Decapitated Remains of Two Men Kidnapped in Veracruz Found in Oaxaca

Decapitated Remains of Two Men Kidnapped in Veracruz Found in Oaxaca

The remains of two men that were kidnapped by armed gunmen in the Mexico’s state of Veracruz were found several days later beside the Caracol Bridge in Mundo Nuevo, Oaxaca. Both men were beheaded and dismembered and their body parts stuffed in black garbage bags.

The victims were identified as 59 year old Miguel Ángel Castro Vera, native of Tierra Blanca, Veracruz and 27 year old Julio César Romero Rodríguez nicknamed El Paton who worked as a baker’s assistant likewise in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.

It’s sad that the vast majority of victims who die a violent death in the hands of the drug cartels are poor people on the bottom of the food chain. I guess it’s because they are easy to abduct – they are too poor to have their own army of bodyguards and have to put themselves out there to give bread to their families. The actual bad guys, the ones with loads of weapons supplied to them by the international drug dealer and war criminal Barack Hussein Obama and his aid in arming organized crime groups – Eric Holder – they scarcely ever get abducted. They are the ones that received military training and use it to cash in on drug trafficking so they can afford fortified mansions, bulletproof limousines and heavily armed private army. And to make a point that doesn’t even make any point, they kidnap, torture, dismember and decapitate people like here baker’s assistant. Fucked up!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. By the way, Oaxaca is pronounced wa-ha-ka. I know this because my burrito place is called that, and they helpfully have a pronunciation guide. That’s why I felt a little worried when I saw the headline.

  2. Spot the Cops with zero training ! ( it’s obvious they have common sense cos they are fanning the flames and assisting the guy burning to Death.I have no problem at all with Criminals getting their just desserts.

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