Corpse of Decapitated Man Found After Apparent Suicide by Train

Corpse of Decapitated Man Found After Apparent Suicide by Train

It would appear that this video is from India – surprise! It shows the aftermath of an apparent suicide by train. The victim was decapitated.

The video’s audio sounds as if the guy had an external mic and left it on the ground, so you distinctly hear each and every rock move. And of course, there is also the mandatory Indian selfie toward the end.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Translation from a reliable source. Trying to stay true to the original version, no matter how weird it sounds. Anywho, here it goes!

      Camera guy: “The complete torso is separated sister-fuck!”
      (Next he asks about the upcoming train’s arrival and the other guy responds that it is coming. No time mentioned) This is what the translator “believes”. Their accent is little too thick for him.

      Other guy: “Appears to be 22, 23 years”!

      (After a little pause)

      Other guy murmurs something and the camera guy goes like, “hmm?” And the other guy repeats: “He appears to be watching! The dude is”!

      Camera guy: “hmm”! (in agreeable tone) “He must have put his neck purposely”!

      (followed by inaudible chatter)

      (The video ends with two things):
      i) a totally unnecessary smile from the shooter; and
      ii) a drastically horrible cough (by-passer’s perhaps?) that sounds like a mouthful of phlegm.

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  2. I expected camera to pan up to show no less than 900 people standing there, surprising andif not for faint Indian banjo playing in background overall, a rather subdued scene. I heard crickets not horns. dude died of shock, not train

    1. Most of the phones people use here are from Cheap Chinese brands Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and few other weird names. These things are cheaper than basic necessities here. And you’d find huge banners and hoardings of Oppo and Vivo at every cell phone retail shop because those companies pays them extra commission just for advertising

  3. Translation:
    “Sister****er’s entire head is ripped off…”
    *shouting* ” Does he looks familiar ?”
    “Might be of 22-23 yrs old”
    “Looks like he’s watching us” (Lol).
    Not the entire translation…but if what I understood.
    Fun fact…see the guy in white wearing a towel and holding a bottle ? They’re there to poop on the track. Mostly north Indians.

      1. Towel around the waist and a bottle is a signature dress code of public pooping in my country…mostly in the rural areas like this. These areas don’t have public toilet, forget about in built home toilet.
        Fun fact 2: From the route i travel, i see many womens too pooping around the track, hiding behind the bush.

    1. @Nataska I’d say India has a very large railway network and is 2nd most populated country.
      I guess these things never goes parallel.
      Also, i can understand why train deaths are high here, for them, crossing a railway track is like crossing a road.

  4. Would the body still function for a bit after the head comes off? We’ve all seen the heart continue to beat but do the rest of the organs resume function? It’s interesting to me to question what life is, since we tend to think of ourselves as one construct/soul.

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