Cop Cuts Off Longboarders in West Vancouver, Causes Injuries to Enforce $35 Fine

Cop Cuts Off Longboarders in West Vancouver, Causes Injuries to Enforce $35 Fine

A West Vancouver cop in an unmarked SUV abruptly swerved in front of a group of longboarders in West Vancouver, BC, Canada to enforce a $35 bylaw violation. Although longboarders managed to avoid collision with the vehicle, the cop’s reckless maneuver caused injuries to one of them.

It’s a case of typical police mentality – enforce bylaw banning longboarders on streets due to safety concerns by jeopardizing aafety and lives of longboarders. You can tell how absolutely true it is that when all you have are hammers, everything (and everyone) starts to look like nails. The concept of enforcing compliance through violence is so absurd, I’m surprised anyone still calls it a democracy. It’s akin to shooting someone in the head to prevent them from committing suicide. Or choking someone out to stop their nosebleed.

BTW, notice how the cop gets in longboarder’s face, barking at him like he was a snotty kid, but when the guy takes his helmet off and reveals that he’s a grown up, and doesn’t readily bend to cop’s intimidation, the bully’s demeanor quickly changes.

Imagine if roles were reversed. If some damned civilian gave a cop road rash. Holy fuck… before he knew it, he’d have two dozen cops beating the living shit out of him. It has been a long time since the police’s purpose to keep the peace has surrendered to the preservation of the institution’s authority.

Latest news has it that the case is under internal review from West Vancouver Police Department. In other words, cops buddies who hang out with him in the same building will tell the inquisitive journalists that they can’t discuss the case while its under investigation and will continue saying it until it passes out of knowledge. Then, once people’s minds get preoccupied with something more recent, they will quietly clear the cop of any wrongdoing and he’ll be back on the street, looking for somebody else to kill.

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58 thoughts on “Cop Cuts Off Longboarders in West Vancouver, Causes Injuries to Enforce $35 Fine”

          1. @norwegiangore i saw my friend get the wobbles and he had to bail but he was wearing flippy floppys skinned all his feetand toes to the bone in places then slid on his chest for a good 12 feet .. ive never laughed so hard

  1. They all came off like a bunch of assholes who were looking for confrontation / trouble. The cop and the boarders. I say torture both parties by making them all watch a Police Academy marathon until they chill the fuck out.

      1. Michael Winslow…the dude was the Mozart of human beat box genre…and other awesome shit…..Guys-fellow BG underground elite-am I right or am I right?So this video is awesome for several reasons-the longboarding is seriously cool-looks like big fun,but the potential for skin peeling road rash smorgasbord of searingly painful injury obviously ups the fun factor WaY more.The cop… DAMN fine example of the power drunk maniacs that the majority of law enforcement officials are -however the most fun for me was seeing the cop pipe right the fuck down and physically retreat when the hero of this story of persecution removes his helmet and commences to bitch and moan in a slightly hostile manner but more like a “im telling my MOMMY on you!” style…the elevated volume and tone came off like”you’ll be SORRY!”but even so it was a good time seein the cop get worried about th guys mom raining down bloody vengeance upon his porkchops-i mean worried about being reprimanded by the Chief…got mixed up there-my dramatic interpretations are so much better/funnier than reality in this case I Know you will understand:)

  2. The asshole cop nearly ran them over and as mark said he tried to bully them when he thought they were kids. Holy fuck that pig is such a cunt going out of his way to put people at risk of getting killed just to hand out a small fine.

      1. @anti, has to be someone who hasn’t been here for a long time and isn’t up to speed, OR someone try’in to catch some shit that is not goin’ on. You know, like a lawyer, a jew, a (canadian) politician, oh wait my bad there all the same.

  3. The level of maturity displayed by someone tasked with protecting others. Although I’d be tempted to do the same if I saw dumbasses kids…..

    Speaking of dumbass kids, I drove past a group of teenage black men yesterday and guess who was with them? A bunch of white teenage girls. I actually had to shake my fucking head as I drove past them…

        1. Me neither as I’ve got older . It’s sad as fuck seeing stupid young girls fawning all over them like a rash . And then , sure enough , next time you see them , it’s the little half chatt in the pram scenario .

      1. Once a white woman has a half breed black kid, she can forget about ever having a white husband. I know three white women who all had half breed black kids. They all live in welfare housing with no husband or boyfriend. No white guy will date them. A little warning for all of you white women out there.

        1. Soooo not true….dont you watch TMZ? Heidi Klum just got a new whiter man…Madonna got a white husband after having a bi racial baby-buuut to be fair Mo has bagged so many dudes of every possible ethnic variety that she may not be the best example…But everybody knows that the lives of celebrities are a mirror of societies accepted guidelines…jeesh..when Kim Kardashians future marriage to Kanye implodes 2months after the happy 10million$ wedding white black hispanic-u name it-will line up to woo her..shes sooo heroic and deep -shes a national treasure and such a lady…so misunderstood! 🙂

          1. Plus your comment about white women with black babies never bein able to get a white man again …..preposterous..You know as well as I do that most men will-if given opportunity-fuck absolutely any woman regardless of her ick factor !Lets keep it honest guys…you dont need to feign outrage or any moral standard at l all on BestGore !

  4. That cop must live the most boring existence, his only pleasure in life is to assert his so called authority and stop some free spirits having a mad speed rush without harming anyone. He needs to go home take off his fancy dress outfit and stare into a mirror………. long and hard.

  5. I know the cop is an asshole, but those skaters should secretly be thanking him. They’re lucking it wasn’t some dumb bitch texting while in an suv and really cut them off an killed all of them.

  6. Lol did he Actually say running kids out of the road?he doesn’t look like a kid,personally I hate longboarders cause they think they’re too cool,but if it’s illegal to do it why they keep doing it?,they can ran over a kid and at that speed kill him,Damn I think I’m maturing,no I think it would be funny to see those dudes crushed under that truck lol

  7. I hate longboarders and skateboarders and anyone else who thinks that they can do this stupid shit anywhere they want and just expect everyone to get out of their way. That cop should have run them over to teach them a fucking lesson about respect.

  8. I live in BC and this has been on the news a lot about these long boarders. They were told numerous times not to do this . They put up signs and now they are trying to fine them. West Vancouver is a millionaire neighbourhood. So the police are forced to do this because the rich people won’t stop complaining about it. If they were doing this in East Van, I am sure the police wouldn’t harass them like this. Whatever I don’t live there and I could care less.

    1. Damn , skateboarding has moved on hey . Those guys were moving pretty quick and after viewing again , I see the locals point . These guys are gonna end up dead ! . Not a very appetising thought for the posh set that reside there hey .

  9. Wow, they were flying. That looks pretty dangerous actually. Anyway, why the fuck would that idiot pull in front of them on purpose when they are going that fast. They were having some innocent fun, he could have turned around and followed them to give them a ticket if he wanted too. Good they got in on video, shows what incompetent fucks we have as cops. There is a yellow line in the middle of the road for a reason. He crossed it causing danger to these guys. He should definitely get some sort of punishment for that.

  10. They were both in the wrong. The kids are actually putting themselves in danger, along with potential others. And the cop never should have put his vehicle ion front of them like that. I think he knew he fucked up. He will have to answer to that one.

  11. Rather than causing conflict..the local authorities should have chosen to..put in speed bumps to prevent this..inform the residents to report such ‘atrocities’..bring in camera’s to record the ‘perps’..which, if off course..could harm little kids on the sidewalk and such..or..gun them down like Mexican dump dogs..what was done is an Officer of the Law willfully putting others in harms way by diverting the squad car into an oncoming line of traffic..let’s assume he killed one of the skaters with a bunch of lookey-loo kids around..what would be the outcome? Cop aquitted..neighborhood riots ensue..Vancouver B.C.? Selah..

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