Decapitation and Stabbing Deaths in Brazilian Prison

Decapitation and Stabbing Deaths in Brazilian Prison

Beheadings, stabbings and other means of murder are a common occurrence in Brazilian prisons. You may recall the pictures of prison riot in Pedrinhas which left 14 inmates dead. Or these beheadings of rival gang members in the same prison complex. Or this inmate getting repeatedly stabbed in the heart, just to name a few.

Video below alleges to show another aftermath of similar violence in a Brazilian prison. It appears to show three male inmates dead, two of whom were decapitated. The corpses also appear to have their torsos riddled with stab wounds.

Unfortunately I do not have any particulars, such as which prison the video is from. I however like how the corpse’s hand folds up at 0:05.

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    1. That would have scared me at first if I touched a dead dude and he moved his arm to a more comfortable position lol. I know it was reflex but the first thing I would have thought was, oh Fuck zombie.

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          1. ‘Prizes’

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