Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore

Representing MGTOW on Trans Atlantic Flight

Representing MGTOW on Trans Atlantic Flight

Ladies and Gents, today our website celebrates 10 years of existence. That’s a decade of kicking major butts, and getting prosecuted, persecuted, witch-hunted and smeared for it. The butts we’ve been kicking have been of monstous size, so it figures someone would get upset.

You’d think I’d have something big to say for our 10th birthday, but the fact is – I don’t. Nevertheless, even though the post commemmorating our major milestone will be short of words, it will contain the most important thing I could possibly say. Nothing else has any value in the light of it” Thank you, guys. Thank you so much for standing by me for so many years and being the real reason why the website kicks so much butt.

I don’t get to say this nearly enough so let me say it again – Motherfucking thank you, guys. I’m lucky because I have you. I could not have asked for a better group of badasses to share the journey through life with, and you’ve shared it with me for a decade. There is nothing I could be grateful for more on our 10th anniversary, than our S.O.B.’s.

Short Tech Update

The ongoing success of Best Gore has required another server upgrade, which was performed last week. Over the course of the last year, there has been more activity on Best Gore than ever in its history. All this writing and reading from the database worked our previous server really hard, causing growing occurrences of Nginx 404 Errors. So I bumped the server up again, and this time also invested in a software upgrade in the form of a superior server caching system called LiteSpeed. The site has been running pretty well since.

I have a few more important upgrades to do in the coming weeks, but have been preoccupied refocusing on my self-discovery lately, so it’ll be a slow and steady, as opposed to hasty and rash progress.

Once again and again again – Thanks a lot for 10 years of being the BEST!


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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220 thoughts on “Decade of Best Motherfucking Gore”

  1. Seen a lot of fucked up shit over the years and there’s no slowing down in sight with the world the way it is. Just wish some of the older classic vids would get restored, like the chainsaw beheading. Cheers.

  2. I’m relatively new to the site but I already see how tight knit of a group you all are. I think it’s awesome that we are able to find an extremely niche commonality. No one has spoken to me yet but I still keep up with all your comments and conversations! Happy 10 year anniversary, BG!

    Speaking of technical things, a majority of the time, the webpages load except for the videos. I end up having to read the descriptions and imagine the videos in my head. Is this one of the server issues? Am I doing something wrong? Anyone ride have this issue? I think I’ve missed a ton of great videos because of this but I’ll keep checking back!

  3. Happy fucking 10th birthday bestgore & congratulations Mark on this amazing milestone.

    Thank you for creating this absolutely sensational eye opening, non censored, non bullshit website of reality & violence..

    Been a loyal daily visitor & part of the bestgore family for about 8 years now, successfully created an account only a couple of months ago….finally.

    Thank you for continually feeding my bloodlust..
    also special mention to the stars of the videos who through their sacrifice made this website possible by providing content.

    Looking forward to another 10 years & beyond…

  4. Marc must enjoy offending feminists with that shirt. I would enjoy watching that. Still, are there no women he has respect for? His mother? A sister? What happened that he seems all out against women all together? Maybe he has written here about it, and even though I’ve been watching this site since 2012, I’ve missed it if he has. Though I’ve seen his constant writings which express disgust towards women in general.

    Now don’t get me wrong- I can’t stand feminists or the narratives they generate, can’t stand the hypocrisy. Even though I am a woman, I would agree that many women even most- are vicious nasty cunts. I’ve dealt with more shit from females throughout my life than from males. I’ve always gotten along better with men. As a teenager I was hanging out with boys because the girls were shallow bitches. I was never into what other girls were into, such as their jealous back stabbing two faced competitive bullshit. They hated me because the boys treated me as an equal. For this I had to be a slut according to these bitches. No, it was because I could hold a conversation and wasn’t into petty bullshit. Their assertions about me being a slut said a lot about them. The girls sure were concerned and spread it around I had STD’s just in case I guess.

    As I grew older, it has always been men who were supportive while women have consistently attempted to tear me down and sabotage anything I achieved. Women I didn’t even know! But that’s the nature of many women. They hate to see another women succeed or garner respect that they want, but don’t feel they have to earn it apparently. Ive lived half a century, and I am grateful that I do know some amazing women. But they are the minority. They are people of integrity, they aren’t men bashers, they have character.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen men do horrific things pretty consistently, this site is full of their bloody murderous exploits. Men do hold the vast majority of the wealth and power on this planet. Take a look around at the state of things under that power (I’m NOT saying it would be any better if women did). The world is full of horror and gore perpetrated by men. So I can’t say that men in general are by far better, or that women are better. I can only say that I am grateful for the human beings I know who are worthwhile excellent people, both women and men. Both women and men have been shits to me, though the women far outnumber the men on that. There was my part of the responsibility too- gotta exit shits and be discerning.

  5. @happy. Thank you so much for all you do. To tell you the truth I was a sheep until I got involved w this site. I appreciate all you do and I thank you for keeping it real. I still think you should write that book of your journey. That’s some journey and you got huge balls to never give up. I admire that and I have learned so much from coming here. Thanks my friend. Your bud from ny.


  6. It’s great to see you are in much better mindset compared the way you were just after the hurricane 😀
    That biaatch did a number on you & the Island, but as always what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

    10 Years of BG is a massive achievement, and has proven that your project has earned its rightful decrepit rotten and vile corner on the interwebs 😉

  7. Man I have been checking your sit out for the whole 10 years the worst part has been all these low life motherfuckers on here with all there thoughts on shit. These people are the low of the lowest fuck all the people on here and fuck anyone that don’t like what I have to say. Get a real job!

  8. Mark, You ROCK BABE! Freedom of speech is important to all of us! My name is Teresa and I am a proud member of BG. Thank you for our truth exposed and the suffering you dealt with to say it like it is. I admire you a great deal. Wish I had the balls.

  9. Doubt anyone will read this but whatever. BG has been a huge part of my life from day one. I did not start commenting until recently though. Ten years ago I was 19, this site has been along with me throughout my own spiritual journey the last ten years. It’s so interesting how my perception of this world, the good and bad, the perception of this site and the postings on it have changed and all goes hand in hand with where I’m at spiritually. You wouldn’t think a site like this would be a benefit or a positive reinforcement to anybody who considers themselves “spiritual”. All that means to me is this site has helped me awaken. It allows me to suffer with others who really endure it and be grateful with where I’m at and treat others with as much kindness as possible and respecting my own life. You’d think a site like this is poison to the mind. But it’s really not. I just view it as an expanded universe that many people are not willing to look at. It isn’t even a “guilty pleasure” it’s just part of my life. However I still don’t know anybody in person that regularly visits this site but then again I’m not exactly open about it. I hope to find someone that does. This comment probably makes no sense, but it’s just a viewpoint of one of your regulars. Thank you Mark

  10. Ground breaking, bringing the truth out for the world to see.
    Great site, you’ve put some effort in Mark. Remember having to put the site out using a dial up connection a couple of years back. You’ve had to deal with do gooders and limp wrists attacking your work.
    You’ve still succeeded Mark well done.

  11. As someone who has been here since pretty much the beginning of BG, I say congrats to BG, and hopefully another decade of the best MF GORE!! I still remember the day my freaky dyke friend introduced me to the site.. Great t-shirt too, there Mark! LMAO!

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