Crude Beheading with Machete and Axe by CTNG-CJNG Cartel in Jalisco, Mexico

Crude Beheading with Machete and Axe by CTNG-CJNG Cartel in Jalisco, Mexico

A video released by the CTNG-CJNG cartel shows the sicarios crudely beheading a man with a machete and an axe.

Mexican drug cartels are notorious for the inability to carry out a smooth and fast beheading, so in this case, instead of sawing the head off with a knife, they decided to chop it off, and to make it easier on themselves, placed the bound man’s neck on a block. However even with this set up, the beheading was anything but smooth – they kept slipping and stumbling, the rifle over one of their shoulder’s kept slipping off… what a mess.

The video was reportedly filmed in Jalisco, Mexico. The CTNG-CJNG stands for Tijuana Cartel New Generation and Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Not sure who the victim was.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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144 thoughts on “Crude Beheading with Machete and Axe by CTNG-CJNG Cartel in Jalisco, Mexico”

  1. They should be embarrassed by their shitty beheading skills. One almost falls twice and the two of them together couldn’t get the job done.

    And what’s with the third asshole who’s facing the wall at the beginning?

  2. In Lighter News a child’s birthday party gets out of hand in Jalisco Mexico yesterday. As the foam covered sticks are mixed up with an axe and a machete. And in further bungling by CJNG Cartel party planner’s, the Pinata is replaced with a scrawny Mexican drug informant. But I think after watching this clip you will all agree that hilarity prevailed too save the day. Back too you in the studio guys.

  3. That blog watermark “” I went and looked through their video section, people getting their legs and arms chopped off still alive , some brutal videos on that place.

  4. These god dam “gangsters ” must be tweeting to much instead of working hard . The next generation is fucked even more can’t even swing a god dam axe.

    If I was a drug lord and I saw my guys doing this I would be kind of pissed because these motherfuckers can’t even walk straight let alone swing a goddamn axe my guys are weak As fuck . My gang would lose

  5. pathetic fucking pussies, i wish everyone in the world got this given to them, the world is already far over populated it would be great if everyone could just get raped, get beheaded, & die forgotten, i wish people would just stop fucking having children, just let the purgatory human race fucking die, fucking pitiful ass cunts

  6. I am sure I am horrible now. I actually giggled when the man moaned as he was slapped on the back with the ax. I laughed again when the crappy music started and the poor guy fell to the ground, followed by the executioners slipping in the blood and taking turns just hacking at him. It was kinda comically horrendous.

  7. Rifle guy needs to retake Sicario 101. Granted, it’s a sweet weapon with a matchpoint receiver and barrel, but sit it down clown. Do they even check their tools before filming? Both of those ‘edged’ weapons were unsuitable for task. I’d like to see a redo with Benny Hill music playing after the first failed strike lol


    GUY WITH MACHETE: “You guys want to be tough, this’ll happen to everyone. We’ll begin to apply this to everyone, one by fucking one will be put the fuck down. You motherfuckers want to be all tough and shit. We’re coming for “El Veneno”, for “El Lucas”, “La Olimpia” and “Murrieta”, and a fistfull of other people, go fuck yourselves. We know where you are. Fuck off”

    GUY WITH AXE: “CTNG Rules, motherfuckers, you’re all fucked”

    GUY WITH MACHETE: “CTNG, pussy, let’s do this, motherfucker”

    *They then proceed to behead the narco*


    Now, the curse words might not be accurate, but they still portray the overall emotion and tone.

  9. The more i watch beheading videos from south america, i just come to the point, that they have the most dull machetes down there. Also the video is really cruel, but entertaining when the gang members nearly go down on the slippery ground

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