Corpse of Prolific Robber Found Chopped to Pieces in Amazonas, Brazil

Corpse of Prolific Robber Found Chopped to Pieces in Amazonas, Brazil

In the early morning of Friday February 23, 2018, the corpse and decapitated body of 21 year old Vitor da Silva Barbosa was found in a vacant lot located near the Mizael Inn, in the neighborhood of Cidade Nova, south of the municipality of Autazes, around 113 km from Manaus in Amazonas, Brazil.

Local police reported that Vitor was also known as “Flexinha” and was a prolific and unfixable robber who had been in jail multiple times, but each time released, he went straight back to stealing.

It is believed that his murder was an act of revenge by his ex-compadres, now enemies.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. sometimes i think its better to remove a thief’s hands……. feet…… tongue…….. maybe ears and nose………….. but let them live………………. some things are worse than death ……. discuss.

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