in blood. Fucking Zetas… though this poor guy probably would have been killed for not being a Zeta informant anyways. Lesson:Mexico just plain sucks.

          1. I just can’t watch animal abuse, some of the medical shit makes me want to throw up too but it never actually happens. But when I watch those animal abuse video’s, it makes me sad and I feel guilty for what the human race has done (and is still doing) to them.. 🙁

          2. Oh and I lol’d about the music in the beginning, love how it’s so calm and chill while there’s a beheading going on..

  3. The scraping noises that the folding saw made when they started cutting his neck sounded eerie, these cartels sure no how to spread fear and pain among their rivals.

    I keep hearing these people say “Vete a la verga”, is this some kind of curse word in Spanish or is this like a variation of saying “go to hell” ?

        1. It’s true. Electric chainsaws are pretty quiet, and some do work pretty well.
          There’s just something so damn feirce about haveing a blue cloud of hot 2-stroke smoke blowing into your face, just before it gets removed.

  4. this wasn’t so bad but these mexican’s are just going to extinct each other rather to save each other. Anyone up for tacos my gf made? She can’t cook for shit for when your’e hungry, your’e hungry i guess. :/

    1. I know, what’s the point of memorialising the whole event if you can’t sit down at a future date to carry out a critical appreciation of your work because you can’t see what the hell’s going on. They have their priorities all screwed up!!!

    2. they are afraid that the feds will find every thing that they do on the web. the web is all being monitored. just last week i had to stab my neighbors friend to death because i thought he was secretly wiretapping my internet connection. haha, i am just kidding.

  5. The only reason I can think of for ALWAYS using such shitty cameras is to keep (for some reason) their anonymity…….not like the ski masks don’t help with that or anything.

    I have asked myself countless times…”WTF? I understand thy are beaners and the vast majority of them are stupid, but it’s not like they DESIGNED the fucking thing, so why are they using quality equal to that of a phone I was using in 1997?”

    ….and THAT’S the ONLY reason I can come up with.

  6. Just a question, but when they do theses beheadings and torture, are those performing the torture, are they high on drugs because I can’t fathom how a person can just cut another persons head off . Unless they all just don’t care and they like to do it, perhaps sociopaths.

    Oh well, I’m rambling as I’m tired

    1. Depends on the individual, as well as it depends on how much they DON’T want this to happen to them. I’d venture to guess that if you say NO! I can’t DO THAT! then at some point, some one who CAN will practice on YOU.
      Motivation to do great things I’d say.
      I’m sure most are fucking higher than Baked….they ARE mexicans after all.

  7. I hope they gave Pablo back his pruning saw. He has a few trees to trim in the morning.
    Can’t these pukes get a sharp knife? Where is all this money going that is made in drug sales? One thing for sure, they are not wasting any money on cameras or lights. There is a coupon from Wal-Mart for a knife set in todays paper,hope they see it!!!

  8. Maybe they don’t want a good knife. As messy and hard as it may be for the person doing the decapitation, they probably want their victim to feel every single cut.. owwwee…

  9. The screams are chilling, gah!! On another (somewhat related) note, there was a girl here in okc, blocks from my house, who was found dismembered in a duffel bag, well they arrested a luis ruiz for it and are saying it was a cartel related killing, also, tapes exist for this murder… Someone needs to find this video!!! Her name was carina saunders, she was 19, very sad…

  10. Shit im in a public place, cant watch it with sound on…..Someone told me that Comandante Diablo was actually arrested some weeks ago, so it would be someone else running the show? Like Capitan Infierno perhaps? Or El Sargento Malefico

  11. Ok stupid question but… When these people behead or dismember other people….are they not worried about catching some sort of disease .. HIV hepatitis or something

    Of course they don’t care but it’s my OCD self rambling off stuff

    I know their lifespan is not that long…like a butterfly… Three weeks and you are dead so in the end catching a disease is not really a worry

    I kind of answered my own question lol

    1. Sorry for your OCD ( Overly Counting the Dead).. what is not shown in these videos is the blood tests that are given to the victim prior to his beheading.This is to insure that all knife holders are safe and free of worry from any such disease. These people are a kind and caring sort. They protect thier own.

    2. Lol They are not worried about diseases. After beheading them sometimes they use body parts for satanic rituals in which they drink human blood or even eat human flesh.
      Some of them use cocaine when doing these acts but some others dont. The CDG dont need drugs to be able to commit these acts they are used to it and enjoy it.

      1. Do you know why the camera quality is bad? Even the screen at the beginning is really bad quality, so I’m thinking it’s an issue of formatting / purposely done because how can you make a powerpoint with quality that bad? If you were to export it or whatever, it wouldn’t be that bad of quality.

        Btw, I’m guessing you have intimate knowledge of the cartels? Do they really drink blood or do satanic rituals? It almost feels like you made that part up to spread fear.. I’d be surprised if this was true… Actually, I would not be surprised lol. I just thought this was a drug cartel not a cult or whatever.

        1. In the late 1980s mark Kilroy was kidnapped in matamoros Mexico and killed in a ritualistic killing by a drug gang led by a man who thought he was invisible and would kill people and cook their innards in a pot as a sacrifice to a god or devil. Some cartel members pray to Santa Muerta the saint of death Not all cartels are involved in this but a lot pray to that particular drug saint for protection

  12. These Mexican faggots are more concerned with buying themselves new white nike shoes; having decent filming equipment is not a priority. I have to say though that I immediately lost interest when I saw the picture quality and the huge distracting watermark. Don’t these assholes know that it detracts from their neck-hacking work to have such low level cinematography?

  13. havent read all the comments but the ones doing the killings are the same guys from that video where they have that one guy tied up in the bed of the pick up truck interrogating him. the video edit and they are out by some trees and they shoot both guys with the ak’s. you can tell by their voices. surprised to see those guys are still alive. even the camera mans voice is the same.

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