Confused Man Is Shot Dead Then Crudely Decapitated with Machete

Confused Man Is Shot Dead Then Crudely Decapitated with Machete

Confused Man Is Shot Dead Then Crudely Decapitated with Machete

In Brazil at night, a man was murdered in some remote wooded area. Before being killed, the man looked confused, as if not clearly understanding what the heck is actually going on.

His killers first shot him dead, then quickly but crudely decapitated him with a machete. The gun, of course, jammed before discharging. Misfiring guns are as Brazilian as manginaism.

Props to Best Gore meber @honkeykong for the video:

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72 thoughts on “Confused Man Is Shot Dead Then Crudely Decapitated with Machete”

      1. You gotta appreciate the common themes in all these videos.
        The guns usually jam. But when they don’t they always end up firing about 65 to 85 bullets into one of their fellow asshole Brazilians.
        5 shots to the head, do you think he’s dead? Let’s shoot him in the head 70 more times to make sure he doesn’t get up and chase after us.
        I would love to see one of these videos where the guys crew shows up and kills the shooters after they are out of ammo from wasting it all on one fucking guy. LOL!

        1. Moral Lesson:

          Humans should really start being smart. When you’re taken to such an isolated place, and then have a gun pointed at you especially by some flip-flop da Silvas, Even if you don’t understand Portuguese you’ll know it’s not Christmas.

          This guy would have lost nothing suddenly racing away even deeper in the woods

  1. In the final moments of the video, I hear a guy saying that he died for being a rapist, here in Brazil this is a crime in which justice is actually done, not by the state, but by lynchings made by the population or by traffickers, if he would go in the prision, will to be much worse …. In Brazil there is a lot of impunity, in these cases I disagree, rape is a sentence of death itself

  2. They each took a turn to hold the head and jam their cock up the neck hole to rub helmets with the others who got to stick their cocks in through the guy’s rubbery lips to fuck his still-warm, purty mouth. Spit-roasting the head. Gang bliss. Boys from Brazil colliding and rubbing the heads of their cocks together at the back of the throat of a local simpleton’s detached head. The gayest country in the world.

    Nuke this shit hole.

    1. Holy shit dude, you’re sick. But, imagine if they do it immediately after decapitation so the decapitated guy is still alive and conscious, and he feels the dicks goes in from both sides as his counsciousness fade away.

      Btw, I’m sick too.

      1. @ankun256

        I’m not fucking sick. Theses pricks with a barely functioning gun and a machete decided to kill a local simpleton then remove his head, fuck the mouth and neck-stump together so that their bell-ends rubbed and met somewhere around the tonsils where they squirted their Gayjizz… and you call ME sick? We have all seen Brazilian Gay Prison Riots on Best Gore. We know that Brazil is the gayest country in the fucking world. What did you think they were going to do with the still-warm detached head? Give it a haircut? No. The twisted fuckers fucking fucked it through the mouth and the neck-hole. Simultaneously. You know it. We know it. It’s Brazil so get real.

        Nuke this shit hole.

  3. OK! Let’s set up a specialist BG squad/crew. What we’re gonna do is go down to Brasil and teach these chaps how to make proper use of firearms and camera phones, directer skills and shit. Sure we might even have a game of head-football after the hard days work.

  4. It’s funny when ya think about it. How people wanna call black people savages. Guess it’s hard to see what kind of real savages hispainc cultures are when the only hacking you people see is when they are hacking your bushes..smh….and no I’m not a bleeding heart I say death to all savages regardless of color or sex.

    1. You gotta feel sorry for some of the poor bastards that get posted on this site as gore fodder. They die terrible deaths and then we sit here and make fun of them… LoL

      I bet at the beginning of the video he had no idea his head was gonna be completely off his body in less than a minute.

    1. Se não fosse os brasileiros o Best Gore não existiria lide com isso
      If it were not for the Brazilians, Best Gore would not exist. (Or would you only have Mexican atrocities?)

  5. This is a game of Brazilian roulette whereas off camera, there’s a guy with a machete and another guy with 2rounds loaded randomly(hence the reference to roulette) in a revolver.. Victim has to decide wtf he’s gonna do…Whatever the fuk that is..!

    … Oh, and he wins fukn nothing..!

  6. Once they’re dead, what’s the point of mutilation and decapitation?

    Oh, that’s right, big fucking deal! It demeans the enemy. We showed him! We beheaded, disemboweled and cut his heart out AFTER he was dead! Boy that’ll put fear in the minds of the rest!

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