Cops Launch Indiscriminate Assault on Commuters at Prince Edward Station in Hong Kong

Cops Launch Indiscriminate Assault on Commuters at Prince Edward Station in Hong Kong

Cops Launch Indiscriminate Assault on Commuters at Prince Edward Station in Hong Kong

A few months ago, before the whole coronavirus fiasco, there were protests going on in Hong Kong that were apparently met with disproportionate suppression by the police. Of course, as we know very well by seeing the evidence shared on Best Gore, it holds true all over the world that ACAB!

Funnily enough, the coronavirus happened and you hardly hear a peep about the Hong Kong protests anymore. Just as you hardly hear a peep about the US Congress attempting to pass the bipartisan EARN IT Act, which is poised to subvert encryption under the guise of protecting the children, or that a second person was cured of HIV in the UK, or that Russian parliament has passed a law allowing Vladimir Putin to stay president until 2036, or that the cases of Dengue Fever, which is far more deadly than the coronavirus, are going up but are being ignored because they don’t play into the agenda…

The video of the cops brutally and indiscriminately assaulting commuters at the Prince Edward Station in Hong Kong, because allegedly they saw some protesters go down to hop on a train is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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143 thoughts on “Cops Launch Indiscriminate Assault on Commuters at Prince Edward Station in Hong Kong”

  1. Well my company is shutting down for 3 weeks, we have been order to shelter in place till april 6th, Gov. Newsom announces closure of all bars, Groups of more than 35 people are banned in Santa Clara County, Santa Clara County announced that it will close all non-essential services to the public. Just a flu right? Loading up my truck and heading to my cabin.

  2. I will be thrilled when the ChiCom goons wipe out all you Cantonese pig-nosed squinters.

    and do you REALLY think anyone is coming to your aid? like the UK? LOLOLOL

      1. Unless NATO members start coughing up major shekels, the USA is going to pull out. I think NATO should have been dissolved the same week the Warsaw Pact was ended. Russia is NO LONGER our enemy. In fact, it can be our BEST trading party AND military ALLY, along with the UK…the way it was last century, the way it should ALWAYS be. 3 brothers keeping a wild world in line. Trump not being allowed to attend the 75th year anniversary with Pooty at his side? THAT’s the real reason I despise Antifa Europe. and consider THEM to be our true enemy,
        Poland Hungary Romania aside. those guys know to keep the wogs out.
        WTF is TURKEY doing in the NORTH ATLANTIC treaty organization>? kick em out!

        1. I agree with all you say apart from antifa Europe keeping trump out . I thought it was Us Deep state telling Trump not to go? Of course he should be there! America not being there is a disgrace and rude! The Allies should be there in full.

          As for Turkey ! Well you know what my thoughts are. He Blackmails Europe to their face! Telling them “I will send Moslems to flood you and turn you into a Caliphate ” ,and Merkel ,Trump and the other dunces still fawn all over him.

          When will Putin tactically nuke Turkey ,dammit!
          I’m still fuming that Israel gets included in Eurovision!!!

          1. um. if pooty did that, the US and NATO would be obligated to begin WW3. Kick out that turkish filth and Pooty can be the policeman of the ME. as the Soviets ALWAYS were. keeping the mossies in line.

            Israel is the same as North Korea..just a lot more aggressive. Sanctions could turn that religious police state into a Warsaw Ghetto with an irrigation drip.
            the UN should demand the de-nuclearization of the Zionist Occupiers, and then put the screws on just like they do to the DPRK. that’s the ONLY reason North Koreans starve. Let’s starve the Jews. Iran gets no BOMB, and Israel gives theirs up. That’s only fair

            the US should stop selling jet aircraft parts to Saudi Arabia like they did to Iran after the embassy seizure. Saudi is now a COMPETITOR for oil exports. We don’t need to support them..ESPECIALLY since they dumped the price of oil trying to fuck over their Russians who ally themselves with Iran.

            the Allies? you mean Merkel? Don’t you see that history has gone full circle? The threat that faces the world is again originating in Central Europe. AND UKRAINE.. just like 1939. And the best way to fight that threat is to re-form the UK/US/Russian military alliance. Brexit has happened! the threat to world peace is EUROPE. not Russia. They are the communists now.

            I like Poland, but not if they threaten world peace by placing interballistic NATO missiles on their border poised at Russia’s top cities! How do you think the US would react if Mexico did that to us? We need to get the Poles to de-escalate, or abandon their defense treaty. And we need to be pragmatic and abandon those neo-nazis in Ukraine that started that phony coup and chased out the legally-elected president and starting the secession of Donbass and Donetsk. stay out of civil wars. Russia is just protecting Russian-speaking Ukrainians that would experience genocide. And taking back the Crimea which was handed to Ukraine through Khrushchev’s nepotism .
            Don’t buy the hype of a Russian invasion in Urkraine. If putin wanted to do that? There would be 5000 tanks in Kyev within 6 hours.

            Putin, Boris, and Trump. together in Moscow for the 75th anniversary of beating the Nazis. Communism and Stalin are dead. the Brits, the Yanks and the Russkies should be in solidarity. We were brothers once.

  3. well. imho they should do something like that here too. just to give a lesson to all the fuckers that are in the subway and play the king, racketing peoples, aggress them, abuse woman and much more…

    baton in the face.. BAM ! BAM !.

        1. Respectfully disagree…

          It’s impossible, to bomb a country into peace. You can bomb a country into submission, but never peace. Peace, only comes from dialogue. Dialogue comes, from a sense of unity, or a common good.

          Our corporate media and politicians, are designed to keep the people at bay. They do this, by separating us by economic, religious, racial or by sexual orientation.

          …and they’ve succeeded very well

          We’re constantly at war with each other, instead of understanding why conditions are so miserable to begin with.

          …it’s called “cause and effect.”

          When societies understand this, then societies move to a “pro active” and NOT, retreat to a “reactive” one. People start to understand it’s not normal, to live in a “sick” society, where governments have no interest in representing or serving it’s own people. Personally here in the U.S, I can’t recall any piece of legislation, that has improved the standard of living for the middle class, either spiritually, economically or socially, in the last 50 + years.

          At best, it’s “Problem, Reaction Solution.” But it’s always reaction, and not pro action. Pro action, attempts to solve the underlying problem, making it’s malicious symptoms a thing of the past.

          If I may take a comment from you…

          “we’ll just be tearing everyone apart leaving no space for peace.”


          We tear each other apart, simply because we’ve been victimized by a government, that has no interest in it’s people. If this weren’t true, we would have a society not afraid of it’s own people. We would have a society built on courage, integrity, empathy and sympathy for it’s own. And not based on fear.

          Unfortunately, the “Victimization Card,” has been used successfully in the past. It creates this “Boogie Man Effect” that eventually, has YOU as the terrorist.

          Remember 911?

          1. @honkeykong

            Yes of course…

            But I place that under “Victimization.”

            Such as, “We’re the greatest country in the world.” “Every person has a fair shot in this country.” (no pun intended) Or “We the People.”

            You know, something that artificially inflates our ego, so they can lead such egos to slaughter.

            No politician will harness any of our votes, calling us scumbags. We do that ourselves!

            I equate it to a drug addict giving you Lip Service, simply because they’re out of money.

            Can’t wait to vote in primaries…

            Then I’m done I’m afraid. 🙁

          2. I agree . I’m not even American nor do I like Nixon as a president or as a person but he is the last president who really did something decent for the middle class ,at least in America. All stats say Living standards have fallen in the Natosphere ever since the mid -seventies. Maybe because he took the dollar off the Gold Standard?

            Clinton and Obama were just Repub-Lite.

  4. Atleast the guy seen at the end of the video crying hysterically and holding on to his girl looks well groomed .Seems like the hair gel used is the byproduct of Covid-19 a much sought after stuff every chink seems to be after these days .

    1. I’m more worried about our elected officials suffering from another illness…

      It’s called Gang Green…

      …if you’re a basketball fan, you’re gonna love the way wall street REBOUNDS after this one


      …james BOND “Diamonds are Forever.”

  5. Funny enough Israel scientist are already in suppose work of coronavirus vaccines in weeks which will play in part of the agenda which will make Israel look like hero’s and saviors of this suppose epidemic created by the media Zionist Jews control, From that point forward nobody would be allowed to criticize Israel because their heroic act of saving the world would overshadow all of their evil.

    1. Hey hey what’s that ?? what is up with Israel turning out to be a hero in “batten down the hatches episode” of “coronavirus”, which already seems to be well under control and not a mass extinction epidemic anymore as was initially perceived to be.

      1. Just the mass’s being stupid and ignorant enough to manipulate as always it’s the start of a new decade they’ve gotta keep invoking fear onto to them so they continue to relay on they’re useless puppet governments. Meanwhile, all cooperation that owns the company of selling of goods has made an excellent amount of money restocking money funds for the wars in the middle east and for Zionist-controlled ISIS and rebels.

          1. Correct. These fools are getting even richer. They need it though. Some of their Mega-yachts were a little over ten years old. I’m sure it was embarrassing for them.

          2. Only 50,000 square feet! Damn, where can I donate? Don’t even tell me they only have five maids. I don’t wanna weep any more than I already am.

          3. I’ve been keeping up with the war in Syria they’ve manage to continue making advances against rebels and Isis plus Russia support has played a key role in Syrian forces gaining continuous ground.

  6. Its CHINA you idiots? Hong Kong disappeared last century. Why are they even broadcasting English on the speakers! its CHINA. you speak CHINESE. YOU AREN’T A UK COLONY

    and you arent TAIWAN.. hong kong is a city in CHINA.

    If they lied to you about autonomy? complain to the Tibetans! or the Uigurs!

    fucking fantasy-land

        1. Or army…at least in NATO or the Americanosphere.

          Read re WWI and how since our Federation of 1901 ,our defence forces were structured to be simply a branch office of the UK and then of the US. Note I Say Federation and not our Independence. We were, and still are, a Dominion and not an independent country regardless of what our politicians tell us.

          Our PM in WWII was enraged with Churchill being quiet happy to allow Aussie troops to keep fighting in Europe to help The UK whilst leaving Aust defenceless to the Japs! He told Churchill to fuck himself and brought the troops back just in time to beat the Japs in Pt Moresby ,New Guinea!

          1. That’s very true. Also, the East Timor intervention was a big lie. That was all about stealing their resources, all of which ended up in the hands of U.S run companies.

      1. @hollyeat

        Think of it in terms of countries within an umbrella group. Like How Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are British and come under the banner of the UK but are also observed to be distinct and somewhat separate.

        Hong Kong and Taiwan are their own territories then but at the same time part of Greater China and are ruled as such. Much like Hawaii and the US of A or Catalonia and Spain.

        They are all territories that have been consolidated under one unit or another but also independent of and separate from as well quite a number of times throughout history.

        Its best to ignore deadvector though. He is both full of shit and ignorant, a dangerous combination.

        He is a white middle class American, albeit an unemployed one on the autism spectrum. You would think then that he would appreciate the subtleties of territorial realignments and the various, and forever changing, levels of autonomy derived from such historical movements and yet he doesn’t.

        He does however appreciate the avocado, Starbucks coffee, and the Apple iPhone etc…………………………………when he is not taking the fight to capitalism and defending communism of course.

        1. Greater china? where the fuck did you come up with THAT? Haha. nonsense. How about the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere??

          as is this ” appreciate the subtleties of territorial realignments and the various, and forever changing, levels of autonomy” LOL. tell that to the Chinese.

          China is China. forever changing? really? let’s see if Hong Kong gets more freedom. Shit, idiot, China is prepared to go nuclear with the USA over the fucking SPRATLY’s if need be, you know, the ones they stole from the Philippines?

          as for your racial slur, calling me the W-word? quite brave, using it here on BG. using that racial pejorative out in public in my country would get your last molars kicked out of your skull. no different than screaming NIGGER at a Camden NJ Walmart…..

          i feel sorry for a Canadian that thinks he can get away with calling a EuroAmerican “white”

          you better have some major back-up, perhaps a flak jacket, if you want to come to MY country and start that racist shite. but? find out the hard way, gumby…..and prepare to use that free health care you canadians brag about….. you’ll need some facial reconstruction

          Scotland had a chance to be independent. “under the banner of the UK but are also observed to be distinct and somewhat separate” yeah Like California and Texas. BUT STILL THE USA.

          1. Jesus fucking Christ. What the hell are you on about?.

            Is this some white middle class millennial libtard shit us older normal folks don’t get because I am completely puzzled here.

            Please make sense from now on for fucks sake.

      2. monaco is a sovereign country. wholly independent with a seat on the UN.

        Hong Kong is a Chinese city of cunts who think they are better than Chinese because the Brits allowed them to be their servants.

        1. Monaco has changed hands many times throughout history but its sovereignty was only recognised via the Franco-Monegasque treaty in 1861.

          Your argument then appears to be that sovereignty is a given state, mostly pushed by colonisers, and under such a premise Hong Kong would have an argument for sovereignty too would they not.

          I am also interested in your view of the Hawaiians vs Polynesia too. Are they cunts?. Do they view themselves as being better than Polynesians because the US of A allowed them to be their servants?.

          1. Hawaii is still a colony, as is Samoa, Guam, parts of Micronesia, the US Virgins, Puerto Rico, Guantanamo,and I might even include Alaska for that matter.

            There is no need to look up ancient history about Monaco. All you have to do is go to Wiki and they are COMPLETELY sovereign state. Just like canada. only a bit smaller.
            Hong Kong was INDEED a colony…. as you state, but a UK colony. Not a Chinese one.

            Their uniqueness ended the day the Brits left. Any ‘Kongers” that didn’t trust the PRC as future leaders should have left with the Brits ( if allowed by the UK) in the exact same fashion as the ARVN supporters of the US left..either the Day of Surrender in Saigon, or later , when the Chinese-Vietnamese did on their own, (so-called Boat People).

            i don’t believe principles are important in this late stage of the Planet, with resources straining under nearly 8 Billion humans. A Konger who believed all the reassurances of China in 1999 was more than naive..I am as pragmatic as the Chinese, and I have no sympathy nor support for these ex-colonials LIBERATED by China after the HUMILIATION the UK performed on a poor man of Asia…. who yearn for the Brits to return. Its an abomination. Ungrateful cunts! tear’em up, Chinese storm troopers.

          2. I am afraid that is not true. Monaco is nowhere near independent . It is de jure Autonomous. All its foreign policy and defence is handled by France. A country is not sovereign if its ability to war is circumscribed by others. Canada and Australia have never declared war and will not ever without a wink and a nod from the US and before WWII from the UK.

            Northern Ireland and Hawaii are still occupied countries and similar logic applies to a Scotland and Wales. Time of occupation means shit; it is if the people bond with the conqueror or not. It has been only three hundred years since The Uk was formed and most Scots ,Welsh and Cornish consider themselves Brits and only speak English.

            The Turks were in the Middle East for over one thousand years and the Christians there never forgot their mother tongues and never considered themselves Turks.
            Like I said ,some people have long memories. The Hawaiians for all their warrior ways were tamed very quickly as were the Samoans.
            The Greeks and Slavs of Europe never gave up nor did the Christians of the Near and Mid East. What sealed the Christian’s fate in the Near East? Cuntish fellow Christians who sided with Mahometans and Zionists.


          3. deadvector,

            “All you have to do is go to wiki”.

            Revolution via wikipedia, I love it. Lol.

            Also. Hong Kong wasn’t liberated by China. It was leased due to war terms and that lease ran out and the handover took place in 1997, not 1999.

            I also find it humorous that a modern day descendant of colonisers(you), living in a colonised land(America) would be so angry at colonisers. Give your land back to the native Americans if you feel that way. Give Hawaii back to the Hawaiians etc. Start your liberation revolution in your own backyard first before screeching at others.

            “i don’t believe principles are important in this late stage of the Planet”.

            Yeah. I already got that, lol. If you didn’t have your double standards you wouldn’t have any standards at all. Typical libtard.


            “A country is not sovereign if its ability to war is circumscribed by others”.

            Not quite true. The NATO alliance for example.

            “most Scots ,Welsh and Cornish consider themselves Brits”.

            Also not true. Most Scots, Welsh English etc consider themselves as such. They do not view themselves as part of a blob, a borg collective, which is why they voted for Brexit among other reasons. The Welsh also speak Welsh.

            The viewing of the inhabitants of Britain as the British is a foreign born viewpoint for the most part.

      1. where the fuck do you come up with this drivel? “A country is not sovereign if its ability to war is circumscribed by others” maybe it might fool a jr college instructor but it don’t fly here.

        let me get this right: So monaco doesn’t have an army so it can’t be sovereign? Ever heard of Costa Rica? How about Japan? You sound stupid, even using words like circumscribed… Do you even consider your context, or do you just place words together because they sound good?
        Are you some fucking kike? Because its a kike move to use ancient history to validate actions and event of the last 70 years? Why the fuck do you so-called “intellectuals” always jump on that irrelevant bandwagon?

        Why don’t you bring up the Druids when discussing modern British politics? How about the Moors? Why can’t they come back and re-occupy Spain? Back to your community college!

        1. What about Costa Rica or Monaco? So you agree with me right, because you sure as hell have not said I was wrong about Monaco.

          As for circumscribed? Learn it ,you will need to know what it means if you are trying to school intellectuals rather than just your mates at the pub.

          Calling me a kike is just stupid given I have just said Zionists have been part of the destruction of Christians in the East . Dahhh!!!

          As for the last two paragraphs? I don’t know what the relevance is to what we are discussing. What have Moors and Druids got to do with what we are saying? The mohametan moors are Johnny- come -latelys in any case.

          1. Monaco is a fully independent, sovereign nation with a seat on the UN. full stop. this is beyond dispute. Yet you still try? What a waste of gas.

            You seem incapable of articulate discussion. Sure sounds like a kike.

            Costa Rica has no standing army. Technically, either does Japan. are they sovereign or what? (also beyond dispute)
            and learn to spell. Mohametan ? Oghur Turks? makes you seem dumber than you really are

          2. Listen to me tough guy.I can make up a hundred statelets and put them in the UN. I never spoke about costa rica fool,you did.

            I stand on what i say re monaco and what you have said is irrelevant.
            Now if you were really as smart as you think you are you would know what a mahometan and an oghur turk are.
            Read a fucken book and stop getting your info from dickhead sites.

            Now ,talk to me again when you grow a brain and learn some manners, fuckee!

    1. Why have ya not thought of using qBittorment as being the next best alternative to bit TORMENT as you’d be better off using the latter . Several stories support the fact that extreme downloading through bit TORMENT can really really cause Corona Virus, especially going for the one you; yourself have been after !

        1. the world is a bunch of fucking wimps. Gonna plunge into a World Depression because of some dumb FLU! As if its the Black Plague…

          I wish it was. losing half the world’s human population would be the BEST thing that ever happened for the entire ecosphere, and our species.

          We might actually create a utopia. instead of a guaranteed dystopic future with mono-humans living in hives, eating processed insect extract and drinking filtered sewerage

          1. Inclined to agree bud specially get rid of half the population this is the problem with sharing planet earth with other human beings too many of the cunts

    1. they were chasing fucking hooligans and terrorists intent on starting a civil war. They ran into the cars and MANY of the passengers were protecting them.

      Those traitor Kongers should be HELPING the cops ! not the terrorists!

  7. @deadvector

    “the US bombed Japan into peace. but it took nuclear bombs to do so.”


    Totally disagree…

    For one, we were attacked. While dropping nuclear weapons was a little extreme, it saved even more American soldiers from getting killed, by eliminating a drawn out war with Japan.

    …I call this self defense

    True peace, came from dialogue between Japan and the United States. Japan until recently, wasn’t able to engage in war with any other country. Over the years, Japan was allowed to trade with the United States, and engage in creating jobs here in this country as well. This was created out of dialogue with Japan, and not war.

    Secondly, we have a problem with hypocrisy in this country. Your statement reflects this, and here’s why…

    We engage in war in the Middle East, simply because we created a “Boogie Man” called Saddam Hussein. By no means, was he a Jesus Christ. I’d go so far to say that he was a bastard…

    But he was our bastard!

    Our fascist government was successful, in brainwashing most Americans into going to war, simply because he was a threat to the security of this country. He was not. And it has been proven that he wasn’t.

    Now, are we in a more peaceful state that he’s gone?

    …not at all

    As a matter of fact, there are more people that hate us in other countries, simply because of our ability to create a vacuum within their government. This is because we have installed our own government, equipped with corporate interests, to govern a people who look at us as terrorists.

    …and justifiable so

    So I ask you…

    Is our foreign policy today, based on peace…

    Or intimidation?

    If it’s the latter, (which it is) does it stem from actual dialogue, or the possibility of another war?

    You can’t have it both ways. Unless your interest is a “double standard,” based on good ole American hypocrisy.

    1. you talk a lot of drivel, so you can read it over and over and feel proud.

      the matter was: No country can be bombed into peace.

      I countered with , japan was.

      You? rather than giving a history lesson, which i didn’t even read,..have a duty to show that Japan was NOT bombed into peace. In effect, you have to show Japanese aggression after 1945. Which of course you cannot do. So I get a history lesson of WW2, and then your opinion of the US as a fascist power. that wasn’t the topic at all..

      WTF does self defense have to do with anything, idiot? Japan was extremely aggressive towards her neighbors, and eventually was bombed into peace by the USA, using the atomic bomb. You wish to counter this fact?

      Germany was also bombed into peace. At least I don’t recall the Germans invading any other countries after 1945…

      you know? you can blather all you want….but eventually you have to stop emitting gas and just address the topic. You failed. Because you have no valid argument.

      1. Looks like I struck a nerve of truth in you deadvector…

        When you resort to personal attacks and name calling, (like you have with so many other members here) it signals to me, that you HAVEN’T and CANNOT, defend your position.

        I successfully challenged your comment regarding Japan’s aggression towards the United States, with rock solid answers. However, you want to continue to raise the question again, along with your opinion on bombing Japan into peace… again! Should I be surprised, that name calling would soon follow? Not at all. I’m no stranger to this kind of childish behavior.

        Your “Problem Reaction Solution” approach, is indicative of the moral challenges, that this country faces today. You want to take us back to the days of McCarthyism and the Cold War, which will lead to your “bomb the counties into peace” mentality that has failed miserably. Let’s see how much peace can be achieved, when several counties nowadays, have nuclear weapons.

        I’m just so glad, that we’re not aggressive towards other countries. People will start to think that we’re an empire if we were.

        Was that a state of denial?

        …surely, I hope you don’t think so

        Even though you’ve denied this “double standard fact” all along…

        1. oh dear, the pigeon got his feelings hurted. You come onto this website to see a toddler’s head being mashed into pulp by a cinderblock..but you get upset because i called you a poo-poo head

          1. Keep talking deadvector…

            You’re supporting everything I’ve said to this point.

            Street thug mentality has no place in diplomacy.

            I hope you don’t catch a cold (war)!

            btw: Looks like the hurt feelings, lays upon your shoulders. Not mine.

  8. That’s exactly why cops all over the world are hated, they deserve ALL that hate and more…
    They love to kill innocent people, dogs, and abuse their authority whenever they want. The worst enemy of human kind is the state, which will use it’s represive and abusive force to torture innocent citizens and use the virus as an excuse. Hope poeple will wake up and take the weapons, oh wait we don’t have any weapons. All the weapons belong to the corrupt state, that’s for sure

  9. Hong Kong was the bastard of the white mans century long rape of China….let this be a lesson for allu white cucks and azn white cock worshipping ladies what happens to your half bastards when they leave

  10. Some American politicians orchestrated the riots in Hong Kong, smearing the Hong Kong police for attacking rioters. American police seem to be more interesting. They kill civilians at will and take black lives. However, it is quite funny that some Americans are still pointing fingers at Chinese police. There are always so many fools in this world.

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