Corpse of Discarded Baby Put in Cardboard Box

Corpse of Discarded Baby Put in Cardboard Box

In the city of Malang, East Java, Indonesia, a corpse of a discarded baby was found in an unspecified location. The responders put the corpse in a cozy cardboard box, where it fit just right.

Along with Thailand, Indonesia is among the top countries where unwanted babies are routinely discarded by uncaring, cold-hearted mothers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Corpse of Discarded Baby Put in Cardboard Box”

  1. This reminds me of the white trash welfare mom’s in America, Children with in the united states do not live after their 7th birthday, It is so sad that child welfare services do not give a shit regardless of out come.

    Due to human nature teens young as 14 naturally adopt and abandon infant as their own, We all are human regardless of race and ethic background ETC, This subject made every woman on the internet shocked and awe how someone this cold blooded like the rest of the white trash welfare mom’s in the united states could do such a thing.

  2. Some cold hearted muthafuckers let me tell ya!..I been trying to have a kid for couple years now and no luck at all !..but these cold hearted animals are dumping and murdering these poor helpless little souls.i hope they end up in the last level of Dante’s hell with satin him self torturing them for eternity..then a good old pineapple up the ass like in the movie little Nikki with Adam Sandler.

    1. thats probably why you cant reproduce. because your wishing hell and damnation on people just because they do what they do. like we need another hateful cunt in the world like you. i commend the twat that dumped this baby and you should too. we dont need anymore wastrels running around consuming resources. shitting out more people in the future. we can barley maintain the world as it is. stop having kids people, its fucking selfish. and the world doesnt need anymore of your vain self absorption.

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  4. Poor little one never asked to be born into a world of shit what’s the point in education,contraception when people don’t have the ability to distinguish between a life and a inconvenience I hope god is watching I would like to read his comments

  5. Can’t see any evidence it’s a boy…mostly it’s girls that get abandoned…well, in China anyway. Ugly kid…but when one sees how some adult females from this region end up the jury is still out on this child’s sex.

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