Decapitation by Chopper Blades

Photo of Man Quickly Decapitated by Chopper Blades

Talk about wrong place and wrong time. Maybe this guy was not having a particularly good day. You know, some days you feel like shit, you didn’t get enough sleep at night and it’s been an overall fucked up week, then you come to work and you think those chopper blades can go fuck themselves. Next thing you know, your brain flies through the air like it was batted by Ty Cobb and your body drops down headless. Chopper blades win.

Getting decapitated by chopper blades doesn’t particularly give you bragging rights in the afterlife. Imagine you’re sitting around with fellow dead mates and get asked how you died. You tell them you died by chopper blades decapitation – everyone’s gonna go… WTF man? He can always respond that at least he had it quick. Slow beheading by the knife of a terrorist would be much more painful and debilitating experience that leaves your brain living and aware of itself for much longer than an instant blow into your skull that sends your brain matter adrift.

Gallery of decapitation by chopper blades pictures is below. BTW, is that the top of his head lying atop of his dead torso in evidence photo #17?

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    1. Now, long after Rotten(hmmm, i wonder if I chose my name on a subconsience level…nope! I just like the combo of words ROTTEN STENCH….an unavoidable result of the lingering effects of death that assult the nostrals. The last offensive thing that one can really do, stinking to high-hell

      Anyway, long after has fallen apart, it, like every other great gore site lives on and on with many of us.

      But in my opinion, never did hold a lit-fart-candle to Best Gore because of the hit&miss content and nearly NEVER having much back story to the pics.

  1. What the fuck are these gaping ass closeted faggots allowed to have the internet for? So what that it’s old news? Ed Gein committed his murders in the 1960’s – well that’s old news, yet it’s perfect content for this site. I don’t understand why someone this dumb is allowed on the internet. The society fails.

  2. resulta muy curioso,mas bien preocupante,que todas las fuerzas civilizadas del mundo,no junten sus esfuerzos para erradicar toda esa mierda que esta regada por el mundonde manera incontrolable,incluyendo los gansteres modernos disfrazados de patriotas yredentores de la humanidad,castros,chaves,ortega y las maras…….

        1. oh…..well that about covers it.

          Keep in mind how fucking HEAVY those rotors are.
          This dude learned all about that.
          The slightest bit of variation in wind MUST result in SOME DEGREE of up/down movement.
          Too bad the new info didn’t stick with him for very long….maybe what, a billionth of a millisecond?

          1. @RS,yep you are right,
            heavy=droop,am sorry
            if i come across as a
            smartass know-it-all,
            truth is….i enjoy the
            discussions but do not
            enjoy been around
            people,& get a bit over
            enthusiastic talking
            with finger tips.

  3. this accident happened on the USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 i was on the USS Cushing DD-985 and the Blue Ridge was our command and flag ship for the 7th fleet forward deployed based out of Yokosuka, Japan we were told about the accident and they got a new chief shortly after that incident around 03-04

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