Decapitated Corpse of Susana Carrera Found After Kidnapping in Veracruz, Mexico

Decent Feet for Autopsy Table Footjob

Decapitated Corpse of Susana Carrera Found After Kidnapping in Veracruz, Mexico

Her name was Susana Carrera, she was from Veracruz, Mexico. On February 7, 2019, Susana or “Susi” as her friends called her, went to pick up her youngest son from a friend’s house. While waiting for him at the door, a black car pulled up, a guy got off and apparently kidnapped her.

On Feb 14, 2019, the decapitated corpse of Susana Carrera was found near a river. It has been reported that the kidnappers asked for a ransom of 4 million Pesos (200k US Dollars), but her husband refused to pay so they killed her.

I mean, who the hell would pay so much money for a woman they married. She probably nagged a lot and cheated on him like every woman does.

Props to Best Gore member @estheban91 for the pics and the video. Here’s the CCTV footage capturing her kidnapping:

Gallery of some pics, including mugshots while alive, and autopsy shots from a morgue:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. you have no idea what you are talking about . I live in Brazil, the level of police corruption is beyond your imaginative powers. Also, the jailtime for serious crimes like homicide and rape is ridiculously low. Murderers are back on the streets after 3 or 4 years in jail. If you are under 18, 1 year in jail for murder is the norm. If you think the USA is bad, you had better think again.

        1. I’m from Mexico I live between both the US and Mexico. As you know my country is as hopeless as yours. Trust me the level of corruption in the US is the same as in Mexico the only difference is American cops don’t go around piling up bodies to show an example. They simply kill and say they feared for thier lives. Institutionalized killing here and with full government protection it happens so much it’s not reported anymore. Each day tons of drugs cross into the US by paid off government officials receiving bribes on a level a Brasileiro official could only dream of. Drug Cartels and local crime organizations keep officials in check and everyone respects everyone and if someone fuks up they are disposed of in a descret manner not chopped and uploaded to the internet. You simply have an “accident”

          1. human nature is flawed, no matter the country. But there are some fundamental differences between the USA, and countries like Mexico and Brazil. I believe that corruption in the USA happens in a more difuse way, whereas in Brazil and Mexico, corruption is endemic and institutionalized and pervades all government agencies from top to bottom. Almost all top politicians in my country are involved in corruption scandals. Also, the level of impunity in the USA is not the same at all as in Brazil or Mexico. Criminal law in the USA is much harsher. The level of urban violence in the US is also much lower. Just look at the stats for violent urban crimes, Mexico and Brazil are much much worse. No matter how many corrupt american cops there may be , the US is still in a superior civilizational level as compared to our countries.
            Look at this incident, for example. Kidnapping someone for money and beheading the victim? This kind of thing simply does not happen in the US.

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            Ha, ha ha,,, Yea true Dat! 😉
            As long as The Dream does not turn into a Nightmare, and you dream of her head growing 8 legs like a Spider, and it starts running after you while Aerosmith’s song Dream-On plays in the background running after you. Try it brother, with the two video’s below, lol. Play the tune while starting the movie at the 1:30 mark. 🙂



  1. don’t know what the hell is fucking wrong with some people who are posting stuff or leave comments on this page… as much as i know this woman was innocent so shut the fuck up, stop writing like pre-superstitious children and give her some respect…i don’t care if gangsters die but those who make fun about the murdering of innocent people are as much as scum as the murders…that has nothing to do with freedom of expression

    1. Wait, how do you know if she was so “innocent” or not? Did you know her? Why do we have to show respect to someone we never knew, or knew nothing about? Innocent is such a chintzy word, makes me cringe. Freedom of speech applies to anything and everything, sorry. Not sure if this is the right site for you, what are you even doing here? Preaching and condemning? Have fun with that, you’ll be busy all day, here… unless you wanna leave n’ not come back. That’d be fine, too. Cheers.

        1. I usually just laugh when I see how sensitive some people get, it really is pretty funny. If I get bored enough, I’ll throw my two cents in for the fuck of it. Most of the women on this site have more balls than all these soy boys that like to congregate here and spew their oh so delicate feelings. Gotta love it.

          1. What sucks? Wasn’t talkin’ about myself. Everyone I know that went to college are in debt from tuition n’ books mostly. Most of em didn’t even end up in the career they majored in, wound up doing something else. If anything, trade school is the way to go for most people… or start a fucking badass website, like @happy.

    2. @smartguy87

      I expected more smartness out of you given your user name.

      Most people don’t care about strangers, full fucking stop.

      Most people walk past the homeless in their own countries without giving a fuck to their situation. The well positioned and wealthy tend to give zero fucks to the struggling and poor. The able bodied care nothing for the disabled. The middle and upper class don’t give a shit about the working class. The politicians don’t give a flying fuck about the public they are paid to serve and neither do the police. The people of one country tend not to care one fucking iota about the people of another so on and so forth.

      To conclude. It is childish naivety to expect random people to give a fuck about a random stranger in some other random country when most people don‘t even give a shit about their own people in their own countries.

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    3. @smartguy87 When i feel like you do i tend either not to say anything or i express sympathy for the victim. However i do not criticise any other member for their comments.
      When i was a police constable in ww2 we used to have to knock on the doors of the wives of men who had been killed in action. We had this running joke that we’d say to the unfortunate lady “Are you the widow of Mr so an d so?” We never actually said it, it was just our joke. Our way of dealing with it.

    4. Dude im gonna be respectful with you and tell you the truth:

      She got raped multiple times before getting her head cut off, while her (ex)husband was fucking a new wife – not even thinking a second about paying the ransom.

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  2. Strange post…
    She cheat like every woman does…

    Not every woman does that. But to be honest there are a lot of nasty women who fuck it up for the good relation women…

    Sorry I just had to say this because wtf…. like every woman does…..

  3. Looking at her mugshots can’t undermine that swell of a lust of hers showing bigger than her own size in flesh and bones . Mortician’s table or not her roundish butt cavity is still seems to be wanting some hard core sex.
    Mort may go in for necrophilia and who’d blame him if the corpse body is so fucking sizzling hot.
    Looks like the way the events unfolded its easy telling
    if it wasn’t her very own cheated upon man who plotted it all out in the end .
    Man o’man ……on a side note though whether cheated or uncheated who has the bucks to pay that much of a ransom for a bitch even if the plot was for real

  4. What if the husband set that up? What if he wanted her dead because actually he had a mistress all along and this gave him the opportunity to get rid of the nagging bitch once and for all without starting a case on him. If you love your wife you wouldnt refuse to pay out money, thats your soul mate, you’d lose your mind if the 1 you asked to marry you was kidnapped and can possibly be killed. Its more to the story.

  5. So the husband decided to leave the woman dry and to die at the hands and feet of those dirty flops? Wow.

    They clearly could afford it since they were rich people with the woman bringing the moose bacon while the husband salami. She died in shock getting news that the husband rejected the ransom. He probably instigated the kidnapping with the intent of getting her killed by his hired clients. Who knows? Coffee anyone?

  6. I cant believe how many women haters are here, I have no idea why you hate women so much because I would much rather ride then be ridden but to each their own I suppose. I think women are beautiful, amazing, sexy and I think everyone should own one or 2.

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