Young Couple Undergo Torture Before Being Savagely Murdered

Young Couple Undergo Torture Before Being Savagely Murdered

The tortured bodies of a man and a woman were found by a resident taking a walk near his home (what a way to start the day) in JoΓ£o Pessoa, Brazil. The male had been stabbed in the forehead and presented several other stab wounds throughout his body, while the female had her throat slashed.

According to police deputy, the victims had been killed in a different place, and had their bodies dumped afterwards.
The police suspect that the male victim was a member of a local criminal faction (probably in the drug business) due to a carp tattoo on his left wrist. This particular tattoo is symbolic to a known gang that operates in JoΓ£o Pessoa.

This type of execution is indicative of retaliation from another gang. Very much like their cousins to the north (Mexico), Brazilians take the drug business very seriously, as it is a huge and profitable industry in the country, and take no expense in showing how brutal they can be in order to intimidate fellow rivals.

However, I’m just assuming it’s related to drugs, since prostitution (involving children as well), organ trafficking and kidnappings are also abundant in Brazil.

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Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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        1. Some of us have larger hands, which comes in handy for various reasons.

          On a side note, I’m starting to get the impression that Brazil is a fourth world country, if that term even exists.

          Little wonder so many of these guys go in to MMA; just to escape their own country.

      1. If you are suggestin me and portuguesedude are the same person i dont have any way i can think of to prove you wrong lol all i can say is you are wrong…

        Besides if you go back and look at other posts me and him are different,for example he is an atheist,im not.

  1. In the drug business getting your head chopped off is the same as being made redundant during a recession, the only difference is that the gangsters get it over and done with relatively quickly whereas the jobcentre and government take their sweet time tearing you apart.

      1. @Portuguese Dude

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        Thousands of Israelis are attacking the black population and burning their houses and businesses down, the protestors say that the blacks are sub human and are a cancer in their society and are the cause of all Israel’s problems, they have proposed that the blacks be locked up in camps or be expelled.

        Funny old world isn’t it, they gave poor old Adolf shit for doing the exact same thing, they also seem very happy to allow immigrants to swamp everybody else’s country, just not their own.

        I guess this means that Jewish people are anti-Ebonic.

        1. Hey Empty! Kind of waiting on proto mans take on this and the jew baiters and short but thins too! πŸ˜‰ HeHe! So, the jews are not for helping those hungry apes? Who would have thought!?

        2. Ah @Empty, the filthy cesspool that is Israel. Well I was quite aware of their hypocrisy. They love to promote multi-culturalism in other countries but hate and despise it in their own.

          Now with this i’m not saying all Jews are alike, there are many who are fighting for the same cause I and many others are, like Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Uri Avnery and David Cole, just to name a few of the so called “self-hating Jews”. Funny how they are very educated, Atheist and could care less about a primitive way of thinking. Of course they are against Israel’s actions in Palestine. There is a very interesting video on Youtube called “Crocodile Tears – Norman Finkelstein”, watch it.

        3. In reality, the Jews are doing the right thing in Israel. They know that they need to keep their country for their race. In our countries, they are using racial mixing to destroy us. So they know the dangers of it better than anyone. Jews are not stupid, they are our enemies, but they are clever enemies. We need to be just as clever to defeat them. We need to have a Pogrom in every white country at the same time. Let them all flee to Israel and stay there.

    1. I was in jail briefly (60 days) and hooked up with a Russian (cos those fuckers don’t fuck around and as a white dude, I go where there is strength). We got along famously. I won’t indulge what he was in jail for awaiting trial (in the US), his name or place of exact orgin, but we talked a great deal. I learned some Russian and learned a great deal on their “ways”.

      When it came to drugs and retaliation, they make a point of using a high caliper gun to the back of the head so it completely fucks up the front (the face) of the person that ripped or snitched them off. It’s almost exclusively that fashion and method. Though it’s highly redundant if you think about it, it was and is a highly effective statement. No open casket funeral, no happy go lucky identification from loved ones. There will be tears!

      I’m not familiar with Brazil underworld rules and punishment, but there does seem to be a common thread, like with Russians and as well as with the Mexicans and their narco punishments/executions and how they carry them out.

      IMO, this dude along with his tattoo, most certainly fucked with the wrong drug people and paid for it in a very common Brazilian fashion when it comes to that underworld punishment.

  2. Oooof these two look fucked up!!…shouldn’t be fucking around with the drug world of you’re not ready to make it your life….if these two were really part of that game then this is a great example of when it goes wrong…thanks for the story and great pictures Portuguese…

        1. No thank you Portuguese!!…without you and ate this site would just be convos and I may have never joined because after a week off no new Gore I knew something was wrong……..anywho thank you guys for keepingmy second home alive…..I’m head hurts really bad…I’m having to smoke almost constantly for the past day and today now..sigh.umm I’m probably due for a tap but I’m not going till later this month….how are you my friend?..

          1. Thats really nice to hear, it really is.

            Well, it takes time to find gore material and make it into a proper article, and like everyone else, both me, Ate and Acneska have personal lives, jobs and things to do, so we might not have the availability to make articles every day. But, I do my best.

            You guys can contribute as well, we are a big community and if you find some gore material, send it to us and we’ll publish it. All your help is always appreciated πŸ™‚

            And i’m fine, thank you. Currently looking for a job, but the region of Portugal I live in is highly dependent on tourism, and it’s the low season now so, it’s not easy, but, gotta keep looking.

          2. Yeah I know you guys have jobs that’s why I thank you all…I have no life because I don’t get out too much…this site keeps life interesting for me..sad but true…good luck on your job hunting love!!

          3. Look on the bright site, you have your daughter, so you have a life. You’d have a life even if you didn’t

            I feel like life hasn’t treated you well, but if life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile.

            You know, many people underestimate the power of photography, but it’s one of the most relaxable and enjoyable things you can do. I invested in a good camera and I just go out to the forests and photograph what I can find. Flowers, animals, landscapes, there is always something interesting. Capturing a moment in time, and being able to look at it in the future. It’s really something… I just love it. You should try it.

          1. Ahahah what a nice way to wake up, reading your comment.

            I haven’t eaten ice-cream in a long time… But at least the weather here is good. I mean, we never get bad weather here lol (not bragging).

            I’m doing well πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for the kind welcomes. A co-worker mentioned this site by chance a few weeks ago (said there was some fucked up shit in here) so I had to investigate. I’ve been actively catching up on the news ever since. Nice to know a community like this exists. Life isn’t always pretty. Good to know there is a place to view it unfiltered. Thank you for your stories.


    @Mikey Graves – Thanks! Lighting is fucked up in here. Makes for a good effect.

      1. Hey @ladywicked, what’s the story? Yeah I’m doin alrite, my head is slightly fucked these days, haven’t been around here much cause i’m having trouble stringing a coherent sentence together lately. And I’m completely nocturnal now, which is great if you’re feeling anti-social! How are you lately?

    1. When people find out you don’t beLIEve in god it can make them uncomfortable. Ive been called the same thing, devil worshiper.. That’s so easy.. Like come up with something a little more creative than that. Hey lady, you ever read ‘the age of reason’, by Thomas Paine?

          1. Its very old. Its about religion and its a really good read. I read it in prison. One of the questions it raises is, do you think people would do the fucked up shit they do, if there was no god to forgive them? Im paraphrasing. But really,

    2. @lady, I was even presented with a magic trick once that segued into a whole spiel that I put up with for a good 5 minutes. The guy would not leave me alone because I humored him enough to think he could change my beliefs I guess. Come to think of it I feel bad for trolling the guy, but he started it. πŸ˜‰

      1. I wouldn’t feel bad anomalyze..if he was stupid enough to say some shit like what I heard today then he got what he deserved….yeesh people are so fucking annoying man…I don’t try to push my beliefs on anyone…I don’t even judge believers…so why the fuck do they always gotta harass me…..ugh!

          1. Luckily no. I think people here in Portugal have become more comprehensible about issues like religion and lack of belief in gods. They don’t really care. Even though 83% of the people here claim to be Roman Catholics, the vast majority dont go to church, pray and many never even read the bible. They’re just Catholic by name, and don’t give religion that much importance.

            The jehovas witnessess on the other hand love to knock on my door every sunday… I used to be bad enough to open the door and close it before giving them the chance to pronounce a word, but I just ignore them now…

          2. @Portuguese..I was raised a Roman Catholic by a strict Roman Catholic grandfather..hmmm…maybe that has to do with becoming an atheist or agnostic…..I can say I don’t believe and fuck God all I want but there’s some shit I’ve seen that can’t be unseen and yeah…Idon’t know what I maybe…but I’m not a fucking Satan worshipper…

          3. Except to the Jehovah’s….then imma Satan worshipper and I no longer get house calls by em….lmao..their faces where fucking priceless when I told em I was a Satanist…..lolz

          4. They’re only trying to save your hopeless soul @ladywicked. Do what I do, put a big fat grin on your face and rejoice in the glory of knowing that they are all fucked as well.

    1. There’s an idea Chris..and I’ll have to check that book out..good point though..would they…well we see the super religious areas do some hella violent shit to one another…I’m sure their God will forgive em though….lolz

  4. People with traditional concepts of religion are the minority around here. They’re generally considered simple, weak-minded individuals. It’s silly to be called a devil worshiper if you don’t believe in a god.

    I like evil and good symbology though. Just for fun.

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