Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia – Decapitation by Sword

Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia - Decapitation by Sword

Quality of this video isn’t the best, but you can still clearly see what is happening. It’s Saudi Arabian death penalty by decapitation in action.

Not much information is known on this video so I can only really hope the condemned to be a murder or a rapist. Location wise it could be “Deera Square, central Riyadh” (known locally as “Chop-chop Square”) or it could just be in a prison somewhere in Saudi Arabia as you see the shadow of a razor wire fence early in the video.

The execution itself happens at the one minute mark where you can see a swift strike to the back of the neck by the sword wielding executioner. My personal favourite part of the video is when the limp body flops to the ground and you see the blood just flow all over the now enriched soil. The video ends with the ambulance arriving and paramedics in yellow uniforms preparing to take the body away.

Mexico needs to either; step up their game, sharpen their machetes or invest in swords if they want to try and compete with Saudi Arabian executioners:

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69 thoughts on “Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia – Decapitation by Sword”

  1. That is the way I would like to see executions carried out in the US. Get it over with in 2 seconds. No electricity used, no injection necessary and its spectator friendly too. Its a win win in my book. As a bonus the victims family can use the head for a lawn decoration..

    1. I’m with you on that. US would be in better shape with all the money they save. So much tax payers money is spent to keep them alive. Why? Just get it over with so we can spend that much needed money elsewhere.

      1. USA is a western country, its in the western hemisphere, and Canada is apart of the european whatever club, thats why they have that old bitch on all their money. And comparing the two together is dumb as shit, Canada is a happy mellow nerf football compared to the USA, there’s way more violent crime here that deserves the chopping block. I’ve been to Canada several times, the only thing you have to worry about is getting robbed by a grizzly bear.

        1. Canada might be part of the Francophony or the Commonwealth but we are independent from the Crown. The Crown has no power whatsoever over Canada. Even the governor general, the Crown representative in Canada, is just a figure without any real power. It is just there as an arrogant reminder of where we come from… and it costs taxpayers a lot of money.

  2. That’s what they are supposed to do. Take the head off in one cut. They consider what they are doing is right but they have a professionalism and it’s also supposed to be part of their religion that they take the head of cleanly. Back in Europe in the old days in the later days of capital punishment a hangman would feel disgraced if he miscalculated the drop and the person ended up decapitated or didn’t die a clean death by a broken neck.

  3. It was hard to tell, but I think that was the official Saudi executioner, Muhammad Saad al- Beshi. One of the things he’s famous for saying is ” I sleep very well…I live a normal life like everyone else.”
    The cartels are about torture. As an executioner, this man is not.
    Thank you @Hardy_XD

    1. I think you are correct, and as much as I disagree with most everything from the middle east, I hold no grudge against this man. He does not decide who lives or dies, but he does due dilligence to ensure those condemned recieve a quick death. He is the polar opposite of the terrorist jihadist.

    1. Unlike in America I seriously doubt inmates in Saudi Arabia have an endless supply of appeals. The median cost to execute an inmate in the US is $2.3 million. Most of that comes from court costs from those appeals. The actually drug used in a lethal injection execution only costs about $84.
      For once maybe the Saudi Arabia way is the better way. Plus, you can never go wrong with a public execution.
      Can’t wait for jury duty…

  4. These are one of the closest friends and allies to U.S origin from Middle East. And still they got the guts to judge Syria, Iran and Iraq for not having democracy, and should be military intervened thereby. Hypocrisy of the West at its finest, I must add.

  5. I wish they would quit with the background public announcements; they make it sound like a railway station, ‘the next be-heading will arrive in approximately 5 minutes, please keep clear of the man with the sword and mind your necks when boarding the train’.

  6. Too bad Saudi Arabia doesn’t offer tourist visas… I would gladly visit just to witness an execution. One of my friends who worked in Saudi told me that during these executions, they make the non-muslims stand in front as it serves as an insult to the person to be executed as those are the people that he/she will see before death.

  7. ok, now. this man has been condemned and executed by his muslim peers for some grievance. but if the executed is still a faithful practiciner of the law, then despite his execution will he still be rewarded his 72 white-skinned houri? i’m using their word because “virgin” seems to be a bit of a misnomer. i think they just mean them to be pure, heavenly beings not necessarily “untouched” women/girls.
    enlighten me/us?

  8. At the end the guy was yelling ” Forgiveness !! forgiveness !! NO NO NO NO NO NO !! Bam head chop !!
    basically the laws in Saudi states that if the rapist / murderer gets the forgiveness of the Victims family he wouldn’t be executed. that is why he was yelling forgiveness !!!
    Me <——- Arabic – french linguist.

  9. Muslims, having beheaded so many that they have it down to a precise science. This evidently gives testament to the efficiency of the message that such punishments intend to convey, thousands of years of beheadings should let them know of the punishment. Watch, that guy won’t rape that girl tomorrow.

  10. Damn did he just 1 hand that? He did that like a boss its pathetic to see Mexicans,FSA terrorists,and other arabs struggling to get the job done when you can just do it with 1 hand like this surgeon did.

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