Decapitated and Dismembered Body Found in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Severed Head with Machete Slash Across Cheek

In Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul (no, it’s not Amazonas this time), Brazil, a decapitated and partially dismembered body of a manly looking woman was found on a road.

Not much is known about the victims or the suspected perpetrator(s). Also not sure what the significance of cutting the victim’s lower leg is. We’ve seen similar cases from Brazil before, but maybe in this one it was those offensively cheap tattoos?

Updated the post with more pics showing the victim was a woman. Apparently she was a gang girl.

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  1. Mr. Potato head was running from the guy with the machete and he tried to kick it out of his hand, but accidentally kick the sharp part of the machete and off went his lower leg. Then while on the ground, the killer took another hack at his neck, but missed and hit his cheek, now that he was stunned from that hit, the killer was finally able to cut his head off. Let’s just go with that story alright, please πŸ™‚

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    1. Porto Alegre, Brazil
      Body of a 21 year old woman was found on an early hour of Saturday (Feb 27.) The victim has criminal record for drug trafficking and was under house arrest. The head was found not far from the body with one severed leg below the knee. Authorities believe the murder is related to the on going war between rival drug traffickers in the area. A red vehicle was seen leaving the scene before the body was found.

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        1. I know it’s crazy! I had thought before the body looked more like a woman’s but the shaved head threw me off so I figured it must be a guy. I wonder if they did that to her hair or if she had it that way before.

          1. Looks were deceiving, atleast true to form on here they stripped the body for us to get a peek or may have been forever a mystery from us on the dick or pussy question.

          2. As for the hair issue since didn’t seem to be hair in the immediate area I’d have to say the haircut came prior to the killing unless they used a flowbee.

  5. Damn! Just found out about this! I live in Porto Alegre and never heard about this before. This shit doesn’t happen in my town at all, that’s sick! I mean, since neither PCC or CV operate here in the south, it’s very weird something like that to happen down here…

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