Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore

Representing MGTOW on Trans Atlantic Flight

Representing MGTOW on Trans Atlantic Flight

Ladies and Gents, today our website celebrates 10 years of existence. That’s a decade of kicking major butts, and getting prosecuted, persecuted, witch-hunted and smeared for it. The butts we’ve been kicking have been of monstous size, so it figures someone would get upset.

You’d think I’d have something big to say for our 10th birthday, but the fact is – I don’t. Nevertheless, even though the post commemmorating our major milestone will be short of words, it will contain the most important thing I could possibly say. Nothing else has any value in the light of it” Thank you, guys. Thank you so much for standing by me for so many years and being the real reason why the website kicks so much butt.

I don’t get to say this nearly enough so let me say it again – Motherfucking thank you, guys. I’m lucky because I have you. I could not have asked for a better group of badasses to share the journey through life with, and you’ve shared it with me for a decade. There is nothing I could be grateful for more on our 10th anniversary, than our S.O.B.’s.

Short Tech Update

The ongoing success of Best Gore has required another server upgrade, which was performed last week. Over the course of the last year, there has been more activity on Best Gore than ever in its history. All this writing and reading from the database worked our previous server really hard, causing growing occurrences of Nginx 404 Errors. So I bumped the server up again, and this time also invested in a software upgrade in the form of a superior server caching system called LiteSpeed. The site has been running pretty well since.

I have a few more important upgrades to do in the coming weeks, but have been preoccupied refocusing on my self-discovery lately, so it’ll be a slow and steady, as opposed to hasty and rash progress.

Once again and again again – Thanks a lot for 10 years of being the BEST!


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

224 thoughts on “Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore”

    1. Yes we have….. I should have been a mortician makeup artist. Gore death does not bother me. I have been exposed to a lot of shit on this site that does not bother me. I must be the original freak.

      1. Here here!! Well said, well said… I love kitty cats and helping people who deserve it and this website for showing me a window on the world which most of the rest of the internet will not show… this is a window of reality right here that will show you just what could happen if you’re not paying attention… Life happens pretty fast sometimes , and if you’re not paying attention you could miss it …but trust and believe, if you’re not paying attention sometimes it won’t miss you…*devilish grin*. I still remember the first bestgore video I ever saw… Picture of car you are driving down the freeway with a double Split over overpass and suddenly a Mercedes flies over the barrier right through your windshield in the video you think you’re dead

    1. Say It In Plaster!

      That’s right, the full-force hurricanes he was in……. just as he thought one was finally over…. then it REALLY started to begin!!!! Eeerie & chhillllingg….. a series of posts on the spot….. Best was a near goner….. we’d woulda’ missed this old site……

      Get a chance to leave handprints in the cement….. or play X & O’s anytime! xo

    1. Many happy tenth. I was a silent lurker for twelve years before i decided to sign up, yes, i was actually here before mark. (That’s a joke for all those dickheads who always say” i was a silent lurker Blah blah blah”)

    1. who remembers feeling a strange vibrational heaviness around 2012 / 2013? it was almost like a real dense dark atmosphere that was covering the earth at that time, lots of brutal violence and crazy political uprisings/movements worldwide? it was almost like the planet was undergoing a psychotic episode. i think since that time there has been a massive rise in consciousness so i think whatever evil that rules humanity in the shadows sensed that something was coming that spelt turbulence for them and upped the darkness and violence to try and curtail the rise in awareness, and it also affected us as humans and made us all go abit crazy as the change in frequency was pretty big and drastic. i remember watching the crazy shit going on nearly everyday but i also felt a change in how there were cracks of light shining on all humanity at that time, like two opposite forces crackling and merging. and you cant deny since 2013 there has been a massive rise in consciousness.

      1. Yet I don’t pick that vib up here much. Every one is too scared to be labeled a what ever to say the subtle things they may be thinking of that’s not band wagon.You piss me off Mark but I love this site and you do make me think.

  1. Let me just say this….. this request of WWWebBoard upgrade processes, as it were….. when the site owned and run by André had this identical WebBoard style, black back-drop and login-in and headline posts for threads branching out….. there was a distinct high-lite of new comments unviewed by previous on-line, ie. you could scroll down quickly and any newer commemts by other posters would be highlighted to view……. that was 18 years ago, Andrè has since disabled any WebBoard a few years back….. at Web-site ‘ere I recognized immediately the identical WebBoard….. but that white highlight is missing….. but may be just viewing over cell screen is not programmed in the down scrolling…..

    Ne’er tried viewing on comp. ot laptop….. may try an internet cafè and see the differences in viewing on a broader screen….

    Will you be doing any duck hunting this Spring, @happy, in your time off….. that’s what’s up on vacation again…..

    You think if anyone needs a vacation, may be an on-line internet WWW gore site admin……

    You should go to Canada for a vacation…. Home Away From Home…..

      1. Is that French? Andrè is ass cancer for disabling his site link to the Cobain WebBoard…. just saying to scroll down here is time-consuming to figure which new replies are to threads, there is no high-light of a new reply…..

        Alright, dickweed…. go check old posts even from a few years back if you want, anyone can add comments ANYTIME!! And new replies to old comments….. But how the heck can ya’ go check back later on threads to see for sure quickly highlighted what is new reply to a thread….. already is progress from whenever….. it is the identical board….. but not that high-light option.

        Point is, if doing overhaul, what about adding that optional tool to the messages….. simple.

        The ONLY THING I see resembling the option is the menu on the scroll page below “Latest Comments” …. but only the latest 5 showing….. no list available….. guy could reply to something from 2 years, but gotta be on-line when it is posted to see the “Latest Comments” menu…. always changing!

        1. C’mon man. My insurance won’t cover this second dose of chemo.
          TBH…I was just busting your chops. Didn’t know they were already tenderized.
          You have a good evening.

          1. Enjoy the chemo…. and the THC from your medicine later….. enjoy the pork chops tonite….. you’ll get your appetite back! Anyone who knows Nirvana knows K.C. was into gore and collecting doll fetuses and plastic abortions and body parts in and out…… etc. etc. Ain’t it funny that both use the same WebBoard…. just Mark mentioned Upgrades to the site and server are still not complete….. I just request the highlighter…..

            Click to Edit – 2 minutes and 52 seconds

          2. Danaconda ….. I can’t yet post in Forums, new members logged-in have to wait a certain amount of time before posting in Forums….. so would have mentioned their in Site Topics but can’t post…..

            That might be another uograde that needs overhaul is the FORUMS section….. limited posts….. people and members cannot access to comment or reply on threads…… speed up waiting period….. it wasn’t limited in the previous years….. no waiting period….. lots of others complained too…. waiting a year….

      1. @its ….. The post by Vinny is 2-Parts
        ….. i,) Happy #10 Years Young; and, ii,) he makes references to the upgrades and down server as upgrades to site continue….. I was just making further request to add the on-going work to the board itself, not just the site domain.

  2. thanks to you Mark for doing this .. I have visited many pages of this style and honestly this is the only one I have stayed in, I like the people that are here, and the style that you give to the page. Congratulations !!! and for many more years !!!

  3. j’ai découvert le site avec la vidéo de rocco magnota depuis je suis 1 fidèle meme si je me suis inscrit que tout récemment from France for Mark and the team Best Gore happy birthday and more of blood, serial killer, cartel, killer of… 10 years of fun and gore

  4. Happy 10th anniversary, Mark.

    Well done for keeping it going so strong and for so long.
    Truly one of the most addictive sites around. Whether you’re into reading witty comments, or seeing blood and guts, or scientific/political debates, or just being a troll, Best Gore has something for everyone.

    Excellent work!!

    1. Wow, nice to see an old head. empty… events like this bring out the lurkers. not to start a big dick convention, but I’m curious as to who is still lurking from the beginings…stench, graug, uli, coco. medex, Johnson, jesus, sam, white chapel…am I the last one left?

  5. Dammit. I nearly went blind from the glare of a wax head aboard an enemy Bombardier, it clears up, and what the fobuck it’s just Mark mugging for the camera.

    Hey, Mark, 10 years of sticking it to the Sows of Sophistry. Wow. Congrats.

    When’s your book coming out?

  6. Mark – I love you brother! Thanks for creating our BG family!

    I love that shirt by the way! Lol you have a talent for expressing your views in a funny way and I enjoyed it since the first day I came to the site. You are one special man!

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