Decapitated and Dismembered Corpse Left in Acapulco with Narcomensaje Signed by El Punisher

Naked, Decapitated and Dismembered Remains of Man in Acapulco

In the execution capital of the world that is the city of Acapulco in Guerrero, Mexico, a naked corpse of a decapitated and dismembered man was found. The gruesome, but Acapulco-typical scene was encountered at the corner of Rio Nuxco Street with Ejido 2 Arroyo.

The neon green narcomensaje accompanying the remains was signed by El Punisher and El Nino Hondiado.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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87 thoughts on “Decapitated and Dismembered Corpse Left in Acapulco with Narcomensaje Signed by El Punisher”

  1. You’d think those beaner ganglords would know how to cater for our Best Gore needs at this stage. It isn’t 2003 anymore – gory photos just don’t cut it. We need VIDEOS of torture, beheadings, flayings, dismemberment, etc.

  2. Would it be too much to ask these lovely dismembererers to put the severed head around the bum area and make the tongue poke into his botty? It would be a much more memorable message, this shit is just generic.

  3. I think wormboy here, or ham shank – depends on who you ask – lost all his will to live once they took out his arms. There are a lot of things we can do without, but having no arms can be really tough.

    1. That does seem worse than death. Cut off their arms and legs and leave em like that. Maybe cut out their tongue so they couldn’t squeal on you. Then gouge out their eyes and ears. Fuck yea I would much rather die than that.

  4. In Mexico the death warrants are scripted ,signed and dispatched in fluorescent green .
    This dude is still unclear so much so that he’s been stuck reading it on all his decapitated fours for hours on end .
    Somebody help ‘im.

  5. If government is not directly responsible for this, be sure that they know what will happen before happening. They allow narco cartels to exists and do shit like this.

    -Governments have control on drug business and finally, profit by spreading fear to the people.
    -We all know that feared people is easy to control and that is the practice during history.

    Don’t tell me they cannot destroy all cartels in 48 hrs with all budget money, military and police.

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