Decapitation of La Comandanta Patty of 35Z by Grupo Sombra

Decapitation of La Comandanta Patty of 35Z by Grupo Sombra

Decapitation of La Comandanta Patty of 35Z by Grupo Sombra

The video from Mexico shows the interrogation and decapitation of “La Comandanta Patty“, a woman belonging to group 35Z of Los Zetas.

It is said that Commander Patty was responsible for kidnappings while acting in her position as the leader of 35Z, an affiliate of the Z’s. Her captors are members of Grupo Sombra. They also accused La Comandanta Patty of going around impersonating these guys.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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108 thoughts on “Decapitation of La Comandanta Patty of 35Z by Grupo Sombra”

    1. Nicely played. Makes me wonder about the person in charge of their uniforms, and if he or she has them customized in-house or orders them, maybe online, in which case I then imagine the workers of some company in China or wherever trying to guess the acronym’s meaning as they sew, in between daydreams about Hollywood or dog-free rice or some other intangible bullshit to get through their day, thinking, “I, too, would like to be a FEG!”

      1. in a country where the FIRST language is Spanish and less than 1 percent speak English(and barely) absolutely no one will think what a English slang like this will mean, just think for a second there are some English words that might sound similar to something else in SPANISH(Penne Pasta aka Penis Noodles, Spanish speakers literaly will laugh or get offended ), so your logic is totally wrong since NO ONE IN A ALMOST 100 PERCENT SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY WILL THINK OR HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT A LEGIT SPANISH WORD MIGHT OR WILL SOUND IN ANY ANOTHER LANGUAGE.

        1. I don’t recall employing much logic at all here, but fair enough, it’s probably totally wrong anyway. However, the sardonic point I was trying/failing? to make concerned the outsourcing of labor to China (or places like it), even from companies in Spanish-speaking countries, Mexico in this case, and subsequently the language barrier and cultural norms which globalist capitalism is ill-prepared to deal with, which only underscores your point, maybe, since I imagine even fewer Chinese workers speak English than do their Mexican counterparts. That all said, IT WAS A JOKE, AND WHY ARE WE YELLING?

        2. Nigger, I dunno in what part of good ol’ Mehico you’re from, but so far as I’ve seen, a good chunk of people under 40 understand english at least to the degree necessary to know that “fag” means “maricon”.

          They just never say shit about it because they like having their skin still attached to their face, thankyouverymuch.

          1. ahahha, what part of mexico are YOU from? because “YOU” think a “good part of people under 40” speak English in mexico(Mexican population is around 135 million so 1 percent or so is lets says for easy saying 2 million so that is NOTHING), well, let me tell you, if you go to the TOURIST places yeah they do because the business requires, (Acapulco beach, playa del carmen, or the historic places like Tenochtitlan, Teotihuacán, etc) BUT OUSIDE of those places, hahaha try to go a couple miles away from those places and if you do not speak Spanish at all, good look trying English only, and yes I am a native Spanish speaker, so i DO know about what i am talking about.

          2. @benitocarmonaparada

            So many lies in such a compacted format, BenitoCamela. But lemme spell you why you’re wrong, ameego.

            Mexico has, right in the top of my head, around 125M people. And a quick google search reveals that’s right around there, at 127.5M.

            Mexico’s demographics show that 65~% of people are between the ages of 15 and 65. By a stupid estimate we can already guess that the people under 40 but old enough to having a decent ammount of exposure to the internet (15) compromise at least 40%. So I dunno where you pulled your ridiculous 1%.

            You must be only familiar with a very small portion of the country to deny that every major city in mexico is assblasted to hell with announcements in english, signs offering english courses, the average mexican web user incorporating more english words in their daily lexicon, so called “fresas” are notorious for that shit. Where in the fuck do you stick your head to believe only 1.25 million people OUT OF A WHOLE 125M know what a “fag” is?

            Lastly, judging by your posts, you’re more than likely a 2nd or 3rd gen mexican living in American soil, probably in some lib state like commiefornia, and you try to “return to your roots” and “support la rahzaaa” by posing as an orange picker and pretending a born spic like myself ain’t going to call you out on your bullshit, cabrón.

            Damn leftard greenbeans and their pursuit of cultural marxism.

          3. major pelame el pito puto, soy nacido y he vivido en mexico por 35 años y te la voy a poner asi de facil pedazo de mierda, no me vas a venir a decir que no conozco mi pais y mi gente, una cagada como tu que busca todo en google y te basas a lo que google te dice, ahhahaah, yo te digo por que CONOZCO Y SOY MEXICANO.(soy Sinaloense de Mazatlán)

          4. Oh shit, someone’s chimping out!

            Aunque todo lo que dije anteriormente haya sido incorrecto (que no lo es), el punto erade que minimo 2 de cada 5 personas saben lo que “fag” significa, cuando tu estimas el nivel educativo del pais por los suelos.

            So here I am, inadvertently promoting Mehico in a somewhat positive light, while you claim more than 99% of mexicans don’t know even basic english words and phrases, specially now with the whole internet and social media we’re all drowning in. Don’t be intellectually dishonest just to win some dumb argument.

            All said and done, hey, welcome to Best Gore.

  1. I always wondered, for indoor decapitations, if these gangs have an assigned clean-up crew, or if they just take turns, or whatever. And where do they toss the heads, bodies. etc? Can’t just toss ’em in the garbage to be collected. Hopefully they use quality towels to sop up the blood.

    1. oh, they probably have special places they use just for bloody situations. i mean, you wouldn’t go and behead someone all over your nice travertine floors, now would you? do a nice dexter killroom. or do a patrick bateman plastic covered blood canvas. interesting question though! maybe we have someone who can actually answer that?

      1. They’re filthy rich, there’s fuckloads of abandoned Infonavit houses, and the local and even state police don’t fuck with them. The state picks up the cleaning and deodorizing tab.

        You seriously can get away with a lot of shit in Mehico with the right connections and a fat stack of dollars. Problem is, anyone else that hates you can, too.

        1. @elcalamardo thank you for the explanation! i, for one, am glad they have special places and don’t go messing up their nice, expensive cribs. i didn’t think about the state paying the clean up, that’d make it so much easier. and yes, mexico is pros and cons. love mexico, love the people, love the culture, but don’t want to piss off the wrong person and end up on BG. 🙁

          1. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if even in their nice cribs they have a spare room to do “nasties” in, heh. Would prolly be reserved for really dangerous rivals or a high profile kidnapping, so as to prevent the feds and local thugs from interfering.

            And yeah, the narco is sponsored by the state, it’s an effective sham to justify to the masses the rapid militarization of local law enforcement, and drug lords are playing second fiddle in this, why, with their ability to perform extra-legal duties and inflict terror in the minds of the people. I mean, I’m all for law enforcement for having great equipment, but only if civilians were granted the ability to be armed like in the U.S. otherwise, were gearing towards a (even more obvious) dictatorship, shooting fish in a barrell and all.

            Nevertheless, just like in the U.S., gotta love both countries for their people, traditions and history, and hate their respective bureacratic governments and shit people.

        1. @benitocarmonaparada, thank you for the info, that makes so much sense. i love learning this type of information, even though it’s dark. makes me a creepy person, i guess. to me, it’s just knowing the background, the ins and outs, that make it real. before coming to BG, i had no idea this type of thing happened so often. the news and media in the united states is really censored, it seems. that’s why BG is so great.

  2. Wait,what!!no screams,no gagging gurgling,nothing.not even a face shown mid decap,I’m waiting to see gore an gutts,an all I get is a couple of tit slaps(not even very good ones at that).Your getting lazy FEGS.content is not what it once was,lol.

  3. At only 1:00 long you really need to have some fluffing material running while the Patty video buffers up. Then really let loose quite quickly. Otherwise it is one of those awkward “I’m gonna have to rewind and pick up where I left off” or a sort of embarrassed late finish once all the black blood spurting, neck-gristle and Mexican grunting sounds have played out and you are left with nothing but silence and the sound-of-your-one-hand-fapping.

    The way the video ends with the dropping of the severed head next to her well-cushiony butt and kinda “well-fed” torso… well you just know that those guys didn’t stop there. Those Ex-Ex-Large Wallmart denims were dragged down around her pudgy ankles and that warm Mexican Taco of hers was coated with plenty of fresh Mexican Mayonnaise and Cock-Grease until it was dripping like a well-filled Chimichunga.

    Build the wall Donald… but don’t build it too high pal when they are demolishing worthless, gangsta pig-women in this manner.

    Fuck… imagine if they’d borrowed that Brazilian fucker’s broken plate and served Patty’s chimichunga on it at the end…? I would emit luminous toxic jizz for a fortnight to celebrate.

  4. damn, mexico don’t play once again. i love them, yet i am terrified. and also, i won’t lie, a little aroused at the playful face slap. speaking of… that was a hilarious sound of them slapping her blubber. impressive to cut through that neck fat so quickly. all around good watch. a+ my friends!

  5. Hi. Could you guys do some Aztec-like stuff? I want to see some Aztec-like shit where you cut into their stomach, reach on up and pull their heart out. That would be cool. Make sure their sober and not stoned when you do it so we get the full throttle of screams. Thank you.

  6. Hahaha, she gave herself a wedgie before bitting the bullet for good.

    She should’ve stuck making delicious gorditas and barbacoa for Sunday lunch after mass. She has them flabby arms and rotound physique only a master Tacomancer can flaunt.

  7. Mmmm….
    Ever since the last usa president decided country of origin on meats was racist,..
    You can bet there’s a truckload of beef “Patty” headed into the usa destined for dollar general and walmart.

  8. I was reading the comments looking for someone to say something about how concerned she was about making sure her butt crack didn’t show while she was being beheaded – BUTT NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABUTT IT…!!! Yikers … who on earth worries abutt pulling up their underwear LITERALLY ASS THEIR LAST WILLING ACT ON EARTH…!?! Redundant question I know … bcuz apparently SHE’S THE ONE human being on the face of the earth who PULLS UP HER PANTIES WHILE BEING BEHEADED – she’s just gotta make sure the world doesn’t see her BIG ass while watching her unfortunate end – sorry abutt all of the “butt jokes” butt I just couldn’t resist – plus there was A LOT to work with.

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