Crashed Motorcyclist Decapitated by Motorcycle Running Over His Neck

Crashed Motorcyclist Decapitated by Motorcycle Running Over His Neck

A man on a motorcycle crashed and was decapitated by a motorcyclist riding behind him who ran over his neck. Sounds almost unbelievable, but that’s allegedly what happened and judging by the video – everything suggests it’s true.

The accident happened in Samarinda, the capital of the East Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Just when you thought nothing freakier than what we’ve already seen happen in Indonesia could possibly outdo it, this beheading by motorcycle happens. Having half of the video filmed upside down becomes quite the norm in Indonesia. What the…

Happy New Year, ya’ll :o)

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  1. God fuckin’ damn! Is there a gook monkey on the scene?! Throw that POS a banana to shut it up!

    If that is how he got beheaded, then wow. He got a mix between a dull knife and a chainsaw. I don’t know if he’s lucky, or not, on that one. Either way, that’s going to be an awkward moment in Paradise when he meets some other dudes who lost their heads from execution. They’ll be all bitter about theirs, and he’ll be like “Well, funny story…”

  2. Aw man. I thought there was going to be actually footage of the crash and decapitation happening caught on tape.
    And all I got in return was a decapitated head on the road… and a bunch of Indonesians howler monkeys screeching and hollering in the background. god damn it Shut the fuck up!
    Had to turn my sound off watching this shit 1/4 of the way through.

    1. @hawk
      Greetings, my bro in army , he drives tanks, and one day in afghan he had to go through a sorta river. He told me he thought it was full of swimming dogs…… It was human heads bobbing along, some still wearing their rags.

        1. @Nextiedaaaling…
          I didn’t want this comment to get lost in the melee…
          Likewise sweetie, you are also one of my favorite fleshies.
          AND, you have my all time favorite screen name!
          Wishing you the best of everything in the new year and beyond.
          Sending you a big HUG… hope you feel better soon!!!

    1. You mean you wouldn’t go crazy crying and screeching if you saw me headless? ๐Ÿ™ no seriously.. It must’ve been someone they cared about. I don’t think they would’ve been going insane for some random head on the road.

  3. 01:15 in jolly ole England
    Happy new year and all that , wow , well funny! That guys head just looked like he was thinking some deep shit sitting there on the tarmac.
    Like, no noodles for dinner now.
    And why didn’t the cameraman go lift the binbag and give us a close up of the head?
    Its not like they got cops saying ” get back, nothing to see here” over there is it?

  4. That woman screaming sounded like

    1 She was a heavy smoker
    2 She was high on something
    3 She had a very sore throat
    4 All of the above

    Happy New Year to you all, and may all your gore dreams come true ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have always heard that Indonesia was a backwards country but it just isn’t true…
    It’s a flip floppin’ upside down country! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New Year @Ate… and thank you for all you have done to keep us freaks fulfilled!

  6. As unlikely as this seems, given enough time, this will happen again except the 2nd rider that chops the head off will also wreck and have his head chopped off by a 3rd rider….true shit, understanding this is a step towards understanding eternity LOL

  7. I can honestly say I cannot give two fucks for this poor sap. But non-the-less, Happy New Years to all you fuckers! I hope (and slightly wish), this year is good to you all. Meaning that you won’t appear on any videos or pictures on Bestgore! Ha, kind of rhymes!

          1. No reason to be sad amnyc… it was only 11pm my time.
            Besides, I am laid up with a ghastly head cold… no one would want to be kissing this snotty gal ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. screams of joy from the filthy indonesian gutter human they thrive off that shit over there these are people that lynch each other in the streets and drag the bloodied bodys through swamps and dirty muddy puddles filling the mud with blood red meanwhile the whole town films it . i wouldnt be surprised if the motorcyclist designed his bike intended to be able to decapitate someone if he ever did by coincedence ran over someones neck. these dirty scum type people make my skin crawl and how they talk and look and the way they spend their lives eating rice and stale bread drinking brown water from rusted taps and doing nothing but the occasional lynching of a fellow person for stealing a potato makes me sick . iv no doubt they will pick up the head and think of a way to cook or boil it and feast on it later . i consider rats higher than some of these virus/humans

  9. Haven’t had my phone for a few days cuz I left it at my girls house in another city, so Happy belated New Years to all my fellow gore-heads!
    Video, while audibly annoying, is awesome. Dunno if I’d rather have my head cut off, or pinched off. I’m thinking this would be faster than getting decapitated by some putrid fucking moron with a dull knife. Viva Best Gore!!

  10. New Year Resolutions:

    #1: I have to be more tolerant.
    It is absolutely unacceptable that I reject some anal prolapse porn because I feel that it is upsetting. I should give to myself the chance to get accustomed to it.

  11. damn, i wouldn’t believe it if anyone told me.
    the motorcycles don’t look like they’d actually decapitate someone… could it be murder? cause if it isn’t, that’s crazy. was the guy driving too fast and couldn’t stop? he probably ran outta there to avoid the cops lol

  12. look at how they stand in the blood and mud not giving a fuck and how they drive past just getting on with their shithouse lives . i really wouldnt be surprised if they scooped up parts of the blood just out of curiosity as to how it would taste or if they could make or flavour a soup with it. their dress sense and their ugly fucking women and the shitty roadsides and shit phones they use everything just looks shit do they even have television over there or fresh water ? do they even have toilets

  13. I imagine that must’ve been a shock to see and I probably would’ve been crazy that way myself. This reminded me of a few videos on here that I’ll NEVER forget! Anyone remember the lady with her headless Moms head in her hand?! Shit! Lol and the motorcycle accident that the husband or boyfriend was all flipped out too? Both were a while back…

  14. I wonder when we are going to see an HD quality video of a quick (guillotine style) beheading where the camera focuses directly on the face of the victim immediately after the cut. Would be interesting to see if the eyeballs move around for a while afterwards indicating some level of temporary consciousness like some people have reported. Not sure if the cartels or the akbars are smart enough to pull this type of thing off. Their knives are too dull and their cameras too crappy.

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