Dead ISIS Mujaheddin Beheaded by Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq

Dead ISIS Mujaheddin Beheaded by Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq

Popular Mobilization Forces (Al-Hashd Al-Shaa’bi) are a militia of volunteer Shiite soldiers who are not members of the Iraqi army. They formed to counter the Islamic State threat in Iraq.

In this video, Al-Hashd Al-Shaa’bi behead a dead ISIS mujaheddin. The first guy is having troubles getting through the spine, so another one takes over and gets it done with quickly.

Props to Best Gore member @Amer-the-adventurerz for the video:

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    1. If it had been the other way around and ISIS had one of them, they wouldn’t waste the good meat. Strip him naked and hang him by his feet. Cut off the head just to drain the blood, then skin and gut the carcass. Then the meat cutting begins and… Dinner!

      1. These boys are the true soldiers defending their land and country. You don’t see them hiding their faces may God give you strength. The only thing wrong is them citing Muhammed (sav) name when beheading because his own grandson Hazreti Huseyin was beheaded after his whole family (including a new born baby) and travelling caravan was firstly surrounded, cut off from water for days and then slaughtered; all 72 souls in Kerbela, Iraq.

    2. THAT towel head was already dead. I have seen enough Beheadings to notice the lack of blood and gasping sound when the throat is cut. Anyway fuck all them sand niggers as long as there are killing there own i don’t give a fuck! USA USA USA.

  1. Shia militia and Isis is still on their Who is the Most Barbaric Violence fucking Extremist Ever Exist in the World Competition.
    Fuck them all.
    They really giving all Muslim bad name, reputation, and they have spoil Islam from within.
    True Muslim will never do what they fed us everyday,
    May Allah punish all u fucking apes with severe punishment and nice burn in Hell.

    1. Isn’t that what muslims are instructed to do – to effectively be wolves in sheep’s clothing? To swear they are peaceful, kind and tolerant – and to lay low until it’s time to rise up and conquer all the non-muslims.

      You may be a really nice person. But for my own personal safety, I don’t trust any muslims nor their soft rhetoric. We know what muslims are all about now, and I for one won’t let my guard down.

      1. My buddy is Muslim, but he thinks religion has caused so much pain and suffering that he turned his back on his. he says that the Quran like the bible is so full of holes and crap he just can’t do it anymore. So now he believes in nothing and his happier for it.

      2. sorry xizang but you is the best example here, the puppeteer have succeed to put in earthling mind that Islam=terrorist,barbaric,violence,murderer.
        Whoever is the mastermind, they are Lucifer in human form.
        Isis make people hate Islam, Sunni community, and majority of population in Syria is Sunni.
        Hatred against Sunni will make massacre and random bombing, indiscriminate shelling on their town and village legal.
        The ultimate main event, world superpower can launch airstrikes and bomb on them, on Sunni populated area.

        1. ISIS succeeded in polluting people mind to believe what Isis practice there, in Syria and Libya is Islam doctrin.
          The fact is no, Muslim cannot kill Christian that refuse to convert to Islam.
          If they really using Al Quran statement in every killing why this Quran verse not use by them, ” for you your religion and for me mine”, surah al Kaafirun.
          and Xizang for your information most of Muslim country ban Isis, and their member is hunt by law, recruiting young and naive Muslim by manipulating people mind to believe their fight is a divine and if they die in Syria war they are martyr.

          1. That’s why I support the ones who have always respected the Christians. That’s why I respect the Syrian government and Russia’s support of them. But I do know the verses I’ve seen from the Quran that tells muslims to lie, cheat, steal, rape and do anything they want to all non-muslims. If it’s in their holy book then it’s there for all muslims to follow.

      3. You are absolutely right never ever trust a Muslim…they are taught to hate and kill non-believers it’s the moderates who simply don’t follow the teachings but you better believe they believe the false pig King allah…I wipe my ass with pages from the Koran and that’s for real I’m on my 3rd copy and yes by the way you must moisten the pages or it can burn…

        1. How soon you forget! before 9/11 happened, remember its a false flag attack, was any of this happening? The saddest thing is it’s been 14 years and to the new generation all of this is “normal” as in its a part of everyday life now. When will it end? People talk about world war 3 starting but FYI this is WW3 and I hope I can see it end and we have peace again during my lifetime…

      4. I don’t see people of other religions making it a thing of theirs to go around and cut heads off, especially dead people wtf, that’s just necrophilia shit right there. Muslims gives themselves a bad name just by being Muslims. Fucking bunch of goat fucking primitives is all they are. Arabs were actually fairly advanced until Islam came along, same as they way Christianity thwarted science in the West.

        1. wah hahaha, amer i cannot just shut up, i am not an Isis fan, i just feel sorry for these brainless beast in Isis and Shit militia, after commiting so much heinous crime and killing they themselves wont be a normal human being anymore,

          Thy can thought, give bad name to Islam, to Muslim, do anything you want with Quran, i dont give a damn about it.

          Just take a look for yourself, watch we Muslim in other country, we just living our life.
          We dont care what your faith, what your god, what your skin colour, treat people the way you want to be treat.

          Isis and Shitmen just a bunch of psycopath in Muslim world,
          White people also have some fucker sob, other religion also have their fanatic lunatic prick.
          Thats all,
          Peace to all non Jew

    2. When I look at the middle east, all I see is a race that was once the Bastian of knowledge in the world. The Arabs, Persians etc.. aren’t like the blacks who seem racially programmed to act like animals. As far as I can tell, Islam is a poison.

    1. Even the dead guy had all new gear. The guy at the end had a brand new white cell phone ear bud/microphone. Someone’s equipping both sides. I wonder who’s paying for it all? Silly me: of course, it’s the American taxpayers.

      1. **The guy at the end had a brand new white cell phone **
        Three qualifications to be a Muslim militia are:-
        1. iPhone
        2. AK 47
        3. Knife.
        @xizang, if you’ve observed in most videos, these guys are always equipped with the above mentioned items.

    1. Hey @Blason, I can honestly say, I too, would feel revulsion, but I know I wouldn’t scream or cry at the sight of a murdered person. Of course I’d be terrified that the killer was still in the area…. 🙁

        1. @blason, I guess I was thinking more of finding a dead, obviously murdered person, inside a house. I would definitely run for my life outside, lol. I read too much true crime for my own good! As a reading topic, it’s my favourite. 😉

          1. Depends on who likely killed him. I mean, if it was a muslim or looter that had been shot, then there would be no worry as I would have killed him too. It might be interesting to go through the dead guy’s pockets and see what there was worthwhile. If it’s a looter, bury him out back. If a muslim, feed him to the hogs. Turning muslims into pig shit is the best way of dealing with them.

      1. I’ve never happened upon a murdered person but I have had someone die while trying to give them CPR. He didn’t stand a chance. It was a widow maker heart attack. I just remember seeing that life leave his eyes. He was a stranger but I still felt compassion for the poor guy.

        1. @blason, at least you tried to save his life, good on you. You probably felt terrible later on, you went through an experience that can really make you stop and reflect. I hope you have good people in your life that commended you for trying, 🙂

    1. I’ve wondered that too. I think it’s when anything metal comes into contact with the spinal cord down the center of the spine. But it seems to last only a few minutes until it’s dead forever.

      1. its brain-stem activity y’all thinking of. And it is “sodium” (salt) that “conducts” the electrical impulses in the stories that you have heard of things “twitching”.

        brain death is similar to anaesthesia. vision goes blurry then nothing (that you are aware of – respiration may become agonal but you not aware of it) . There are no angels, no light at the end of a tunnel. that is it. end of. full stop. no holy books or verses. no men in beards. no women in beards. no virgins, clouds, heaven or hell. no gates, or people you used to know. No children that have passed, nor parents or friends that have passed before you.

        It’s just black.

        The greatest comfort you can bring to someone in this mode of life (death is a part of life) is to hold their hand. And let them know they are loved.

        When the time comes – they will know their holy books and men in robes were lies, just like the candle and the moon. So comfort them.

    1. Armies have always done that sort of stuff to their conquered enemy. The Egyptians did that as well as the ancient Hebrews in the Bible – both of which typically cut off the penises and brought them back as gifts to the Phaorah or the King, and as evidence of how many they really killed. The Egyptian Army would typically bring back a huge pile of thousands of severed penises.

        1. @user10, so? I liked that bit of info by @xizang.
          Also your right about the date, it’s 2015 and look, people are still chopping each others heads off. Time is irrelevant when it comes to human/religious brutality.

    1. I am. That’s what I miss about the Mexican drug cartel videos. I especially love the cartel films where they have a naked guy hanging upside down and they start cutting off pieces of him – sometimes starting with the penis and balls – while the dude’s still alive. Makes great entertainment!

  2. These so called Al-Hashd Al-Shaa?bi are just mere cowards. How the fuck to you behead a dead person who is lifeless and unconscious? Even if this means revenge, this is total bullshit…..Maybe they are doing beheading practicals, who knows.

    1. @african
      You asked “how the fuck to you behead a dead person who is lifeless and unconscious?
      The answer is: you use a very sharp knife.
      I hope this answers your question.
      Now run along and decapitate someone. Remember, use sharp knife.

    2. It’s to punish him in the afterlife. For some reason they equate physical form with soul-form. mooslimes are just that fucking stupid.

      Sidenote: For all the hatred these mooslimes have for the jews, they sure ain’t doing much jew wacking.

  3. As far as I understoud; they have to severe the head from the body because some retarded say its in the quran.
    Kafirs (non believers) have to be beheaded.
    That is the great thing about religion: just fill in the way you prefer.
    Fuck religion (and every thing else also by the way) 😉

    1. as a Muslim myself i cannot find that in Al Quran and for your information, Muslim,, true Muslim will never commit all the shit Isis an shit militia do in all their sickening bastard fucking inhuman kind of torture and killing method.
      They are totally fucked up. Isis and Shitmen using Islam to make Islam look worst,
      9/11 not enough for the mastermind to make Islam bad, they want Muslim irrelevant to this word.
      They want a real Holocaust, but it is Muslim Holocaust.
      Peace to all non Jew.

      1. @tuahantizion, can you explain why a group of 100’s, even 1000’s of every day Muslims attacked and beat a woman accused of burning a copy of the Quran? It’s only a paper book, why does it’s destruction incite the average, law abiding Muslim, such as yourself, into a frenzy. The poor woman in question, her family said she never would have done such a thing, so it was probably just gossip? But even if it were true, do you understand how backward thinking it looks to outsiders, to see Muslims rioting, beating a lady to death in the streets, over a copy of a book?

      2. [email protected]
        True Muslim, false Muslim still the same shit.
        Anyone that believes that there is a celestial father looking out for you is deluting him\her self.
        All religions are man made. You can tell that is man made because all you see in the these books are commandments to make you serve the assholes: priests, reverends, mullahs, popes, imans…

        If you come across books created by any religion, burn it!

    2. Pretty sure the Quran says NOT to kill, murder, maim, or mutilate. It also says not to mutilate the dead, in this case beheading them. I did a simple google search and found this out.

        1. Sorry mate, these people just too fanatic, extremist, they just simply find word in Koran, making it relevant with what they claim fighting for, to attract more naive and easily to brainwash guy joining them.
          The people rioting and kill women only by accusation is just sick, fucking killer wannabe.
          Sorry all I just thought its unfair to condemned all Muslim because of Isis, Shitmen, Pakis doing.

          If all Muslim in the world really accept what they say doctrinate in Quran can we imagine how it gonna be, how many billion ISIS?

        2. Ironically enough their are so many distorted views on Islam it’s crazy. I once read that the Alevi Muslims have orgies once they blow out the candles and claim it’s part of their religion. Meanwhile the Quran says not to commit Adultery. But then again I wouldn’t expect a bunch of village idiots to know how to read, let alone comprehend what someone else had written down. It’s like the kikes who created Zionism.

          1. And please excuse me being an illiterate twat today. I’m on phone and spell check is riding my ass.

    1. C’mon @the dre Brother

      whether dead or alive that’s not the way to feel pleased and be happy about chopping someone’s throat . For the dead anywhere they all must
      at least think of giving a decent burial .
      It isn’t stopping here .
      if the the ones who are at it if caught alive will either have a tank smoosh them over or be left beheaded or cut to half.
      By the way How have ya been doing of late
      mate .

          1. @Judy
            what’s nose is gotta do being nosey walking doors before her walking in .
            She’s a sweet heart like ya and I know ya have come to accept her photobombed, shopped , morphed or whatever she may look to be Lol
            That’s Shoahshana
            the smart ass

    1. The way they get run off by ISIS I think they’re too afraid of the live ones…so they kick prod beat and be-head the dead ones to maybe convince themselves that these guy’s aren’t so tough after all…fuckin barbaric fucks every last one of them.

    1. actually i like the style of the knife.
      dat sort of kids camo color on grip and blue steel blade.
      pretty nice knife, but absolutly not create for survival, war or any specific thing other than decoration or cook. :p

  4. With any luck, I’ll have a chance to try beheading a few myself. When they start pushing their way around in the States, I will be one of those pushing back, and I have some great ideas I’ve learned from watching the Mexican drug cartel videos. Can’t wait!

  5. The dead sand nigga put up a good fight. He was not going to let his head get taken away that easily. He put up a brave fight against those two head hunters. But in the end, he was too weak to mount an assault against his attackers and he went quietly into that long good night. We will miss his heroic stand.

  6. Saw a special on bbc about real vampires in Romania and England the towns people would desecrate dead body’s that were bloated and bloody in the mouth..( (cause they sucked there poor victims of there blood)) so they would dig up dead body’s from graves and decapitated and stick stakes through their hearts and then give the victim the blood of the desecrated boudy to drink and the blood letting would end then…but these poor sand niggers I don’t think they vampires..yella ! Yella !

  7. The Russians are taking over where the Knights Templar left off during the Crusades. Back then, they only killed 5 million or so. Hopefully, the Russians will take out far more muslims that aren’t Christian tolerant.

  8. Im not sure I buy into the US connection with ISIS, but even if we were involved, how come it is so easy to get these people to do such things? At least blacks have the “poverty” excuse. But Arabs cannot claim any such bias, it seems like Islam is just pure poison.

    1. Zbigniew Brzezinski. Research this guy and you’ll learn all you need to know about the creation of the mujahideen against the Soviet Union and, what was to later become, The Taliban, Al Quaida, and ISIS. Obama needed a proxy.

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