Dagestan Massacre 1999 Video (Worst Beheading)

Dagestan Massacre 1999 Video (Worst Beheading)

This video documents the Dagestan Massacre that took place in 1999. Because when this post was originally published the video of the Dagestan Massacre was only available in parts, only a video of the last two beheadings was posted here. Meanwhile, I got the full video of the massacre so I’ve updated the post with it. Original text of the post is below:

The video is a continuation of the Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahedeen Terrorists and is definitely worse than beheading of first three Russian soldiers in that first video. The boy in the video begs the terrorists to have mercy over him, even though he saw three of his mates beheaded and one shot to death. As part of his beheading, he was being stabbed in the back and neck as he was calling out for his mother. At one moment he begs them to spare him, saying that they were good people, to which the cameraman laughs, confirming that: “Yes, we are good people.” Young boy then dies.

The 1999 Dagestan Massacre was lead by the Chechen warlord Salautdin Temirbulatov who had a nickname Tractor Driver. Salautdin Temirbulatov was later captured by the Russians and confessed to the beheading of those young contract soldiers at the Dagestan Massacre. The worst beheading of the Dagestan Massacre is in the video below. Be Warned – extremely graphic, gory, disturbing and upsetting.

The execution of the last Russian soldier shown in the video is easily the worst beheading filmed on tape. The young soldier is laying on the ground with his hands restrained, tied behind his back. Ruthless Chechen grabs the boy by his eye sockets, lifts his head up exposing his neck and cuts right through it with a huge knife all the while the camera is in boy’s face. As he’s being decapitated, he lets out a painful scream and then his throat is slit all the way through so only undefined hissing is heard. He rolls around as he’s trying to breathe – which is nothing but a futile attempt to survive.

To refresh your memory, there were only 13 young Russian contract soldiers in the village of Dagestan when they were attacked by some 250 Chechen mujahedeen terrorists lead by Salautdin Temirbulatov. The boys were about 18 year old and were lightly armed. Seven of them fled, six were captured and promised the Prisoner of War status. As is proven in the video, they were not treated as POWs. Instead they were brutally beheaded.

Some people consider the Dagestan Massacre video to be worse than the notorious Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Murder with Hammer and Screwdriver and rightly so. I think the most disturbing part about the Dagestan Massacre is the fact that the Chechen mujahedeen terrorists made it really painful for the Russians. They made them watch and listen to their mates dying, letting them know their turn is coming next and that there is nothing they could do about it. The Chechens joked around and laughed at the boys. Cameraman is especially a major jock.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. i will not watch these videos because reading was upsetting enough…there is nothing to gain on the suffering of others. I came to this site just to see things for myself since the media shows nothing but instead it has just made me lose any faith i had left in humanity! i still like to believe most people in the world are still decent enough to not kill even if theyre not good people!

    1. Man….i feel you.i really felt for the last soldier…like really ive seen alot of beheadings on this site, but for the most part people just take it like bosses….this guy, and im around his age,, really let it get to him and its so emotional.this video did damage.

  2. These events have taken place since the dawn of war. The west is guilty but these events were kept quiet and hidden from the public.
    The common man in battle has no need to commit these acts but only to survive. Now the religious man will commit these acts to appease the gods.

    1. Events THAT bad tho? That isn’t even the full video. I don’t understand how none of the terrorists thought nothing was wrong while it was taking place. That’s the power of religious brainwashing I guess. That’s what’s also disturbing. This is the one video I sorta wish I wouldn’t have watched.

  3. Every place that allows this to happen should be nuked.

    Sends a nice strong message to all the douche bags in charge

    Fuck Islam, it’s a religion of cock suckers.

    1. You do not realize that the Russians themselves are even worse. Just read what Wikipedia has to say about it:
      An amateur video footage, dated March 21, 2000, and released four years later in 2004 by Anna Politkovskaya, crusading Russian investigative journalist for Novaya Gazeta, shows the naked and half-naked Chechen prisoners who accepted a federal offer of amnesty, most of them injured. The captives shown are mostly men and adolescent boys, many of them with untreated wounds and some missing limbs. While moving from one crowded prison truck to another, they are abused by the Ministry of Justice spetsnaz troops. Two women, who unlike the men did not show signs of beating, are separated and led away. At the end of the tape, some captives are ordered to unload comrades who had already died during transport. The naked corpses are dragged from the truck and heaped next to the railway tracks. According to Politkovskaya, making the video public was the idea of a Russian junior officer who made it, hoping it would help free him from “a nightmare which continues to torture him.” For her, this video recalled “only one image: movies from the Nazi concentration camps”. Quoting Chechen witnesses, Politkovskaya alleged the still-living prisoners were then sent to the notorious Chernokozovo filtration camp, where many of them were then tortured and killed by guards and then buried by other inmates. Three families of the missing said that they recognized their men among those shown on the video and it is believed the video shows them only shortly before they were killed. Of the three survivors known to Politkovskaya, two later committed suicide and one has disappeared.

    2. Fuck all of the people who believe in allah fucking snackbar or whatever it is pronounced, they should all be castrated with a blunt knife. I hope all the snackbar believers get their heads chopped off. I will surely enjoy watching islamists die. What a fucking waste of land. Hope Russia and USA nuke them all.

  4. @ Paul Pissedoff: i think i explained bad. It was my bad: I dont agree with people killing someone for his/her ideology/race/gay/etc…, but if you kill/nuke someone because he’s killing others, then you are the same. I dunno if i have explained well. In any case, sorry for my englisch.
    But afterall, it seems sometimes the only way is the violence. This can be a very complex problem.

    I mean that something like Stanizer says, is pointless.

  5. @ Web Admin: i have noticed an error: when i click on the “Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahideen Terrorists” at the main page, i got the “russian murderers video instead, but when i go to the artocle itself, the video is the correct. I think you included a bad video link for “Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahideen Terrorists” on the main webpage.

  6. This has made me lose faith in most of the world. There is no humanity here, I know i have a touch stomach but when i watched this i almost fainted. I couldn’t take it, It is just not right. I agree nuking would be a very stupid thing to do, But killing with a gun is more humain then slowly beheading someone.

  7. I agree with Chaos, these things have always happened in war. It is only with the rise of internet resources, and also the fact that everyone is filming any ounce of gore with mobile phones that it is more available for people to see.
    Previously if it were not in Western worlds interests then it would never get reported on. The Chechen and Russian second war is very typical of this. The Chechens watch Russians come into villages and slaughter and rape they’re wives and children each day and never were able to have they’re ‘plight’ heared, that is the exact reason they had to take extreme actions such as the Beslan school situation – they felt it was the only way people around the world could hear them and get Russia to pull out of Chechenya. IT aslo works the other way round too!!…i read on one website that the Russians and Chechens would never give each other an ‘easy death’ if they captured the opposition, sticking in my mind most horrificly are the stories of a Chechen female sniper that was captured. The russians tied her to two trucks and ripped her in half – the Russian commander was reported to have said, ‘yes there was lots and lots of blood, but the boys needed it’…..and another of a whole village of Chechens captured and they took each one up to various heights in a helicopter to throw them out, they experimented on the women and children first so they could find an ‘optimum height’ that they would suffer the most and that they were pissed off at the fact that4 women were taken too high on the first runs and died immediately when thrown out!!!…..

    I think the point i’m trying to make is that athough this is easily the most disturbing video on the net – that it is probably nothing compared to what went on every day…

  8. I’ve seen easily over 10,000 videos over the last year, about ? of them being videos just like this one right here. I’ve got to say, that It doesn’t bother me one bit, sure it looks painful, but I can watch anything and lay my head down to sleep the very next minute. I want to be the person who says, I’ve seen it all before, there is nothing in this world that will phase me. I’m only 18, I go to college, I’m a completely normal person, on the surface….. This video, in my opinion, is nothing compared to the beheading of the American civil engineer, Eugene Armstrong.

    1. Yeap. It’s very clear that you are used to all this kinda gore videos, but We are talking of six (6) beheadings here. And when you get to your 21 years of life, since you are used to this get in the army and go to war so you get beheaded too imbecil….

  9. Yes Tyson i agree that people become ‘numb’ to the gore on some of these videos and that ‘you see one you seen em all’ kind of thing, but the thing that really gets me about this video is the sheer fear that those russian conscripts are feeling – they know whats coming, they know they are in their final moments of life….i just can’t imagine the thoughts that must have been with them in those moments – they are crying for their mothers and begging to be spared, the one guy in the blue T shirt tries so hard, he asks for his hands to be tied so he can’t fight back and he is crying for his mother while being stabbed and jabbed and rifle butted until his neck can be exposed…..I honestly think that the last guy must have spent the whole time saying prayers and trying to stay strong not to struggle so his end would some quicker……….for me it’s not the brutality or the blood that makes this chilling – it’s the fear those Chechens put into each boy that disturbs me

    1. Good point; they took pleasure in the the method of killing, psychological terror is added to the pain and the cruelty is horrifying. I would like to extract those muslim soldiers’ eyes one at a time without anaesthetic. Slowly.

  10. My heart goes out to all of them, R.I.P…. that’s just a horrible way to die. I couldn’t nor do I want to, imagine the suffering they went through… and that kid that yelled out for his mom :(… I couldn’t even watch the whole videos… I watched a few seconds of them.


  11. We must kill these muslims in their homes, in their shelters, we should rip their damn offsrpings from their mothers womns with our bare hands, we must hunt them down like animals, we should seek them out in their satanic mosques ‘s . Yes we should become like them even for an instant to revenge these gruesome acts.We should kill muslims everyehere we find them, kill them kill them kill them kill them kill them burn their fucking koran devil book. kill them kill them wipe these insects from our good earth

  12. Wow. Just. Wow. I knew people were horrible.. But hell. This goes too far. Couldn’t even watch the first guy all the way through.. I fell his pain..

    All I can say at this point, is wow.

  13. Thats exactly what i was thinking, there is no way i can even think about what was going through there head. I watch horror movies and laugh but this… just went to far with me. Even reading the discription about how the boy was calling for his mom made me feel sick.

  14. well that was some horrible shit i didnt know about…
    but now i do….

    the last one was totaly fucked up,gid i hate terrorists…

    this kinda shit only needs to be in movies and video games,not real life…

    and again FUCKED UP!!!!

  15. I’d like to make some adjustments here. Those guys were part of a small garrison in that village in Dagestan. According to Russian sources, the terrorists came from neighbour country Chechnya. The whole unit were 250 people, and this particular one which attacked the village were 50. Russian conscripts had a BMP, buried partly as a DOT (a fire point). All of them fought, and the guys we see here are those, who remained alive. After they saw they couldn’t win, they run in the village and people sheltered them, giving them some clothes to change. After that, some of the villagers betrated them, and evntually they got caught. they were really offered POW status before that.

    Some people say all of the participants on that tape are already dead (including the terrorists). That’s actually not true. There are some people dead, another ones are caughts, sued and in gaol for life. But there is still one of them who is free. Not for long, I really hope.

    After the abolishment of the dead penalty in Russia in 1996 animals like these on the tape can not be fired. Insted they are put in gaol for life. I dig a bit to find out about the fate of the “Tractor driver” – atrocity like this must not be left unpunished. It turned out, that this is not the only filmed kill of that murderer. There is another tape, which was made in 1996, where he personally kill 2 soldiers. This was the main evidence for his life long verdict. He was actuallu sued for 38 crimes, including kidnapping of some weastern citizens for ransom. The verdict is executed in 2001, and that guy is now in the one of the 5th “special purpose” prisons, created after the abolisment of the dead penalty for people who deserve that. The tape above is found a year later, in 2002 on a street market in Dagestan.

    The prison is called “The Black D?lphin”. Three prisoners share a cell of 3.6 sq.m. (this is something about 6×6 ft.) Everything is white, exept the cloths, which are black with a red band. The dishes, spoons and the forks are plastic. Every piece of furniture is firmly fixed on the floor. There are no windows, and there are bars, keeping away the prisoners from the door. There are cameras all over the cells and the corridors. On the door there are photos of the prisoners with data on their crimes. There is no sun for the prisoners. The only opportunity to smell the fresh air is during their day-walk, which they have blindholded.

    According to a Canadian psychiatrist, a person put in an evironment like that the first year is trying to get used to that. He lives with his memories and some of the old habits. After that , all from his old life is gone, there are only some pure mechanical actions – eating, shitting, pissing. He becomes like a robot. After a few more years, if still alive and mentally healthy, his internal organs start to fail, one after another and death is fallowed. Theoretically, after 25 years in such a prison the prisoner has the right to apply for amnistion. Practically, he dies far before that.

    All of the above gave me a very little comfort – the atrocity is total. I tried to watch it and listen in the same time. And I turned the sound off immediately. I speak Russian fluently, I was able to undestand every single word. No human being deservs such a fate. Especially these 18-years-old kids. Noone of them wanted to be there on his own will. This was an assignment, a direct order, received from their commanders. They were on their own territiry – they were in Russia. And they were slaughtered like a bunch of pigs.

    @Tyson : Buddy, you need a professional help. Go to see the doctor. You are not a tough guy, you are a psycho. I hope FBI track you and close you in a safe place for atleast 20 years. Else I won’t be supprised if we see your name in the headlines soon- for sloughtering some kids in a school, or something like that. 10,000 movies with brutal violence for a year… you’re really for the psychiatry…

    1. I know it’s been a long time since you posted this, but thank you, dimitar, for your insightful response. It is worth noting that, in situations such as these, there are never any “winners.” The video is horrifying, and, as you said, these kids did not deserve the fate they received.

  16. After several thousand years of Religious, nationalistic incestuous wars nothing has changed.
    From the roman genocides in Gaul to the sacking of Jerusalem, from the Armenian massacres to the Jewish holocaust, mankinds hunger for death and depravity marks him like a ravenous pig feeding off its own entrails.
    So much brutality so little time ! You repugnant little planet ! I have so little time for you now ! I weep for the meek and the brave and I doth pity the truly sefless who have to share their time and space with you.

  17. @Dimitar, thank you my friend for your honest and intriguing insight into this event, i have read lots on it but never knew many of the facts you listed. Some ignorant people that like to comment on here just need to be ignored…its not a ‘terrorist’ act…they are under orders like you said, it’s war and the acts that they commit are revenge acts. I am so glad i cannot understand what they are saying…it would be too much. Thank you for your update on their fates though, im glad they are suffering


  18. I find this very brutal, but you have to understand that most of these people lost family to Russian bombs,this was just a reflex, and sadly kids were in the middle.If russkians or yanks killed my family or friends, you can beat your ass I would seek revenge with a bayonet.

  19. Man…the next time somebody ever calls you a bad person, and tells you that you are going to hell, just tell them you can safely say you are not. Unless you are one of the perpetrators in this vid.

  20. pussy ass terrorists if me and a few of my friends had our sks rifles and mossbergs and we were there we would have shown them what true TERROR is. adolf hitler: terror must be faced with even greater terror.

  21. I wouldn’t say that this was worse than the “Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Murder Guy With Hammer And Screwdriver” video, but nevertheless still incredibly evil. Especially keeping his friends in earshot to give them an idea of what to expect.

  22. Jesus , this was a bad one , its pathetic how these young soldiers were put on their own lke that . Lack of responsability on the part of the Russian “Captains” or whatever thier called …..

  23. You know, I am a veteran of the Chechen war and accidentally went to this site. This video is quite well known to us in Russia it is not the only video of abuse of Muslims over Christians. As for the idiotic stories about the release of Chechen women from helicopter – it is sheer bullshit and lies. We protect the peaceful chechen population from bastards like on this video. I am ashamed for you Americans: you consider themselves Christians, but always protect some frostbitten Muslims!



  25. Fucking moslims no good i hope they get raped by pigs and the universe will deal with their souls thrown in the black hole of eternal oblivion…

  26. this shit is discusting…..how can u even post this…how do think there families feel…i will report you and do every thing in my power to have this site closed….you sick fucks…go fuck urself…and any1 who actually enjoys this shit….FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

  27. All that the Muslims hve brought to this world, is Rape, Murder, and theftof peoples lands. Muslims belevie tha they are the only ones that are saved because they are Muslim. As far as I am concerned Hilter was killing the wrong people. The sooner we wipe out the Muslim Religon the better off we will all be. I love when Muslims try to act like they are the victims. FUCK ALLAH, AND THE REST OF YOU FUCKING RETARDS

  28. this is what the people of the world need to see, so this bullshit about Islam being peacful is a crock of shit. Atleast someone has the balls to show us what we need to really know about Muslims. If it bothered you so much why did you watch it, this is what is going on in the middle east everyday

    1. You’re an idiot. Everyone commits atrocities. Hitler and the Japanese in WWII, Russia has been doing it pretty regularly since the first Second World War, the US in Vietnam, a number of southeast Asian nations. Murder and torture are everywhere, committed by everyone, to say its only Muslims is fuckin ignorant. Some Muslims, yep, but not all. How would you feel if you saw someone blast your childs head off with a high powered rifle while they walked to school? Would want revenge? Depending on what happened, rape of my wife, I might want to take their fuckin head. This is what is happening to Muslims. They are not immune to wanting revenge for their murdered children and raped wives and sisters. Violence only encourages violence. You people calling for all Muslims to be wiped off the planet sound warily similar to the Muslims who call for wiping the US or Israel from the planet. You guys have a lot more in common then you know! Maybe all you beasts could come together and form a new religion: the Church of Hate, Violence and Revenge!

      As for this video, very disturbing and horrifying. I don’t understand how people can treat living, thinking, feeling beings this way.

      1. I agree with you.
        I could add to what you wrote up here as following:
        the idea of that if a christian has killed some 70 teenagers just out of hate, he is not treated as a Christian Terrorist, rather than a retarded or a murderer or a guy with issue. But when a Muslim kills another not Muslim, people accused him of being a terrorist and they put everything on the religion, as if the religion (Islam) is forcing them to do so. Crusades (pure religious war !!) were as brutal as US invasion to Iraq.
        And as you said, if revenge is considered a right for everyone, why shouldn’t Chechen or Asians have such a right.
        Russians and Americans back since the WW1 and WW2 where cruelly killing their enemies out of pure political reasons.

        Let’s not forget the racist behavior of white Americans against Africans who in USA should have the complete right as US Citizens.

        Finally, I should say this I am not accusing anyone of being racist, as I have read a lot of racist comments everywhere specifically against Muslims, Mexicans, Africans, Asians, as if the one writing the comment is innocent.

        However, I don’t give any right to take revenge in the way we see in this and similar videos….

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