Corpses of Disemboweled and Decapitated Men Found with Heads Inside Chest Cavity

Corpses of Disemboweled and Decapitated Men Found with Heads Inside Chest Cavity

On Main Street in the neighborhood of Las Casitas in Guatire, Miranda state, Venezuela, corpses of two decapitated and disemboweled men were found with their severed heads stuffed inside chest cavities.

Next to the corpses was a narcomensaje noting:

De los violadores nos encargamos nosotros, malditos gallos. Continúa la película.

Google translate says it means:

Of the violators we take care of us, damn cocks. The film continues.

Locals said that the two boys lived in the area, and both were minors.

I only have the one photo of the incident, though the one photo is pretty epic on its own.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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            30 minutes to go.

            I, rather, like the string trussing on the ‘roasts’; I don’t think they swapped heads and I agree that they probably have their cock and balls stuffed in their mouths.

            Almost, but not quite, hanging, drawing and quartering.

            Seasoning greetings everybody; mostly cinnamon, ginger, Old Spice and sprouts.


          2. @Harumph and @illegalsmile55

            It was a question of capacity; a bit like ‘can you get an entire cock and balls in your mouth’.

            Capon; yes, a really good taste and texture (for the non-cooks, it’s a castrated Rooster [calling it a castrated cock would be confusing]).

            Cornish hen; not a chance, commercial and, largely, factory reared, to produce a large bird in as short a time as possible.

            That’s why I don’t purchase or eat sausages that are, almost, kaleidoscopically pink; it tends to indicate that there is nothing inside that you might want to taste or digest.

            Anyone heading towards the 2017 China Grand Prix, or San Diego ComicCon?

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            Lesbians, if you meet her requirements, get to play with her exclusively.

            Impalement, as in performed correctly, is something that I would pay to watch.


          3. Malecephalodicken.

            I’d love to see that added and be a part of it, @nastypersuasions!

            P.S. Cooking/marinating fowl with yogurt brings new levels of tenderness and flavor to the party indeed, sort of similar to an Asian Pear with a pork or beef marinade. Powerful juju those, and I concur.

    1. It would appear that the two bodies were thrown in water after decapitation. There seems to be water on the ground near the bodies. There is also no blood to be found on the ground, and the heads were secured in to the cavities with string. All this suggests to me they were thrown in to the water. Clearly, however, it was intended that the two men were to be found; why else write a note?

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          1. Gotta be so much easier on you mentally knowing you have electricity and internet 24/7. My question is the power going on n off?? if it rained like that in New York City. It did once. Hurricane sandy. It fucking DESTROYED US. no power for two weeks. Man when we lose power I feel useless. Sucks. Things I take for granted. Keep plugging mark!! And ty for updated your status. I know I’m interested in hearing what you go through to keep this site going. A

          2. Mark i don’t know the reasons why you are isolating yourself, maybe self exploration maybe tired of all the world’s bullcrap, in reality i don’t care of the reason, its your own world, but being the smart guy you are you are, for historical reasons you should go sometime in your life to Guatemala. It is the country where everything starts and ends.

  1. quite artistic though. they should have also had 2 women in the same way and put the heads of the men up the pussy’s and the womens heads in the mens cavitys with the hair covering the mens nipples as if to say ‘ehh you behave no looking at mens nipples’

    1. I think that is the best idea I’ve read on this site. I would also like to see a video of a Bangalore torpedo inserted into a vagina and detonated. An RPG would be acceptable too, but I enjoy saying or writing “Bangalore” a lot more. Look it up kids!

      1. Samuel Fuller who produced the screenplay for, and then directed, ‘The Big Red One’ was a D-Day veteran.

        He commented ‘The Bangalore torpedo was 50 feet long and packed with 85 pounds of TNT, and you assembled it along the way, by hand. I’d love to meet the asshole who invented it’.

        I think he was referring to the US M1A1 Bangalore torpedo as British forces were using the Conger (a rocket launched flexible charge) and Churchill AVREs* fitted with a short barrelled 6.5″ demolition gun and firing a low velocity 64lb HESH** round.

        This was suitable for demolition or anti-tank use, killing or incapacitating crew through spall fragments, ammunition or fuel ignition, and barotrauma.

        HESH rounds tend to be ineffective against vehicles with spaced armour or spall liners.

        * Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers
        ** High Explosive Squash Head

  2. Let’s just hope these two youngsters were actually guilty of rape. In the 3rd world, true justice is often hard to come by….. so the common man often has to become judge, jury, and executioner. The gruesome public display and attached “cartolina” message is meant as a warning to criminals. I wonder how effective this is?

    1. Meanwhile, in the ‘First World’ we begin to not report crime as the ‘Police’ show little interest, selectively fail to investigate crime, and the Judicial system, and government, limit sentences.

      Even a completely useless law ‘professional’ will get the defendant freed, or the sentence mitigated, by claiming that the client had PTSD (there is a fucking medical definition that no-one, appears, to use), a rough childhood or other legal fuckery.

      I’m in favour of more ADX facilities, administration of a death sentence without a prolonged appeal process, and a return to public executions; I think that they would make anyone, other than the deranged, consider future crime.


      1. NP. wow. Yes I have to agree. If they had lynching in the U.S. the crime would slllooooow down bigtime. you can basically commit the unthinkable unfortunately and get life w/out parole. After seeing what these other countries do to people for minor crimes. Hands cut off for stealing. Thank god I’m not a criminal. Tg IM Not in Brazil.

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