Decapitation of Woman in Mexico – Fastest Mexican Beheading Caught on Tape

Decapitation of Woman in Mexico - Fastest Mexican Beheading Caught on Tape

An average Mexican sicario takes forever to decapitate a person, but this one has got the art of beheading worked out. The video was posted on JewTube with a claim that the man cut his wife’s head off for cheating. I’ve been around the internet long enough to detect your typical internet sensationalism so I’m taking this one with a grain of salt. I think it’s more likely your typical Narco beheading related to drug trafficking, or messing with thereof. I don’t speak a word of Spanish, but I detected the word “Zetas” just before the beheading started.

Other than that, this is hands down the fastest Mexican beheading ever caught on tape. You almost wouldn’t think it happen in Mexico it was so fast. The assassin knew exactly what to look for to get through the spine quickly, found it, cut through it – bam… the head was severed. The MILF looks rather fuckable and took the beheading like a champ. I always wondered if the sicarios tap the bitches before they execute them.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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449 thoughts on “Decapitation of Woman in Mexico – Fastest Mexican Beheading Caught on Tape”

          1. Evil fuckers!!! How can anybody even joke about this kind of shit!! If I ever caught anybody doing this to another human being I would torture the nice and!! In short I would go mid evil on their ass!!!

          2. I just read quite a bit of comments and no one mentions how her eyes actually turn alowly to the right while he?s holding her head up to the camera. Someone mentions a head can survive up to 30 seconds being detached?this is the best video I?ve seen on BG of a human head doing so. I actually look at every beheading video and try to see if they hold the head up to the camera quick enough that maybe I will catch the persons head still looking around but they are never quick enough with the beheading. In this one, her body was still pumping blood when he was finishing cutting. Most beheadings run out of blood cause they take too long. I know this is an older post and prob no one will see it but whatevs.

          1. that knife was pretty sharp, because it takes other men much longer to do that, but it also look too like he ripped her head off!

        1. Agreed. Probably shagged a donkey beforehand to get the mind right,then a quick sharpen on the old leather strap and ‘Hey Presto’,it’s an efficient headjob. A great story for him to tell around the pot of beans later that night.

        1. That was the brain being separated from the body and muscle control being gone. Everyone will do that upon death. You will pissed and shit yourself. Death isn’t pretty. She probably retained consciousness for about 30 seconds after decapitation. Studies have shown this to be probable as long as trauma to the spine is minimal. The killer is/was quite skilled. Knew exactly where to cut to make it quick. Her suffering was as minimal as possible considering a knife was used. Fastest possible way is a guillotine, but, not a lot of those outside France. Second fastest I’ve ever seen. Only one faster was filmed in HD. Very good quality.

      1. Not sure about the pissing because of the resolution, but my critique is as follows: PLUS SIDE: Short, and to-the-point decap. It appeared as if she was resigned to her fate, because it looks as though she offers her neck at the beginning in an effort to cooperate with her beheading. Another plus was the minimal whimpering and whining – again, another sign of cooperation. NEGATIVES: The most obvious is the executioner missed a golden opportunity by not first raping her before he beheaded her. That would have registered a vote of A+. Oh well .. The only other negative would be the slight hesitation when he had to break her neck to complete the beheading, but this is a minor setback, as the noggen came off pretty cleanly. All in all, an EXCELLENT decap! Bravo!

        1. Looked to me like she was pissing her pants, when he pulled the knife across her throat.
          Im sure these girls are raped before being executed. Probably made to give head, before they die. Sound like the shit those crazy bastards would pull

    1. this guys pro, he cut her head off so fast she was still awake after her head was gone, look at the last few frames her eyes look to the right when they hold her head up as if she’s trying to see her body severed from her head.

      1. I can tell you she’s not awake 😉 after her major arteries are severed and blood stop coming to the brain, bam 5 seconds and you pass out, what she’s doing is basic dreaming, kind of like hanging, blood supply gets cut off you pass out in seconds, i know from first hands experience (Not getting beheaded).

        1. your right!!! she didn’t piss on herself cause she was scared, her body funtions had stopped then she let go of piss an shit……i can say, she took it like a champ. i might have been screaming an begging for my life!! May she rest in peace/

    2. i think starving people would be a better way to kill people, it’s not violent and they suffer and think what they did was wrong, that’s what i would do, but i guess some people might say, just kill me quick or, just let them choose their death themselves.

    3. I’m proud to say I’ve taken shots at Cartel spotters while guarding our countries borders. This poor woman was someone’s daughter and possibly someone’s mother. Any of you sick fucks who get off on this just imagine this was your family on here.

      1. Appalling obviously,although the humour in the remarks on this site are generally a mechanism to desensitising one’s self. Seeing this type of horrific scene in actual reality would see a dramatic lessening of comic responses naturally. However,none of us have accidently stumbled upon this website. So fuck it.

      2. I could imagine it and honestly, wouldn’t mind at all. There’s not a single person on this planet worth my giving a shit about. Not one. We are all sentenced to death the second we are conceived. This is human nature. We are a vile, disgusting, destructive and evil species. Other than cats, we are the only creatures that kill because we can. Accept it. You are proud to have fired upon humans. You are no less culpable than the killer in this video.

        1. @rugoth totally agree with you.
          He is moaning about people taking lives then goes on to say he is proud to have taken shots (probably) killing some, so is he saying that it’s only ok for him to take people’s lives? Soz he has confused me lol as one stupid comment he has made, thank you for saying what you did.

    4. This is an actual killing of the man’s wife back in April of this year, 2013. The make suspect a known high profile ranked Los Zetas, and the incident here as video recorded was done outside their home in, La Pe?ita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Mexico

    5. This woman was part of a Drug cartel. she?s not innocent. I?m sure she?s taken part in her share of beheadings. She would cut your head off with no hesitation. She knew what she was getting involed in when she started working for Los Zetas. That?s why she took her execution like champ. In her world,that?s just the way it is.

      1. When you fight they will make you pay for it
        Trust me they will brake your spirit
        Slashing you with electric wires
        Play with knife on your body
        You would come down ….. Guaranteed
        Your death would be much more agonizing
        With them pissing on you….and laughing their
        Head off….plus there would be no
        ” coup de grace ”
        You play” macho “….. Want it your way
        They’ll show shit
        The shit of your death….. lol.
        Why you think all of them shut the fuck up
        In the M.E , Mexico or anywhere in the world
        You rather try to sweet talk your way out
        Figuring out what they want and need the most !!!!
        If can lol…..

      1. Natural muscle movements, no oxygen and the carotid artery already cut and into the spinal cord pretty much gone. Her movements were natural spasms and anyone dying loses bodily functions. If anything, her heart was probably spamming but no O2 no you! Shock would have knocked her out in 5 long seconds, the rest are natural responses.

    6. I just read quite a bit of comments and no one mentions how her eyes actually turn alowly to the right while he’s holding her head up to the camera. Someone mentions a head can survive up to 30 seconds being detached…this is the best video I’ve seen on BG of a human head doing so. I actually look at every beheading video and try to see if they hold the head up to the camera quick enough that maybe I will catch the persons head still looking around but they are never quick enough with the beheading. In this one, her body was still pumping blood when he was finishing cutting. Most beheadings run out of blood cause they take too long. I know this is an older post and prob no one will see it but whatevs.

  1. If you look closely near the end… you can definetly see her eyes move from (her) left to her right, whilst the guy is holding it. Im guessing beause the beheading was so quick that she was probably still going through a DMT trip type stage or something of that sort!

    1. I’ve been waiting for this video for years. I’ve seen decapitated heads stick their tongues out but never actually got to see someone appear to be concious and looking around after the brain stem is severed.

      It’s definitely the executioners surgical approach to the procedure. Take every other beheading for instance, they hack the shit out of the “infidel” or what ever their label may be and 9 times out of 10, the person is unconscious from pain or blood loss before they even reach the brain stem. Now thats in humane as fuck.

      This guy here actually made the execution look humane, compared to 90% of the others. It even looked like he broke her neck just before severing her head. That’s probably how he was able to cut through the spine so efficiently.

      1. It is estimated that if the head has a quick and clean decapitation, it can remain functional for up to 5 seconds.

        There are two prime examples of this happening both with the fast gullitine:

        1700’s an assistant of a scientist was condemed and told his scientist buddy that he would blink as many times as he could once his head was lifted. The scientist counted 15 blinks (some guess 20 due to the time it took to lift his head).

        In 1905, a guy lost his head the same way and immediately a doctor picked up his head and the head fixed it’s eyes on the doctor and attempted to speak (some say he said the name of the executioner, but I’d think that would be impossible).

        Though I have doubts on the 1905 incident, the eye blink one has merit. Mammals of many types have the ability to look around for up to 5 seconds, rats, rabbits, etc., so one would assume at least while there is still blood in the brain, you could control some aspects of your brain function like blinking, looking around and moving your lips.

      2. What the fuck. Regardless…she is a fucking human being and she was killed…the horror of a young lady being murdered without a trial. She was someone to someone. She was a daughter, perhaps a mother. If she was horrid no matter… human has the right to just take another human’s life away so swiftly or slowly. She was just a little baby once upon a time and now she is dead against her will. That big strong man hacking away at her skin and executing her with no feelings knew what he was doing.

        1. Eh…well that kind of thinking should apply to everyone, of either gender. You sound like you’re only saying that because it was a woman. It’s more acceptable for a man to hack off another man’s head, but not a woman’s? There are videos where women behead men, as well. I have no clue if this woman did anything “wrong” or not, but don’t be biased with that kind of thinking just because it’s a chick.

        2. I agree, I didn’t bother my vision nor did it effect my soul, I honsetly felt for the beautiful lantina, she was a mother, a daughter and probably more…some people have different laws and different ways of handling issues and that’s in different countries, I was a bit dazed after watching a true beheading. I wish I could’ve popped the. Assholes for disrespecting a woman and murderering her! A rape or beating could’ve been nice, but no one needs to die! World is fucked as is! So why kill more, save time and let your union kill! I wished I could have saved her! In the mean time I am insane, but you sick wack mother fuckers should get your heads cut off and let the world see! Humiliate your souls for a satan occult cause human murder is a sacrifice to satan domination. I know my shit!

        3. Dead against her will? You’re going to have to elaborate on that one. Other than the people who opt out, not many people die because they want to. Personally, I’m hoping this German doctor gets the genome splice worked out for humans. 1,000+ year life while looking and feeling 20 sounds AWESOME!

      1. thats impossible that she can see … for example its like when you kill a goat you will find there is some pulses here or there but its died

        after losing so much blood so fast you will get dizzy and not see anything even before she dies .. its called the circling shock ( if i said it right in English )

    2. Doesn’t look like an intentional movement to me. More like “I’m doped… my lights are going out.” type of thing. But there have been two other beheadings I’ve seen, where you can still perceive a cognition in the movement of the eyes after the head has been severed. And those really are creepy 🙂

      1. Exactly what I think too. She’s just fading away. Remember that guy’s tongue slowly sticking out of his mouth after the beheading? Interesting to be sure but he was dead as a door nail – just like ‘ol girl here.

  2. Hello! 🙂

    I didn’t get everything he said, they audio isn’t that good and my Spanish isn’t either… But I think he says that it’s going to happen to people who mess with the Zetas… If I’m not mistaken in the end while showing her head he says “Respeten los zetas” (“Respect the zetas”)… Or maybe it was the other way around, and the girl was in the Zetas.

    Wel… Not like it makes any difference, they’re all worthless pieces of shit. There’s no humanity in them, not even animals can be that brutal.

    1. I am an spanish native speaker and he says exactly what you type. He also calls pussies (putos) to the guys that the video is meant for. And he sends them to the “verga” (dick) that means like: fuck off

    1. Most sites don’t allow physical abuse to this level to remain uploaded for longer than 24 hours. Both Facebook and YouTube both removed the videos of this being shown. That’s why places like BestGore is good for reviewing videos of such content.

    1. calm bitch, huh? womans neck is so soft and flexible, so, the job went like with the Christmas goose. That blood squirt on the ground was freaky in 00.30 .
      i just want to know the toughts of this bitch, before the lasts few secs, before the head is removed.
      They could show at least one boob. what a waste of woman beheading.

    2. LAH, BLAY………she has no humanity to all of you. Do you any have emotion to even the slight emphasized with this fellow human being exactly like all of us agonizing that while her throat was being sliced that perhaps she agonized about her loved ones. Sure I get going on this site t see the real mccoy of dying horrific deaths but as a human species we need to get over our fine selves and truly feel for the horrific suffering going on at the hands of our kind. And no blah, blah!!! I am disgusted about the reviews that come from men against women. If this makes you feel so happy to watch this horrible suffering than God bless you.

      1. Maybe he used a sharp knife because he still loved her but his macho pride wouldn’t let him get over the infidelity. At the very least, he couldn’t hack her like just another victim. Just to make it really sweet, he could kiss her decapitated head while she was still conscious so that would be her last memory as it all faded to black.

    1. Her eyes moving is just some sort of muscle reflex. As her blood pressure is non-existent, she is dead. She will not be able to see, hear or feel anything. She will not be aware of anything.

      It is thought that after death some sort of electrical activity is maintained in the brain for between 6-12 minutes.

  3. The audio is very hard to understand but in the beginning he says “Gentleman this is for… (inaudible) on behalf of the Zetas. Then afterwards the cameraman says “She’s still looking” to where the Zeta then says ” Excursion (inaudible) faggots, on behalf of the Zetas.” Last part is hard to understand

  4. Now that was quick an she did take that beheading like a champ no yelling like ive heard a few guys do ha this one was good quick an i like how he made her head touch her pussy Lol i think the cartel could use a guy like him he dident even babble on an on he just said Wat needed to be said an then skipped right to it well done

  5. Ok, he said something like: “people, this is going to happen to all the “CDG” (Gulf Cartel or c?rtel del golfo) …from the zetas”, later another male voice said: “She Peed”, later another male voice said: “look, she keeps seeing” and finally, the same inicial male said: “she was connected with you”, “fuck off, from the zetas”.

        1. No… is what he says…..
          This bitch did not want to fuck me….Instead she fuck another guy….so I’m pissed…..she should have known that I am the boss…..I am in charge….
          Let me show you shit

  6. I don’t have any evidence, but I don’t think there’s any consciousness after a certain point during the cutting. Her eyes may have been open and moving, but I don’t think she was aware of anything at all.
    As far as being bangable, there appeared to be some extra baggage there. I guess it depends on your fat tolerance level. I think mine’s lower than average.

  7. It seems like those narco wackos recruited a snackbarist to give them some lessons in the art or beheading.

    but for fuck sake, I wanted to hear the woman screaming, unfortunately she was braver than some dudes in particular videos.. she took it like a champ, bravo

  8. Poor lady she did take it like a champ but still it’s sad, creepy part was that when they had her head off and holding it up she moved her eyes to the right and look like she was looking around still with her head off her body :)(

    1. For a knife, this is very fast. Look at all the other beheading videos here on BG and you’ll see. I think the only other one video I can remember seeing that was faster was a video of 2 men sitting on the ground, one got decapitated by chainsaw, the other by knife which took longer. Also, like others have mentioned, he didn’t brutally hack his way through as he made precise cuts that made it very easy to get the job done.

    2. Fastest for mexican standards… They always seem to use dull blades.

      The mexican beheadings usually take longer, so that the suffering of the victim can be even worse.

      Unlike the guys from the middle east, mexicans seem to have trouble cutting through the spine during beheadings… In some recent videos they even use axes to chop the heads off.

      An exception we saw here was the chainsaw beheading, like Judgeberry said!

    1. Children are one thing, mostly because they’re innocence and ignorance to the events that proceed to happen around them. Women however, are old enough to know right from wrong. I don’t know what this particular situation was, but I doubt the women slain was a innocent bystander. Point is, women can be just as bad if not worse than any man… Seldom does one find a child like so.

      1. I agree, you would think she must have done something to provoke that kind of punishment, its not easy to get the back ground story on incidents like this, maybr she burnt his dinner or left his beer on the side instead if putting it in the FUCKING FRIDGE!!

        1. She pissed off one of the Cartels, probably because she was a member of a rival cartel. If that was the case, she probably watched lots of similar videos, maybe while riding her anti Zeta lover like a Harley, I’m only speculating. One thing I’m sure of though, she wasn’t innocent.

          1. You guys almost act like men never kill women for no reason all the time. She could have been perfectly innocent. All it takes for these cartels to come after someone, is for them to have some distant relative in a rival cartel. Someone’s great uncle could have pissed off another cartel then bam, their entire extended family is dead.

  9. It’s too bad it isn’t for infidelity. I think it would be a good statement for the importance of integrity and honesty in a relationship. If bitches knew that fuckin you over wouldn’t result in having the legal system protect them and give them your house, money and future earnings it might help reiterate the value of good manners. Other than that, kudos to her for being chill throughout.

      1. Exactly. I don’t know why people would kneel there and wait things like this happen to them.
        Maybe they’ve been beaten like hell, yet if it’s in the life-threatening stake, any animal should bite back.
        If it’s die or die, why take this agonizing and terrifying way to die? Use all the remaining energy and strike the beheading master with fore head in his balls if possible bite it off, and being shot, is way better than being slash-throat alive.

        1. There’s like 5 guys pointing assault rifles at her…you think she has a chance at all?
          This isn’t hollywood.
          You do know that they threaten her that if she doesn’t cooperate they will track and slaughter her family as well, right?

          This woman was not innocent, but she’s not low enough to have her family endure her mistakes as well.

    1. Well, I got that “sick fuck” side in me and I’m not ashamed to admit it, “mister-honeyed-feelings-commenting-on-a-super-gore-site-after-watching-a-presumed-and-very-innocent-woman-getting-beheaded-by-some-very-very-bad-guy”.

      I know you have it too, just there, deep inside, cause you’re here with us…

  10. I wonder if this group will be releasing more videos; the scream near the start and the guy shovelling dirt around as if it’s sawdust to soak up the blood elsewhere.

    For what it’s worth women are more likely than men to involuntary urinate and defecate during hanging. If someone was cutting my head off, I think I would piss myself as well.

  11. I wonder if this group will be releasing more videos; the scream near the start and the guy shovelling dirt around as if it’s sawdust to soak up the blood elsewhere.

    For what it’s worth; women are more likely than men to involuntary urinate and defecate during hanging. If someone was cutting my head off, I think I would piss myself as well.

  12. Yeah, the man speaks with the very stupid accent and monster manner that people from north Mx has. I am stranged that the video was not released on mundo narco and that shit directly.

    Before cutting her throat he says, ‘bueno se?ores, esto les pasa a todos los del cdg’? (cartel del golfo) de parte de los zetas.

    You can hear screams before from another woman and they are making a tomb. I wish we did not have this type of indian people in Mexico, we would definetly be better.

      1. I work in a slaughter house where its my job to cut off cow heads. 400 cow heads a day 6 days a week for 5 years. I could have cut that womans head off in half the time he took. I’m good at what I do cutting heads off!!

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