Dead Man Beheaded and Dismembered with Extremely Dull Machete

Dead Man Beheaded and Dismembered with Extremely Dull Machete

I don’t have much of a backstory with this video. I believe they’re speaking Portuguese, so this could very well be from Brazil.

The video is of the beheading of a male corpse using an extremely dull machete. Parts of the corpse are dismembered when the beheading starts, but upon its conclusion, remaining attached limbs are cut off too.

Unfortunately, it’s another video that was filmed vertically.

Props to Best Gore @refuse2renig for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Dead Man Beheaded and Dismembered with Extremely Dull Machete”

  1. I laughed when one of them said “we can now make a barbecue with it…” πŸ˜† Next time they should just bring a saw or something. I couldnt understand what they ment with certain stuff… brazilian dialect can be so hard to make any sense from portuguese… 😐

      1. Yes! There’s something so disturbing when you see a dead guy being cut up like that.
        Maybe I watched too many Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies growing up. It always makes me feel like they’re really going to cook and eat it. *Shudders.

        1. The heart is not pumping so the blood pools in the ‘lowest’ parts of the body. I.e. the buttocks, upper back, etc. There would be little blood leakage in post mortem decapitation and dismemberment unless you were to say… hang the corpse upside down and let the blood drain out.

  2. I was distracted for about the first few seconds of the video. I started watching right about the point where the chopping began. For a second I was confused because I literally couldn’t see the guy doing the cutting. Then I noticed that gold ring and the lines on the track suit and immediately realized that it wasn’t a guh guh guh ghost, just a nigger.

  3. Next what the “Beheader ” needs to do is to Season it with salt and pepper and sprinkle lightly with thyme. In a very large skillet, heat the olive oil until shimmering.
    Add the chops and garlic and cook over moderately high heat until the chops are browned on the bottom, about 3 minutes.
    and there he will have his piping hot meal for a day

    He can leave the head chop to the wolves /street dogs.

    Why but the corpse’s Dick went unchopped will remain a mystery ? until Sherlock Holmes finds out .

  4. The guy had a nice clean haircut, probably said bye to his girl r family within a handful of hours before. Now this brutal murder comes down on him by people he probably had some sort of connection with. You never know when you walk out your front door what will happen. One thing I won’t do is rip off drug dealers. That’s a one way ticket to misery.

  5. people are just plain ass crazy, do they crave special attention or what? there not to smart an axe or saw that thing was a long piece of crap with no edge at all. i see this and im glad i got alot of ammo, each day another jeffery dahmer appears. the biggest issue these things and people may cross our path or be your neighbor then what? society best wake up and know when and how to use leathel force, not me you say? i hate guns you say? there what keep bad guys away when a light is on. gun laws prevent you or i the ability to protect our self and those we love . protect our right to bear arms, bad guys dont care about laws they steal guns and sadly take life. the world we live in gets worse each day, if able get concealment licence you may need it and all whom carry make thiefs and bad guys nervous. all it takes to allow bad people to succeed is to do nothing. i didnt claim to own that saing but its worded differantly but its very true. isis and who knows the next group to come. its sad such things exist but they do. i got dogs mace sun gun and guns i hope i never need to use them.

  6. Damn that machete was dull the sound of all that sawing was nice and the chops sounded like somebody ass getting smacked. Violence to sex conversion intra-racial anal gangbang dry dull non -enthusiastic fucking seen much more enthusiastic performers.

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