Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahideen Terrorists

Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahideen Terrorists

Dagestan Beheading video is by far one of the worst videos ever recorded. Chechen Mujahedeen Terrorists video tape gruesome execution of 6 Russian soldiers. While his fellow Chechen terrorists have been ruthlessly beheading one Russian soldier after another, the cameraman was recoding close ups of their slit throats. The video leaves nothing for imagination – take this is the utmost warning possible. The Russian soldiers are making horrific gurgling sounds as blood pours out of their slit throats painfully counting last seconds of their lives. Truly terrible video. Along with the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, Dagestan Beheading counts as the worst, the goriest, the most graphic video ever recorded.

Dagestan Beheading Facts

Dagestan Beheading dates back to 1999. Chechen Mujahedeen Terrorists lead by Salautdin Temirbulatov entered Dagestan with up to 500 fully armed soldiers. There were only 13 lightly armed Russian conscripts in the village of Dagestan when the attack took place. Heavily outnumbered by Chechen terrorists, 7 of the Russian conscripts run away from the village. The remaining 6 soldiers stood up to the oppressors but quickly ran out of ammo and surrendered after being promised POW status.

What happened next is on the video. Chechen Mujahedeen Terrorists took the captives on the field and mercilessly executed each of them by beheading.

Few months later, the entire gang of Salautdin Temirbulatov terrorists was confronted by forces of Sulim Yamadayev and the Spetsnaz and every single one of them was either killed, or captured. None of the culprits from the video got away. Salautdin Temirbulatov himself was arrested exactly on March 20, 2000.

This is a 7 minute video. There is some before beheading footage at the beginning. Fast Forward to 3.11 mark if you want to skip it and get straight down to the gory part.

Towards the end of video you will see one of captured Russian soldiers make a run for it. He was the luckiest one of the 6. He was killed by a gun shot to the back as he was running. This brought him less gruesome and faster death. His 5 comrades weren’t this lucky and had to suffer slow death by beheading.

ONE MORE WARNING – Dagestan Beheading is possibly the most atrocious video you will have ever seen. Don’t take that warning lightly.

Translation of Dialogue in the Video

Russian soldier is laid on the grass
Chechen rebel with the knife: “Turn around”
Russian moves slightly sideways
Chechen rebel off camera: “LAY DOWN!”
Chechen rebel takes the knife out and leans towards the Russian
Aleksey Lipatov: “You dont need to cut me. I’ll tell you everything.”
Chechen rebel with the knife: “what are you gonna tell me?”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Go ahead talk”
Aleksey Lipatov: “I’ll tell you where its located”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Where is it located?”
Aleksey Lipatov points towards a hill with houses: “There in that house”
Chechen rebel with the knife: “What?”
Chechen rebel off camera: “What is in that house?”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Weapons and ammo”
Chechen rebel with knife: “Where? In that house?” and points
Aleksey Lipatov: “Yes from there”
Chechen with knife looks at his combatant
Chechen rebel off camera: “Hes lying…”
Chechen rebel of camera: “Lay on the ground”
Chechen rebel with knife: “what else you have to tell us?”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Where are the weapons!”
Aleksey Lipatov: “what?”
Chechen rebel of camera: “The weapons and the ammo”
Aleksey Lipatov: “On the top of the mountains”
Chechen rebel with knife: “Where?”
Aleksey Lipatov: “There on top” and points.
Chechen rebel with knife: “Are you sure?”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Yes, yes”
AK shots are fired…
Following the conversation, the Chechen rebel with the knife doesn’t want to behead the kid and backs off.
Chechen rebel says in Chechen: “What do you want me to do?”
Chechen rebel off camera “Just cut his head off”
Aleksey Lipatov: “There it’s right there” and points.
Several Chechens yelling all at once: “Leave him alone and come back!”
Gun shots area fired from an AK.
Chechens continue yelling after a Russian runs away: “Leave him the alone. Come back already”
Chechen rebel with the knife: “Turn around”
Chechen rebel “take off your belt”
Chechens of camera: “Come on cut him up”
Aleksey Lipatov: “You don’t have to”
Chechen rebel off camera: “Just cut, I’m up already”
Aleksey Lipatov: “You don’t need to, please …”
Chechen rebel hits him with belt
Chechen rebel: “All right come on!”
Chechen rebel with Adidas jacket: “Hands back!”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Please don’t”
Chechen in Adidas: “Hands back!”
Chechen in Adidas: hits him in the face “I said hands back!!”
Russian is hit with an AK.
Chechen rebel of camera: “Quickly, quickly”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Please, lets talk…”
Chechen rebel with camera: “HANDS BACK! you fuck”
Chechen “fuck the belt”
Russian hit with the rifle
Chechen rebel off camera “Just fucking cut him already!”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Please, I don’t want to do ” they wrestle
Aleksey Lipatov: screaming” I DON’T WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!”
Chechens: “cut him”
Aleksey Lipatov crying: “I DON’T WANT TO DIE PLEASE!! You are very good people, please!”
Chechen rebel with camera: “Yes, we are very, very good people. THE BEST”
Chechen: “get the knife”
Chechen punches the Russian in the head a few times
Chechen rebel with the knife “Stop fucking hitting him”
Chechen rebel with camera: “You gonna live in the grave city”
Aleksey Lipatov “MOM! MOM!”
Chechen rebel with camera: “Torture him”
Aleksey Lipatov: “I WANT TO LIVE!”
Camera man with sarcastic tone: “He wants to live!”
Aleksey Lipatov screaming. Fight 3 on 1
Aleksey Lipatov: “Come on fellows… I just want to live”
Chechen rebel: “CUT HIM NOW”
Aleksey Lipatov: “Leave me alone!”
Knife cuts through his throat.
Aleksey Lipatov is kneeling and gets butted in the head with an AK rifle.
Chechen rebel with the knife to the guy with the AK: “What the fuck are you doing, fuck off!”
Chechen rebel with knife: “I’ll do this myself!”
Slitting Aleksey Lipatov’s throat, stabbing him in the neck over and over and over until Aleksey Lipatov dies.

Full lenght video of the Dagestan beheadings is below:

226 thoughts on “Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahideen Terrorists”

    1. I will be with you in this fight,but now with islam,that will be against those who disgraces Islam in the world. Islam is a religion of peace , love and forgiveness.
      These are a bunch of ignorant who were brain washed and taught terror. Lets fight together and eliminate all these negative morons.

          1. Drexel, you’re full of shit. If you and your sort don’t shut the fuck up, every single Muslim on earth’s going to become a terrorist.

        1. people kill, not religions. people kill in the name of religion. I have some bangladehi muslim friends, fucking good people, good proper friends, they know i dont give a shit about religion or fairy tales like that, many times they been there for me, headbangers like these crazy fucks are minority, people are scared, just keep heads down.

          1. Look what these people Are doing man 😮 what gives them the right to go and chop off someone’s head !! Regardless of your ethnicity,culture or politics. This is just all wrong… So fuckin wrong. But in my opinion I think we all need to watch out for every Muslim there crazy…..

      1. ALL religion is lies murder money and power…period..faith in nothing is better than blind devotion to savagery and control…as long as ppl believe in whatever sky man they believe in were all fucked in the ass…no kiss no k-y not even the courtesy of a reach around…just fucked…and shit like this video makes it the truth

      2. you are a tiny minority who think like this. As soon as Muslims reach healthy numbers in any area they mostly become radical and brutal in their views. All of a sudden the love n peace, you talk of, is gone ! Replaced with calls for sharia law and death for apostates /gays/honour killings etc etc… this is what we see and what history teaches us

        Islam isn’t spread by words but by the sword. Its a brutal religion, not one of love n peace

        I understand that other religions have done the exact same thing in their histories,but we are talking about now ,where we al live

        Europe is heading into major conflict with Muslims and fighting will become a way of life for many. I doubt you will be on our side

    2. I was born and raised in Russia, to a Russian mother and my father is a Muslim from middle east. Interesting combination, right? My opinion on this…. is that those people have nothing to do with Islam, where in Qur’an does it say to kill unarmed people? Even your enemies…….
      If you curse Islam after watching this, ask your self, how many times have you read Qur’an? If none… then you are as ignorant as those criminals in this video… and if you have… then and you still think they are Muslims, then obviously you didn’t understand much….
      Peace for those soldiers…. and hope Islam will not be judged upon what those criminals have done….

      1. Quran (4:95) – “Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,-“?

        This passage criticizes “peaceful” Muslims who do not join in the violence, letting them know that they are less worthy in Allah’s eyes.? It also demolishes the modern myth that “Jihad” doesn’t mean holy war in the Quran, but rather a spiritual struggle.? Not only is the Arabic word used in this passage, but it is clearly not referring to anything spiritual, since the physically disabled are given exemption.? (The Hadith reveals the context of the passage to be in response to a blind man’s protest that he is unable to engage in Jihad and this is reflected in other translations of the verse).

      2. Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”? No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.

      3. Quran (17:16) – “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.”? Note that the crime is moral transgression, and the punishment is “utter destruction.”? (Before ordering the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden first issued Americans an invitation to Islam).?

    3. In my opinion, I just think that these were russian men who decided to take to war against each other for whatever reason. I’m sure they knew the consequences if they fell into enemy hands and were captured. We on the outside looking in have it easy. Upon watching this video, it’s human nature to get upset at what you see. Sure you can have an opinion, but don’t be so quick to judge other muslim people of the islamic faith. I don’t share the same views as a terrorist, I abhor to what terrorists stand for. Not every Muslim is a terrorist. To have a mindset or the attitude that every muslim is a terrorist and that you will band together with a band of your friends and incite a hatred for Islam, and take war to Muslims. I invite you to go to certain places like Chechnya Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and other places alike take your weapon and go fight these terrorists. You would be doing everyone a favor. But be sure to not be captured because you’ve seen what happens if you’re captured. Good luck to you.

    4. Listen to me please I am a muslim I am appalled by these evil animals they say they are Muslims but they are worse than animals please learn the following words if you say them it will be unlawful for them to harm you if they question you stick to a story you only became a Muslim for a week it will save you it is only a few lines which mean “THERE IS NO GOD BUT GOD” again the deeper meaning is no idol or man made god I worship only one GOD the reason I am saying this is to save anyone getting a brutal unjust unislamic murder it is forbidden to kill anyone unless you are being a direct threat I have a christian half of my family and would not like to hear anyone die in such evil way that has nothing to do with Islam I would advice to learn Islam to save yourself again I am horrified by such unislamic slaughtering the words are as follows “LAA ILAH HA ILLALLAHU” that’s the first part which should be sufficient to save you if you say you are only one week a muslim and still learning the second part means “THE PROPHET MOHAMMED IS THE SERVANT AND MESSENGER OF GOD ” MOHAMMEDER RASOLALLAH” it will save you from such a evil and unjust end . Again if you are asked are you Sunni or shiah ??? Reply to that as ” I am just muslim I am still learning” it will save you . They are many book shops that will teach the basics I would advice anyone to become a muslim but after seeing these so called Muslims no one would listen so at least learn and memories the above to save yourselves and may god guide us all and save us from the hell fire

    5. Just an fyi, you would be waging a war on approx. 2 billion people. Roughly 1/3 of the total human population on earth. That’s a worse idea than a land war in Asia. The idea is to target leadership and destroy them. Demoralize the enemy. Don’t engage in open conflict with those kinds of odds. Goddamn…don’t they teach you kids anything anymore?

    6. bruh we are a fast growing religion. yo do you even know which enemy islam has? ISIS. yeah you heard me, youre probably there having a dumbass stroke. Islam has rules you know? its obvious that killing is not tolerated

  1. Zack – thats a VERY ignorant comment. Islam isnt the culprit of this, these are just a bunch of mindless, brainwashed terrorists.

    Secondly its almost nothing compared to what Russian soldiers due to Chechnians.

    1. with a difference,the chechens are better at this “art”,because they are theach to act like this by their prophet,every muslim acts like this,no matter what.
      Even hitler have said “islam is the perfect relligion for war”.

    2. seriously? are you that brainwashed as well? I don’t hink there is anyone more islamic than these turds. There are willing to go to war,behead there ememies for there beliefs. It’s black and white, how can you say that Islam is not the culprit? I do agree with you that the Russians are just as barbaric. But your religionof peace is proven false time after time. What a bunch of heartless morons!

  2. WTF? If you’re going to post such an important video (important in the fact that this video shows exactly why ALL these “Muslims” need to be hunted down and killed) why not post the entire thing? I mean, I’ve seen this before, and you have cut out over 2 minutes of footage at the end of the video.


    Are you retarded or what?


    1. my reply is not meant to to agree with bubbles but Darren.I press the wrong reply. I’m sorry bubbles but you need to wake up. Your so controlled that you can’t even come up with your own user name. The real bubbles( trailer park boys for who don’t know) even hates the preachers in one of the eposote. Religion is made up for excuses and scamming people!

  3. John, this is for your comment:

    Islam IS the culprit. If you read the “holy scriptures” of Islam, it specifically states that anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe is an “infidel”. And that any infidel should have his fingertips cut off and his head removed at the neck. The Qur’an specifically instructs its followers to murder anyone who doesn’t believe what they do.

    It is the ONLY “religion” in the world that outright teaches intolerance, hate and genocide in the name of the “Lord” (with the exception of Satanism, but they are one in the same if you ask me).

    This IS a nasty religion that was created thousands of years AFTER man created all the other religions by a person who was obviously very angry and very, very hungry for war and pestilence.

    And look now. Today. It is infecting the very core of our race (the human race). Religion itself is an infection, but this religion is the worst of them all.

    And all you “Muslims” out there who want to start in on “…oh, our religion is a religion of peace….” bullschneikee, read your own religious text. It preaches murder, intolerance and hate. Maybe you are tolerant towards other muslims, maybe. But the rest of the world? The rest of us “unbelievers” and “infidels”? I mean, just the simple fact that your “holy book” calls other people names like “infidel” just goes to prove the insecurity and childishness of the creator and author of that text.

    People, people, people. It’s okay to believe in things that don’t exist. Everyone needs to believe in something I guess. But to believe in things that are obviously such a farce, and to go about making other people’s lives miserable over it is unacceptable.

    Why can’t you all just believe in yourselves? You are capable and will do more for yourselves than any “God” will ever do. And that goes out to people all over the world. Let’s grow up.

    Have any of you seen how beautiful our world is? Is it really necessary to destroy ourselves over borders and beliefs?

    1. What? it is clear that you havent read quran.you dont know anything about islam.in islam it is a sin to kill or even harm someone whoever he is.whoever gave you that information should do some research.

    2. very well said, especially believe in yourself part. Religions are just excuses to do the things they do. It’s stills makes me scratch my head how brainwashed these believers are. Giving yourself and trust to someone or something you have never seen before tells me how weak that person is. You have no back bone as to let it control your life. So sad.

    3. In St Matthew’s gospel, after the parable of the coins, Jesus says to his followers: “As for those who won’t accept me as king, bring them here and kill them in front of me.” The Bible is every bit as bad as the Quran.

        1. Luke 19 26:27. No need to be ignorant, all religions are cancer. The difference is most Christians are willing to cherry pick the good and the bad, Which is odd considering they believe this is the word of god lol. Where as a most Islamic people choose not to cherry pick and take their scriptures at face value.

          1. Luke 19:11-27 was a parable told by Jesus of a bad man who wanted to be king. Jesus wasn’t speaking these words for himself; rather he was telling the story and relating the words spoken by a bad man.

  4. Islam is not the reason these people are committing these atrocious and deplorable acts. They merely use religion as an excuse for what they see as their political isolation. I love all these comments decrying Islam as a barbarous religion. Darren, be honest with yourself, have you REALLY read the “holy scriptures” of Islam. Because I don’t think you have, and are receiving your information from a highly biased interpretation. I think if you had bothered to open your mind enough to read them, you probably wouldn’t be the naive and ignorant person you come across as. It is your bigoted and misinformed sentiment that inevitably breeds political divides and inevitably leads to the above barbarity. And no, I am not a Muslim.

    1. I agree. Also, Govt. uses this tactic to fool people. They provide false translation of Quran to make people hate each other so the people will forget their real enemies and fight with each other. If Islam was really religion of hatred and violence, you wouldn’t see so many Muslims charity. I know one Muslim Clinic, its free for everyone!

  5. Um, actually, yes, I have read them. I’ve read almost all the holy books from every religion when I was in college. So my opinion is not misinformed or bigoted, but based on study and fact. And you may be right, they may be using religion as an excuse, but the religion they choose to use for an excuse IS the only one that teaches the things these extremists keep preaching through warfare and murder.

    And political isolation? C’mon. That’s the real excuse, isn’t it? Let me tell you something, these people wouldn’t feel so “isolated”, as you put it, if they weren’t running around and doing shit like this; and if the very governments and people who feel so isolated would stand up for what is morally right (and there is NO WAY to argue moral rightness), they wouldn’t be “isolated” and targeted by the rest of world.

    But then again, it’s probably really hard to actually decipher between right and wrong when you’re taught from the womb that everyone who is different from you deserves to die a horrible death…..

    …and if that’s a biased opinion, at least it comes from experience and not the ignorance you, actually, so ignorantly accused me of.

    Just so you know:
    Sura 47:…..those who disbelieve are following falsehood…if you encounter those who disbelieve, you may strike the necks….those who disbelieve incur misery.

    Book of Al-Anfal, verse 12 ( 8:12) – ?I (Allah) will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.?

    Book of Muhammad, verse 4 (47:4) – ?Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), strike off their heads; at length; then when you have made wide Slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives…

    I could keep going if you like. I have all of these “holy books” right here brother. And let me tell you, there isn’t one single section of this Qur’an that doesn’t instruct its followers to kill ANYONE who doesn’t believe. So perhaps instead of jumping on this Islamic bandwagon, you should know what you are defending first. Because even most of the followers of Islam here in the US don’t even understand the writings and implications of their own texts. It’s ridiculous.

    And P.S…..it’s not my opinions that create the “divides” your talking about. Opinions are just that and it’s called Freedom of Thought and EVERYONE in the world is entitled to it. The only divides I see in the human race (for thousands of years now) is religion. It infects every part of the globe and it has caused more human suffering and death than all the horrible dictators the world has ever known combined. I believe that once people start to think for themselves and stop believing and living by standards (most of which aren’t that great anyway) that were written in a book by someone they don’t even know thousands of years ago, the world will then be a much better place to live in.

    1. I think Daren sumed it all up. I think thios guy knows what he’s talking about and his proof is there in black and white. How can you argue with something he took right from the islamic teachings. He is so right in every way! Besides that,can’t you guys see what’s going on. we are fighting verbly over what religions is right or wrong. just like these morons with there knives and guns. We are proof that religions causes conflicts,arguements and violence.we are just different because most of us won’t go as far as to kill. Why don’t people believe what they want,don’t preach it to others, don’t force others to believe what you do, don’t act out in violence when they don’t want to be a part of your politics and I think everything will be fine. At lease in the religion wars. I hate preachers and people anoiying me with there religion and beliefs. This world would truely be a little (actually alot) more peacefull place to live.

  6. “Because even most of the followers of Islam here in the US don?t even understand the writings and implications of their own texts. It?s ridiculous.”

    Or maybe, just like the modern-day Christians with their Bible, American Muslims just don’t take the Quran literally since it’s absurd?

    Face it, the Old Testament has some horrendously vile, archaic messages in it also.

    1. wrong,the old testament wasnt evil,it was perfect laws created by God to rule lawless people,to stay without sin on that time,when people were not so evil and sinfull like in todays time.after Jesus have come to earth as human all that have change,because now all people had a chance with Jesus christ death on redemption for our sins.But dont worry,its written on the bible that on the end off times sodom and ghomorra would be everywhere on earth,at this time you only need to look on your window to see that.this will all change,and all the fake relligions will fall with their bad people.

  7. Who gives a flying fuck about religious doctrines. Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc. We’re all part of a species that can’t help itself from committing acts like these. The human race is garbage and will ultimately perish in its entirety.

  8. Sorry, Darren, but you are wrong. Whatever personal problems that have given you such a narrow outlook will probably prevent you from accepting this information, but the fact is that Islam is -not- the only religion encouraging intolerance. Christianity itself demands death by stoning for any non-christians, for anyone speaking out against the government, for breaking the sabbath, for not screaming loudly enough when being raped…

  9. Disturbing video…not so much the act of sawing heads off but the terror these guys must have felt before hand.

    Once captured, we’ll need that chechan cameramonkey to reload his Nikon and get ready to film. Round ’em all up and have them cut their own children’s heads off. When they fall to the ground wailing to whatever false prophet they believe in, their wives or fuckbuddies will remove their tongues. The cameramonkey will eat his camera. The big ol’ zoom lense will be inserted into his rectum and hammered home with a Russian gun butt.

    The film will be saved of course, and sent to CNN’s propoganda file. Larry King will write a bestseller about it and US christian do-gooders can thank the gawd icon about how they live in a civlized world where that kind of shit never happens in their hometowns.

    (I know the above is lame but it’s Xmas)

    1. The more I see these tards and there barbaric acts, the more I fucking hate religions. You believers in your god are a bunch of low life, scumbags, brainwashed piece of SHIT! I’m talking about every religion except Buhdist. I’m not complete knowledgeable with buhdism but it sounds like that is the only religion that promotes non violence, be king to each other and most important, KARMA! It also accepts you no matter what religion you believe in. It doesn’t judge, you can be a christian and be accepted as there friends. You can believe in any god you like and can still go to school with buhdist and not be preached on. They are also a non violent religion. Basically, it’s a religion that truely promotes peace amongs humans and any other living creature. I have never heard of buhdist going to war over there beliefs. For god sake, you are a bad person for killing a fly! In my opinion,buhdist is what you call a real religion. Love each other, except evryone and everything as your fellow humans,karma, don’t go door to door to preach to you and ask to join, doesn’t force you to believe in one god. Personally, i don’t even think they believe there is a god. Now that’s a true religion if you can call it that. It’s more of a teaching and a code on how to live peacefully amongs each other. As for the rest, your just a bunch of ecuses after another. You create these religions amongs yourself to feel wanted and for politics. you want to stop majority of violence? wipe out religions! But off course that is only in fantasy land so the wars continue thanks to the god worshiping morons!

    2. Actually it’s more like “Religion is an infection, and stupidity is the host”, so… if there’s no host to infect, then there’s no infection. Religion is not really the main issue, it’s the stupidity that plagues human beings. For the sake of argument let says there is a fake religion out there, and we’ll call it Epsilon. The Epsilon codex preaches suicide by beheading oneself very slowly with a rusty, dull knife after decapitating one’s own legs because it would please the Epsilon God. If people actually practice this religion then they’re either extremely stupid and gullible, or very desperate. Of course 99% of the people who reads this (imaginary) Epsilon codex will think it’s a bunch of garbage, but think for a second why that is? Because it doesn’t promise something that they desperately need, and that is the promise of creaturely comfort, or wealth, or whatever it is that people want. The Qur’an promises 72 virgins or some bullshit, and the Bible promises heaven. Isn’t it convenient that you’d only get these things after death, and only after you’ve done what the religious texts demands of you? Think of religion as a business transaction, and you’ll see how absurd it is. I am offering a product that you desperately want, but I won’t let you actually see it, touch it, smell it, hear it, and there’s no way to know if that product I’m trying to sell you even exists. I want you to devote your entire life to me and do my bidding as payment, then after you die I’ll give you the product. Nobody in their right mind would fall for such a lunacy, but when it comes to religion people lose all intellect and rationale. This is exactly what religion is, absurdity for the stupid (perhaps as a cruel joke, and the inventor is laughing hysterically in the grave), and the stupid will do whatever it takes to get that imaginary product, be it murder, torture, cheat, lie, steal (basically all the bad shit in the world), and it helps that if you repent or become a martyr all sins are forgiven (LOL! How absurd!). If there are no stupid people on earth, there won’t be religion. On the flip side, the existence God is an unknown variable. It’s perfectly logical to believe in a “creator”, but a “creator” in the biblical sense is just mind bogglingly asinine. I’m not saying fucked up shit won’t happen without religion, but I am saying it’ll give us a much better chance to live in harmony and to continue our evolution. I know this will piss off a lot of people, but judging by the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and the overall reaction from a lot of the responses here one can see why the world is such a fucked up place. Granted, for some English might be a second language, and in that case good for you. End rant.

      1. Awesome rant. The average person hardly has enough sense to do anything that takes them away from the auto-pilot setting they are stuck on. Get up, get dressed, get kids to school, get coffee for $7.50 at Starbucks. Go to work. Do mindless chore at work. Cash paycheck. Give 100% of said check to wife. Go to bed. No sex, wife is “tired”. Rinse and repeat for 35-40 years. Retire and die. Fuck that shit. Do something you actually want to do.

  10. Joe – Best stay in your caravan.

    Jon + Darren – No ones forcing you into religion, if you want to remain in your own little Atheist religion (note the hypocrisy) then you’re welcome to. Just dont run around pretending that religion is the culprit for everything and how a perfect Utopian world is one of only atheists that could do no wrong.

    Face it, horrors are committed from individuals themselves, not religions. Look at the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, not religions loons, just fucked up individuals.

    1. no one is forcing me into religions? are you blind or just a tard? Why is it that I constantly get knocks on my door, infront of me are morons preaching to me and telling me how god can help me? That’s all you do is go from door to door, country to countries anoiying the shit out of people to join you. every where you go, there’s something telling you to give yourself to god. I like to believe your statement is true. If you just do your thing in your own time,stop anoiying and harasing people then we would have no issues. I think people are just anoyed at being preached on,killing each other and you always have an answer to everything.

  11. Typical muslim assholes, fuck allah, fuck islam, and fuck the entire middle east. Nothing but a bunch of animals who need to die, bomb the middle east until there isn’t even bacteria alive, then take their oil

  12. My comments are not to “blame” religion for everything. Because, no matter how hard some religions try, everything we do is our choice. My point is that religion is an infection that puts the most vile and foul thoughts into people’s lives. And if there are people in this day and age that feel the need to believe in some ancient, arcane thoughts to feel good about themselves, then so be it. More power to them, I guess.

    The fact of the matter is that religion is probably an evolutionary response in every intelligent race across the Universe. I mean, when mankind was still young, and there were more than one race (Neanderthals and Homosapiens) on the Earth at that time, imagine how brutal and unforgiving the Earth’s evironment was back then. Now if you were alive back then, and just coming into intelligence and communication, etc., creating “God” to explain all the natural and brutal phenomena in the world (tornados, earthquakes, floods, etc) makes total sense. And for religion to evolve into what it is today along with Man’s evolution makes total sense as well. But we’ve come to the point where enough is enough. I mean really. What is it going to take for people to realize where all these ancient bad habits are taking us? And if everyone out there would just take a couple of classes of higher education, or read a book or something and think for themselves, I believe most people would be able to put 2 and 2 together and get 4. But that’s just me….always giving credit where it probably isn’t due.

    You don’t need to believe in anything or anyone but yourselves. Period. Stop listening to messages from idiots thousands of years ago that you don’t even know, and think for your-damn-selves. Ask questions.


  13. Oh, and P.S., this video sucks. It’s not even the full video, and that is unacceptable. There are at least 1 or maybe 2 executions missing, and the final one where you can see the dudes whole face while they dig the knife into his neck is expecially brutal with the facial expressions and what not.

    Why is that not here?

  14. Islam is not the cause. It’s just a religion, the cause are the people that kill in its name. You can’t take actions of some group of people and generalize it on a WHOLE religion. Before 9/11 there are millions of Muslims and christians living around the world happily and now all of a sudden every Muslim is a terrorist? Don’t be irrational. Islam is just the name of a religion.

  15. Rightjustice…if someone is killing in the name of a religion then the problem is the religion becuz without the religion there would be nothing to kill in the name of! last night on a different video i mentioned that its not about the religion but now i realie, it is!

  16. religion is not to bkame. and for the guy that said ‘think for yourself’ – take your own advice.
    the problem with americans is that they live in a culturally diverse society that has almost no mixture. there are no muslims that i know, and i have many friends that have chosen or were born into the religion that in any way condone or perpetuate violence, and they are even more sickened by the prospect of violence such as this done in their name. they do not need to apologise for the behaviour of others.
    note… the common factor in almost all violence, part religious or war related is men. (argue against that at your peril, maily because its a fact…) and its mostly men that post, take part in and watch these videos.
    you are satisfying your own sick needs for violence.
    men should not be allowed into positions of power, nor be allowed to make decisions on religion. only then will this kind of crap be practically eradicated.

  17. damn, first i was feeling for islam people and for the chechens, plus i know a lot of em are here in my city of vienna, austria as refugees.But this terrorists are so cruel. I mean this young soldiers were kids, and had familys and such, its obvious the surrendered, why they killed em`? And why they slit they throats? damn these muthafuckas are sick…ugly and dirty people like dogs…allah wont take you to paradise..youll godirectly to the 6th grade of hell burning…murderers.

  18. I’m shocked…shit…fucking shit…Those sounds from these slaughtered kids…The last in the row sounds fucking awfull…He makes that long,painfull scream…He’s almost beheaded but still moves…just can’t believe my eyes…And those sick bastards laugh and smile like having a party!..They don’t seem to me like angry rebels taking revenge for Russian crimes in Chechniya,they just look like people having some good,perverted fun…What kind of horrific agony did those kids on the ground feel when their mate was beheaded beside them,making those horrific sounds?..Fucking,fucking,knife-obsessed,sadistic motherfuckers!!!

    1. your mother and brother ( if you arent just making that up) were probably rats and should have died. the reason vermin like you and your fellow countrymen commit murders like these is becuase you are all impotent. why else would you film it? its like pornography to muslims.BTW if you muslims werent so scared of women you’s stop wrapping them up like mummies, maybe get laid, stop fucking little boy asses, and enjoy life for a change. BTW, btw, there IS no paradise, there IS no allah…that american hellfire missle that you hear for millisecond before it turns you into goat meat for your familly mmebers to eat, WILL be the last thing you ever know.BTW UP THE FUCKING ISREALI ARMY YEAHHHH!!!! KILLER JEWS WITH NUKES..WHATS ALLAH GONNA DO ABOUT IT? NOTHING, BECAUSE HE’S NOT THERE.

  19. I’ve seen worse videos of beheading and execution in general…
    And this man who tried to escape was unfortunatelly finally executed too…
    I don’t know who’s worse – chechen or russian, they’re all sick in my opinion… and russians have execution videos too, not only chechens.
    So…. generally I don’t know, why people kill themselfs… it’s sick…

  20. this entire site should be shut down. this is wrong to show videos of this and the people who run this site are probably just as bad as the terrorists in this video. what if children somehow found this site! i would rather have a group of 7 year olds play GTA than watch this shit. i hope you all burn in hell….

    1. If it’s wrong to show videos like this, then it must be wrong to watch them, but you visited this site looking for this video, and you sound as though you watched it – so are you going to join us all in hell?

  21. NO MERCY for islam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kill’em all!!

    they are like worms, splash them up!!!!!!!!!!

    i will kick every muslim in my country !!!!

    and i’m not skinhead or someone like that …
    i’m silmple man who lives in Poland and hate islam and muslims

    peace for normal people,
    bullet in the head for rest (islams, muslims)

  22. Yes Derek,

    you?re raising a good question and the answer is simple. Parents who are concerned over the online behavior of their children, should start monitoring their children’s activities. Quit blaming all the world for what your kids do, and take responsibility for it. It’s your own fault if you bring up worthless pieces of shit kids.

    Furthermore – what would taking the site down solve? Removing the video from the internet does NOT mean these beheadings didn’t happen. We could all turn a blind eye to reality and pretend everything is fine and dandy and then bang!

    Yes, reality out there is often not pretty. There should be more sites like Best Gore, because this site has the balls to show the reality to people. No, we don’t live in a perfect world, there’s lots of bad stuff happening. Chechens behead Russians, Russians behead Chechens and it doesn’t stop there.

    This leads me to another question – how did you end up here? Was your undying craving to see beheading so strong you could not resist, you ended up searching for it and didn’t stop until you found it? Quit playing a morality police and grow some balls so you can look at yourself in the mirror.

  23. You’re perfectly right,Angie…THESE THINGS HAPPEN!…


    watching people being murdered is fucking hard,at least for me,some weird,shocking,unknown feelings come up…It’s a taboo,like many others but you cannot avoid the fact it’s all around us…All people I’ve seen being beheaded made me feel extremely sorry for them and had bigger impact on me than just seeing the news about their killings on TV…and I’d feel the same if the roles in this video were turned around…I don’t give a shit about who’s beheading who…Who’s guilty or not…
    I’ve read Russian soldiers’s confessions about their atrocities…About a Chechen woman-sniper being captured,tied and torn apart…Pregnant women being stabbed with bayonets and butchered their stomaches wide open…Family being drowned in their own well…Bayonets heat over charchoal and put on suspected rebel’s bodies or stabbing them slowly to suffer as much as possible…It’s an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye… and the cycle goes on…Such sites can affect you in different ways…You can find disgust over brutality of killings and develop more compassion towards our and other’s life,take some sick pleasure by watching this videos or even find some inspiration for your own potential,violent actions…But that’s the problem of a person’s character not the site…I’ve heard a story about a small child cutting his cat to pieces and hoping she’ll ”re-build” after watching such scene in a Tom & Jerry cartoon…So,who’s to blame?A cartoon?…Where to start?…
    Sites like Best Gore may raise questions…Not about the morality of a video content but rather about the psychology and extreme behaviour of people in certain situations…When you watch bombings of civilians in Gaza,their mutilated bodies hanging around,you develop more anger and compassion than just reading about it in the paper…And you don’t need Best Gore for this…Just an ordinary TV…

    Derek,you come to this site and preach like people who happily eat their meat but hypocriticaly turn away when you want to show them a slaughterhouse video…Face it.It’s a fucked up reality.Watch it to make an attitude or strenghten it not to bloody moralize.

  24. you sik motherfukers no 1 in the world should die like that that must b so fuked up watchin you fellow soldier friends get the neck cut and screaming knowing your goin to be next,Damnn. you dirty fukin cunts. THEY SHOULD OF CUT THEM ISLAMIC CUNTSS UP IN TO LITTLE PIECES 1 BY 1 SO THEY KNOW HOW IT FEELS ARGHHHH FUKING SIKKOSS ROT IN HEEL YOU SMELLY DIRTY DISCRACEFULL SIK FUKIN CUNTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AND WHOEVER THINKS THIS IS WRIGHT FUK YOU AND YOU MUM TO

  25. I agree with you Derek, This is very wrong to show this video, I’m very shocking to saw it. Watching people dying it’s not a funny thing, I’ve a children also that had watching same kind of it, and that’s gave him nightmare, he is very shocking too, so I protest, closed all this video and related to it now for humanity

  26. John said: “Secondly its almost nothing compared to what Russian soldiers due to Chechnians.”

    He’s just right. Russian soldiers did worst than that to chechenians. I just have no pity for these guys, honestly. The chechens showed to all of us what they’re capable of. The Russian government is too strong for the chechens, but I guess that they’re standing up for their “nation”, “race” or whatever the hell you call it.

  27. this is why i say; NEVER JOIN THE ARMY, u soldier-boyz are buch of patsy’s being used by ..Wealthy Oligarchs to fight their wars for them..they never get their hands dirty..it;s always the soldiers doing the killing….mind you killing in name of your Race or Allah or God is just insane, cant people nowadays start thinklin for themselves? this is a sickness in the world..But soldiers and freedom-fighters keep falling for the ‘bait’..i say FUCK WAR…fuck PUTIN,BUSH,OBAMA and every politician sending soldiers for so-called ‘freedom’…FREE YOUR MIND! and stop this bullshit!

  28. I fully support the death penalty if sentenced by a court, guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But what gave those animals the right to murder six young lads? I hope they are getting arse-raped in a cold, dirty prison cell. SICK FUCKING CUNTS!!!

  29. you know what id do to these muslum fucks if id got my hands on them? id fucken hang them in a room by their hands, and play that video over and over again. on repeat. then id fucken start cutting them open real slow. slicing them. making them fucken bleed. with a touched knife. then id stick a fucken screwdriver up their nose and slice their fucken necks open nice and fucken slow while they watch the video. wait till i catch these fucks.

  30. Xie & paul…you are nothing better, not even 1 penny than those who kill other people in name of religion or some other bullshit reason in the first place…u all play the game along and thus will bring the violence to your own doorstep, to your own Loved ones your own children!.. good Luck! Love Ya’ll! PEACE…What you wish upon another, may become your own reality one day….

  31. yes i like it yyeeeeeeeeh
    long life to islaaaaaaaaaam
    death to russian infidels (dirty dog)
    we will kill all enemy of islam
    death to israel

  32. i man i would have hoped the guy at the end would have gotten away! like i could’nt hold back tears watching this!that hit me really hard when he started screaming for his life! im in relief that he did’nt get beheaded and that i did’nt see him get killed but also very heartbroken that he was shot..this kinda of stuff makes me appreciate my life so much more….the gore was’nt that bad as the description said but it was on a pretty gruesome level…

  33. Hey there Mr. Islammmmmmmmmmmm…

    You are such a little bitch ass faggot. I am one of your “infidel” enemies. You are a real piece of shit. I wish to hell I could meet you face to face to tell you this. You’re a cowardly bitch. I would rip your face off. You are a dirty cocksucker. Fuck all Islamic extremist freaks. You’re so full of shit. Fuk Muhammed, the bitch ass profit, fuk yor Alllah, and fuk your camel riding, sandy twat, sweaty ass desert whore mothers… This video is proof of the brutallity that your monkey ass people are capable of. Insensitive apes. Mid- East, Chechnia, Africa, doesn’t matter. You monkey ass Islamic Jihad extremists are nothing more than mindless, heartless, ape-like dumbasses. You will always be 3rd world fuck ups. You will never be real, active, sophisticated, members of the global comunity. EVERYONE in the world thinks of you as scumbags and idiots and monkeys. And you know what else? The only thing you assholes have ever had going for you were oil and terrorism. We are looking at other ways to support our energy habits without you… Then what will you do? eat sand? And we are no longer scared of you. No more bullshit terroristic threats. No more shocking beheading videos. We will rise against you. You are cochroaches waiting to be exterminated. Death to you all.

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