Decapitated on the Side of the Road

Decapitated on the Side of the Road

There are two most common types of decapitations. One is beheading (mostly) by religious fanatics, and the other is decapitation in traffic accidents. This was allegedly the latter even though the severity of the act raises some doubts. One thing that may confirm traffic accident decapitation is uneven neck wound. Though given that many beheadings by knife don’t go very smoothly and the executioner struggles to severe the head, neck wounds in such cases would also look bumpy lumpy. On the other hand – this victim also misses his hand which appears to have been ripped off and has what appears as potential road-rash on his shoulders. Quite possibly a traffic accident decapitation on the side of the road.

There’s a lot of blood on the ground and to add insult to injury, there appears to be a drain nearby. I can’t see his left foot – maybe he lost that one too, unless it’s just not visible from the angle at which the picture was taken. His head rolled off away from the body and landed on the severed neck with open mouth. Oddly, hair looks like it was just combed.

Gallery of pictures of what appears as traffic accident decapitation of a pedestrian on the side of the road is below:

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15 thoughts on “Decapitated on the Side of the Road”

  1. anybody get the feeling it could have involved a machete? although it’s hard to tell, his body doesn’t seem that bashed up.

    and wth is that thing on the floor next to where his head would be. looks like a fan or something O_o and woah that’s some amount of blood, the kinda thing you see on GTA.

  2. Well muslim separatists in Thailand have been very busy beheading buddhists in Thailand, but, usually they leave a note on the body. And I saw that little thing next to his head too !! I was thinking “good thing there’s a little drain” hahaaaa XD it looks like the drain in my sink.

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