Cops Brutalize CIA Whistleblower Ray McGovern at Torturer Gina Haspel’s Senate Hearing

Cops Brutalize CIA Whistleblower Ray McGovern at Torturer Gina Haspel's Senate Hearing

Cops Brutalize CIA Whistleblower Ray McGovern at Torturer Gina Haspels Senate Hearing

And the American cops be like:

Stop resisting Dear Leader’s exclusively pro-Israel policies. Stop resisting the continuous warfare for Israel. Stop resisting the surveillance state. Stop resisting the loss of rights. Stop resisting the violation of oaths taken to the Constitution. Stop resisting the New World Order. Stop resisting Dear Leader’s goons filling swamp. Stop resisting or we’ll break your fucking arm!

78 year old Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years and prepared the presidential daily brief for Ronald Reagan. He is an outspoken critic of Zionist policies, which to Dear Leader Trump, the most anti-American American president in history of America, is worse than treason.

On May 9, 2018, at the Senate confirmation hearing for Dear Leader Trump’s nominee for a CIA director Gina Haspel, a known torturer who ran a CIA black site in Thailand, Ray McGovern protested her overseeing of torture and destroying the evidence of torture, and for that he was violently dragged out and brutalized by the Capitol police who serve and protect exclusively the rulers from the working class. The cops threw him to the ground and dislocated his arm.

The video was filmed by Alli McCracken, a campaigner for Amnesty International. In Dear Leader’s America, you get tortured if you dare protesting torture. In Dear Leader’s America, the goal is to make police a protected class and violence against them a hate crime. Stop resisting:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Cops Brutalize CIA Whistleblower Ray McGovern at Torturer Gina Haspel’s Senate Hearing”

      1. @honkeykong Spot on. Even the Catholic inquisition understood this centuries ago. One representative of the inquisition concluded, ‘if we ourselves haven’t been declared heretics yet, it is only because we have not been subjected to torture.’ In other words, torture as a means to acquiring truthful information is a self-defeating strategy.

        1. While being waterboarded 183 times, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad “confessed” to being the mastermind of 9/11, the first world trade bombing, the shoe bomber, the Bali bombing, the Daniel Pearl beheading, and many other plots. He has since recanted, and some have even been proven to be false. Haspel may have been involved in his torture.

          1. The key word is “some” has been proven false. Some has been shown to be credible as well. Torture works for extracting reliable information or people wouldn’t have continued the tradition throughout countless generations. I give zero fucks if some head chopping dune coon gets tortured for intel if it means even a smidgen turns out to be credible and prevents someone I care about from being hurt. Taking the moral high ground during a war is a load of bullshit which only serves to give an advantage to our adversaries.

          2. @refuse2renig, even if what you are saying was true, what about the bigger picture? What if it wasn’t a “dune coon” that was being tortured? What if it was you who was being tortured? You would confess to being behind 9/11, or anything else to make it stop. Just because they do it to terrorists today, doesn’t mean that they won’t do it to you or I tomorrow. Terrorism is a Bullshit term. One man’s freedom fighter, is another man’s terrorist. When the day comes that the people get tired of being slaves, and stand up against the government, we will be labeled “terrorists”. Sound far fetched? It’s already happening.

          3. ‘Torture works for extracting reliable information or people wouldn’t have continued the tradition throughout countless generations.’

            This is a woefully ignorant statement.

            Torture serves other purposes than the extraction of information:

            (i) Torture as punishment.
            (ii) Torture as purgation.
            (iii) Torture as malicious activity.

            As was pointed out earlier, representatives of the Catholic inquisition questioned the viability of torture as a tool for extracting information centuries ago; if torture had been such a foolproof method, these objections would never have been raised.

            Stendhal provides us with accounts of torture in which those subjected to such sadistic acts were hardened in their intransigence and mocked their torturers as well as hurling insults at their their families.

  1. Average Joes in other countries do not have the time,education nor wish to analyse info in detail. They see these things and think,”These Yanks are bullies;no wonder everyone hates them!” .This is thought even in countries sympathetic to the USA.

    Let me tell you something,in my country it does not take six cops to disarm an old man; it takes one or at most two! In my country, weak hand-wringing types would never have gotten into Police Academy to get to the stage to kill law -abiding ladies in their pyjamas on the Minnesota streets because his “life was in danger and he was scared!” Sheesh! The rot has set in!

    1. I applied to be a cop but i stupidly told a fellow student that frisking and bullying women gave me a hard on and that i enjoyed beating people up. I didn’t get through and i haven’t had a proper hard on since

  2. Thanks for the video Mark. I agree with everything you said. You are spot on. It’s sad that people actually voted for Trump, or Hillary for that matter. Their differences are purely for show. At the end of the day, they work for the military industrial complex, the oil cartels, the banking cartels…

    1. The is not for oil. it was for Israeli interests. Oded Yinon’s “Clean Break” document and the “Rebuilding America’s defences” by the PNAC think tank, aren’t too dissimilar. Richard Perle was calling for middle east regime change since 1996 for fuck sake.

      You obviously realise the criminal element with US Govt, but if you think the invasion of Iraq was for oil – you’ve still got some reading to do!

      Israel is using USA resources, tax money and Americans’ lives to defend their (Israel) interest in the MIddle East for the benefit of a few Americans (politicians). So if USA was neutral in the matter of Middle East, maybe 9/11 wouldn’t happen. And for politicians that support whole-heartedly the Zionist are in fact traitors to America.

  3. I’ve followed Ray for several years now. This guy is a true patriot, in every sense of the word. When you live in a sick/police state society, the truth becomes a criminal act.

    I sincerely hope that people in this country, will do a little homework next time, as for who they vote for. Just remember, you are not responsible for anyone else’s vote, any more than they are responsible for your’s. Stop listening to the corporate media, and start listening to people smarter than you. I’d rather vote for a winner who lost, than a looser who won.

    John Adams said it best, when he talked about the two party system. He, in so many words, stated that it will marginalize the American people, by not giving them a clear choice of several issues at hand. Many countries have multi-party candidates. Sure, there are going to be disagreements. However, at least these disagreements are brought forth to light and discussed. If I see congress praying before their daily session again on C-Span, I’m gonna yell ALLAH ABDUL SNACKBAR!

    How many times have you heard about the dangers of climate change, wars without end, runaway college tuition, shitty wages, the destruction of Glass Steagall or the criminal activity of private banks and THE FEDERAL RESERVE in our corporate media?

    Please remember, our media suppose to be the fourth branch of our government here in the states. It was supported by our Founding Fathers, who’s intention was to empower it’s people. NOT, to make them consumers. It’s gonna take an empowered society capable of critical thinking, to start electing officials that represent YOU.

    1. @pickmynose123

      Very true words!
      Your 2 party system is so very stupid & retarded…. I gives those with the $ only 2 sides to bribe to be doing their biddings.

      But here in The Netherlands, we sometimes have tooo fuckin much political factions/directions, and that leads to a non actioning government as well…. but i’d see that as a luxury problem… and i problem that i happily accept over your binary party system 🙂

      1. Idk. This is exactly the kind of story that CNN fags and Cooper Homo salivate over. PC shit would lend them to omitting all the Zionist talk, but they have already steamrolled Haspel over the “morality” of the then acceptable actions that took place shortly after 9/11. Suddenly it’s immoral?
        As for the law enforcement present at the confirmation hearing, I could not agree more! That is the Super Bowl for pig cops. They all had their little erections up and daring anyone to breath in the wrong direction.
        If these cops were responsible for pouring cement, none would do the job. When it’s their job to ruff somebody up, it’s a gay orgy of billy clubs , guns and bad haircuts.

    1. @seena
      Im in England. Haspel’s Senate Hearing has been all over the TV and Internet MSN here – and ive been fascinated by it (her unbelievably blatant lies/avoidance actually)…… but as you pointed out – not a whisper about this guy or this important & very relevant story over here either.
      This guy has obviously been a witness to the nefarious actions of Gina Haspel.
      An “analyst” For CIA… i think he said?, did i hear right?

      In that hall full of people – one of the pigs was shouting “Stop resisting!, stop resisting!..” so fucking LOUDLY (with echo also taken into account) to this guy 14 inches away front them ? I mean… its like that cop wanted the whole HALL to hear him say it SO many times, and SO loudly and clearly?
      It is becoming almost laughably obvious to anyone in the world now – Their American Cop Training had kicked right in. When they have decided they want to shoot someone dead, the Fucking bastards are trained how to ‘prep-up’ for their planned action -in whichever enviroment occurs at any given time.
      As it goes, Obviously there were just too many people around as witnesses -More importantly, SENATE type people – which means their testimonies couldnt be “lost” or corrupted by the police as easily as your average citizens testimonies/witness statements could. & are.

      But one thing was Clear. Those Pigs were ITCHING to shoot that 78yr old guy dead
      Fukin ITCHING!
      And im guessing they are gutted at their lost chance.
      Unfortunately, THIS is the kind of People that citizens of the USA have got “protecting & serving” them at the moment.

      And NO – im NOT just being that stereotypical “superior” Englishman. Thats not me at all.
      I genuinely have feeling & concern for the position that your average American is in as far as the cops are concerned – and the role they have now (very blatantly) taken to serve the interests of the elite, before ANYTHING or anyone else.

      Maybe this guy just wanted to add the truth (ANY truth?!) to this senate hearing – & i think it was that lass with a camera/phone outside the hall that was the only thing that saved him.
      I truly believe that if SHE wasnt there filming this, the guy would have been killed outside the hall or outside the building – & gun or etc planted on him as further “justification” if it should be needed.
      The fact that the Guys “invasion” story has been (almost completely) eliminated from the MSN convinces me of this.

      I watched Haspel’s “examination” on TV.
      I thought British politicians where shifty liars who couldnt answer a question straight – but Fuck me, she was something else.

      Sorry, BG members, for the essay. I dont post often – so there is my excuse, like it or not 😉

      1. I am a Brummie in USA 40 years now and smart enough to research BOTH sides Of you the story as there is always 2 sides prior to making an educated opinion.
        Seems you all are so very brainwashed by corrupt MSM fakenews that’s paid for by deespstate, Clinton’s, Soros, Obamas etc to even consider the truth of this situation. See news from independent channels for the truth.
        6 and a half million plus people voted for Trump because if serious criminal, felonious, treasonous acts if deepstate to destroy this country, our constitution. Sure and immediate change is and was called for. Thousands of sealed indictments will shortly be released and very many Dems, looney Libs, rhinos are headed to Gitmo. Research and learn. Regain your brain

  4. To be fair Trump isn’t the most anti-American American president in the history of America as they are all cut from the same cloth.

    Lyndon B Johnson for example turned a blind eye to the USS Liberty incident and acted to cover it up and George ‘Dubya’ Bush pretended to read a children’s book to kiddies whilst fully in on the fact that the Twin Towers were about to fall.

    Even the Nobel Prize winning man of peace himself Barrack O’bummer changed his mind once in power and decided to give Genghis khan a run for his money.

    At this point in time you could elect the Dalai Lama into the Oval Office, even resurrect good ol’ Mahatma Gandhi and get him in there, and they would still be screaming for war against Israel’s enemies because at this point it is as clear as day that the entire system is infiltrated and ruled via Jewry and that the President is just the changeable face of a system that very rarely changes due to it‘s inner workings being unelectable and unaccountable for the most part and the cops are just another part of that system.

    That Benjamin Netanyahjew can currently tell America what to do and America just does it goes far beyond the presence and influence of one orange coloured balding man in Office.

    Zionist Jews infiltrate because they like getting other people to do their dirty work and getting others to fight and die for them much in the same way as they get other people to work for money whilst they themselves make money work for them. It’s like a Kosher version of upstairs, downstairs. A Yiddish Downton Abbey if you will.

  5. Trump’s attempts at enlisting the services of the vilest creatures known to man reminds me of the final episode of Blackadder I. Blackadder gathers the most evil men in Britain around him only to end up getting killed by his new-found buddies.

  6. The old timer should rather fuck Thai chicks all day long…. instead with the help of buddy Viagra….. dislocated shoulder has to hurt as fuck……individualistic intervention to protest is dumb as ass
    Can be……you end up hurt for nothing ….I do not encourage
    This kind of protest and especially not at 80 years old…..
    The masses do the job much better than that …to dethrone these
    Tyrants takes way more than an old isolated fart…..!!!
    And sad to admit but violence is the only thing they’ll

  7. All of the police in North America are corrupt pieces of shit, and they are all freemasons and breaking laws and violating the rights of the citizens. They are also gang stalking activists and every day regular citizens and engaging in electronic harassment, assault, rape, and torture.

    North America is turning into the Soviet Union.

    RCMP Royal Communist Masonic Prostitutes.

  8. Brutalized? Holy shit clean your vaginas out you pansies. This channel is full of little dainty boys “oh cops are meanies”. You go to this channel to watch people get slaughtered and suffer horrible torture. But you get your ovaries tied in a knot when a cop twists someones arm. I wish every soft little half man would fuck off and die of eye cancer.

  9. why didn’t a citizen come up from behind and stomp that cunt? Shame on you for not hurting her.
    We need to do more bitch-slapping. They need a dose of reality. Old man wants to disrupt a hearing then he should also be disrupted.
    Japanese saying —the nail that sticks out gets flattened. Old geezer should have a real hurtin’ put on him…If he wants to dismantle our Jew-led MIC, then stop wasting time in front of the cameras and organize a taxpayer boycott.
    push our tyrants OFF THE FISCAL CLIFF
    Insolvency is Victory..even a dictatorship needs funding to operate

  10. I wish they would’ve ripped his arm off and beat that whining cunt in the mouth with it.

    Gina Haspel is a national hero. Waterboarding isn’t torture… We didn’t go far ENOUGH… We should REALLY torture those Sharia goatfuckers.

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