Decapitated Head Left Before Warning Sign

Decapitated Head Left Before Warning Sign

Man was decapitated and his head leaft before a warning sign which reads something like this (Google translation with free flow adjustments):

What goes up, will be dragged down by its own weight. You too could end up like this. Greetings from the Vayto family.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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20 thoughts on “Decapitated Head Left Before Warning Sign”

  1. the vayto’s famyly don’t exists
    the message says grettings from la familia bye gay

    saludos de la familia adios joto (homosexual)

    la familia is an mexican drug cartel from michoacan mexico. they got arch rivals who are los zetas.

    y know english a lil bit sorry mistakes ok. if you know spanish reply me

  2. Friends, I speak italian and Spanish, so excuseme for my English, the traduction is: “All that have raised will be down because his own weight, you could be so, grettings from “The Family” bye. At the end you can see the word “to” maybe behind the head there are another two letters “jo” and then they wanted to say “joto”= gay (La Familia is a dangerous maffia gang from Michoacan, Mexico)

  3. yo how bad ass would it be to go hunting for people like that??? infiltrate the cartel act as if your one of them come up with a plan and ELIMINATE everyone of them. and take theyr money. i would be happy. if i was a serial killer thatd be me killing bad people

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