Decapitation Pictures – Headless after Nasty Car Accident

Close Up Image of Decapitated Victim, Head on his Lap

This looks like a rare double decapitation. If you look closely at pictures, you will see there were two men in the car, both of them got decapitated, both of them appear to have had top half of their heads decapitated, rather than getting a clean and easy cut through their necks. I’m sure skulls are much sturdier than cervical vertebrae. Pretty nasty decapitation pictures.

I don’t know what cause an accident, but the steering wheel is on the left hand side, so it didn’t take place in the UK or Australia. Oddly enough, both headless men seem to be seated on the right. Where did the driver go? Or did the driver scoot over just before he got decapitated?

They must have hit something that was really solid to cut through their skull like that and was at the height of their heads. I was thinking of maybe a trailer pulled by a semi or something along those lines. It definitely wasn’t a head on collision. Head on wouldn’t leave both of them decapitated like that. Also notice how part of the roof is removed as if with a single cut through it. And what’s the deal with DVD boxes on the rear seat? Were they smuggling that shit or something?

Decapitation pictures gallery with two headless victims of a nasty car accident is below. You can comment on each picture individually.

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25 thoughts on “Decapitation Pictures – Headless after Nasty Car Accident”

  1. Actually I have seen this before supposedly they were DUI of alcohol, you can see the beer can in pics 2 and 3… I’m not sure but probably the driver speed way beyond the limit and lost control, crashing with the rear end of a trailer or something (I don’t know the correct name for that type of vehicle) I’ve got more pics of this accident 🙂

  2. wtf happend were thay drunk or something thats nasty if you know how it happend plz rePly /?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?

  3. Took me about five minutes: Too clean to have been a semi hit. Notice the front engine compartment. Half of the engine is sheered off and the passenger seat is gone. However, the passenger door remains. You will also note that this car had a sunroof.

    They left the road and hit a retention wire head-on. It cut through the front of the car and through the engine. At this point the G-forces cause the two victims bodies to lean right. Eventually, the wire broke and the victims were hit. The car stopped suddenly but did roll at least once. The other portion of the engine is probably near the base of the wire.

  4. The collection of pics above is missing 2 of the most important pictures of the set.. The first shows a Parked Toe-truck off on the shoulder of the road with a white V.W. Bug on the bed ..
    afew spatters of blood can be seen on the rear of the white vehicle .. The second photo shows under the Toe-Truck and the only damage is a broken Blinker signal which is hanging from a wire.. the Victims car rear ended the toe truck catching the victims heads with the sharp edge of the bed cutting both of theyre heads completely inhalf .. the photo with half of dudes head in his lap is the most shocking to me… I have the other photos i just have to find a way to upload them !!

  5. When will humans learn not to drink and drive. At least this time only the drunk drivers were killed. My uncle Herman was killed by a drunk driver. Killed his little dog too. Actually I was more upset over his little dog, Nino, than I was about Uncle Herman.

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