Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore

Representing MGTOW on Trans Atlantic Flight

Representing MGTOW on Trans Atlantic Flight

Ladies and Gents, today our website celebrates 10 years of existence. That’s a decade of kicking major butts, and getting prosecuted, persecuted, witch-hunted and smeared for it. The butts we’ve been kicking have been of monstous size, so it figures someone would get upset.

You’d think I’d have something big to say for our 10th birthday, but the fact is – I don’t. Nevertheless, even though the post commemmorating our major milestone will be short of words, it will contain the most important thing I could possibly say. Nothing else has any value in the light of it” Thank you, guys. Thank you so much for standing by me for so many years and being the real reason why the website kicks so much butt.

I don’t get to say this nearly enough so let me say it again – Motherfucking thank you, guys. I’m lucky because I have you. I could not have asked for a better group of badasses to share the journey through life with, and you’ve shared it with me for a decade. There is nothing I could be grateful for more on our 10th anniversary, than our S.O.B.’s.

Short Tech Update

The ongoing success of Best Gore has required another server upgrade, which was performed last week. Over the course of the last year, there has been more activity on Best Gore than ever in its history. All this writing and reading from the database worked our previous server really hard, causing growing occurrences of Nginx 404 Errors. So I bumped the server up again, and this time also invested in a software upgrade in the form of a superior server caching system called LiteSpeed. The site has been running pretty well since.

I have a few more important upgrades to do in the coming weeks, but have been preoccupied refocusing on my self-discovery lately, so it’ll be a slow and steady, as opposed to hasty and rash progress.

Once again and again again – Thanks a lot for 10 years of being the BEST!


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

224 thoughts on “Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore”

    1. Happy anniversary BEST GORE !
      Mark: Congratulation on surviving many battles and the trial and tribulations you’ve gone through for us.

      I consider myself a “serious” student (social and behavioral scientist) of violent human behavior and Best Gore is one very important source of this kind of graphic “raw” data.

      I have learned so much about humans and myself that I did not expect. All to the good, BTW. I now look at we humans in different ways than before.
      Thanks for all you’ve done!

  1. Mark, you are the man bro. I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again. I often don’t agree with you on some topics, but I will fight right next to you in support of YOUR RIGHT to free speech. I have actually learned a lot from you and others on this site. It helped me open my mind towards attitudes and beliefs that are so different from mine. And I was able to engage with you and others to get to understand their point of view. And in exchange, I hope that people were able to understand mine as well. This site is the most brutally honest and straightforward place I have ever been on the net. People can say exactly what’s on their minds and I appreciate that.

    I hope to be here for quite a while. While I may not comment as much as I used to, I still lurk around and take in a lot of information. I wish you the best in your quest to find yourself and hope you find peace and happiness at the end of your journey. Take care bro.

  2. May the Bestgore ship keep sailing on, in the deepest shallows, as she holds steady through the rising fall of the damned .Feel the blood sprays sprinkle you, with the salty open wound oceans as the screams of the suffered seas tear open the sails, which deafens yet almost whispers in your ears and down your spine that finally stops your heart. Her hull is beaten, the timber is rotting but won’t be broken soon, a mast reaches high but somehow braces barely to the sways in the storm and all but broken, but she will not bow she presses on. Kicking up dust and guts , drinking the tears of death itself, and on she floats into the distant haze and fog ever closer to the light house that we must keep inside.

  3. Congratz 10 years ; well done Mark! (cool pic by the way^^)
    you have run well BESTGORE since those years indeed 🙂
    even if you had hard times (like crazy hurricane’s and other crazy moment’s) and you have succeed … that’s make you a guy with ball’s (don’t change) but hey take care of you at the same time ….we never know when a flip-flop can fall on our head’s 😉
    thanks also to staff and all the members and all those who like BESTGORE near or far !

    Spot on : Long live to BESTGORE!!!
    Thanks Mark.


  4. Thank you for opening the eyes of myself 10 years ago. Thank you for opening the eyes of others. Without you and this community of people who believe in the truth and don’t want to be blind folded from real life will keep opening eyes with or without their approval. I know you may not be proud to say your from Canada but as a fellow Canadian who had your back from day 1. Thank you Mark and much love to you…I wasn’t gonna say I love you …because that would be kinda gay and wierd

    1. I think they recruited a new PUN-ter.
      It’s all good though. There’s a spot on the roster for a halfBACK if your half Mexican.
      You’re still my favorite spinkter.

  5. Happy Decaversary!! I’m glad this website exists, cause honestly if it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t be as aware about my surroundings as I am today. I’ve learned a lot from crawling around this site just as much as the rest of us, and I am tremendously grateful for your efforts to keep the site running. Best of luck in the following weeks, months and years.

  6. looks like a gnome may have chewed up my original comment. who remembers the gnomes from 6/7 years back on BG ? they were right nibbly little terrors they chewed up many a comment and gorians would lose the plot. ahhh nostalgia. lets hope we are still here on the 20th anniversary.

  7. I have always enjoyed this site. Not just for the gore but for the people who come here and comment. Thank you for the education, entertainment and most of all our community of SOB’s and those who shall become SOB’s.

  8. Love Best Gore…. always been a fly on the wall looking at all the awesome videos for years, but just recently decided to create my screen name and become sociable on here. Nothing close comes to this site. I appreciate the dedication.

  9. Normally I’d say loyalty is for suckers, but this place has given me another reason to live after my last one died abruptly and unexpectedly. (Not a person). I don’t want to lose this place, I can’t go through the desperation and hopelessness of losing my reason to live ever again. I sobbed and wailed for hours after my first reason to live had ended. I don’t want to go through that here. Please, fight for this site! Right for all the people here, right for people who want the truth, for the sadists and masochists, for the depressed and oppressed, for people whose will to live is centered here. I know that if you leave us, if you ever give up, if you ever fail, then you didn’t try hard enough. Keep this running for everyone and NEVER, EVER, GIVE UP! We all love you and most of us need you, some even depend on you as a will to live! Never leave us, please.

  10. Happy Anniversary. May God bless this website for years to come. I first stumbled upon this page totally on accident and I was fucking shocked. But definitely curious. It made my stomach hurt seeing mother fuckers getting their heads chopped off but after a while it was nothing. Ive seen another side of humanity that we must always watch out for. I always think to myself…these people had no idea they would fucking die like this. Thanks to this page I keep an eye out for lunatics and possible accidents that may result in death. Mark, bestgore admins and followers, i salute you. Stay safe out there.

  11. Even though I don’t comment much anymore I’m still here checking out the posts every day like I have been for most of the last decade. Thanks Mark for keeping up all the great work.
    Here’s to the next ten years at BestGore… and more.

  12. Happy 10th brother. Thanks for all the work, sacrifice, and continued success showing harsh reality.

    Just think – it’s been forty years since the mostly-fake “Faces of Death” came out. How far we’ve come!

  13. Thank you Mark for 10 years of Reality. Hopefully you show more pictures of deceased American Mercenaries who we are force to kneel and suck their cocks while they fight Oil and Opium wars for the Bernstein Banks… The dragging of Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland and Fort Hood doesn’t suffice for me…

    1. Ideally , I want to see beheaded and burnt up corpses of an ambushed Army Ranger unit involved in some secret Shadow War they shouldn’t be involved in. Those Zionists Goddamn Imperialist piece of shits deserve every bomb and bullet that’s coming. (And no, I’m not a Liberal, Islamist, or Communist Sympathizer if that’s what any of you misjudge me for my statements)………

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