Decapitated Woman Found on Side of Road in Acapulco

Decapitated Woman Found on Side of Road in Acapulco

The decapitated body of a woman was located in the vicinity of the colony Los Mangos in the port city of Acapulco, Mexico. According to Mexican police, the woman had been kidnapped by armed persons just hours before she was found.

The victim, whose identity is unknown, was approximately 25 years old, was barefoot, and was wearing black jeans. She had a sack put over her headless body, and her severed head was in a separate bag.

Next to the body was a narcomensaje with the following message:

Aquí está tu gente Encina vamos por ti viejito mierda, te tenemos ubicado pinche viejito cagado, atte: Doña Lola

According to Google Translate, it means:

Here is your people Encina let yourself oldie crap, you have located oldie fucking shit, attn: Doña Lola

Mexico still has it:

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        1. Hmm. Helluvan offer @brokeback – but tell me…you don’t have any snuff film fantasies you want to bring to life – far away from our home & native land, do you? I do NOT wanna run away with you if you’re going to do me (tongue in cheek pun intended) & post it here. Just sayin’.

  1. I was really hoping El Chapo’s son would have gotten the liquidated by CJNG when they kidnapped him…I think I speak for everyone on here when I say that we’re ready for some good ol’ cartel videos again.

  2. Hello everyone! This actually translates into, “Here is your fucking people, we are coming after you, Encina (assuming guys name) you old piece of shit. We have located you, you old shit. Side note! I’d fucking carry some cyanide pills with me if I was Encino. My final fuck you to my beheader and my enemy.

  3. victoms sheep for the wolf the wolf feast upon all yet time may sway sheep to evolve as a lion devouring the wolf. no group nor power shall last as power can and will change time defeats all when there fed up they will do something about it. i love to see bullys eating there own shi* or the picked on people feeding it by force.

  4. Long after her head had been severed one of her eye is still up to winking at someone ………..
    That message read ” We the beheders weren’t happy in the way she did her pedicure cuz the nail polishing was done very clumsily while there are so many parlours to go to.
    Another someone if we’re gonna find will meet the same fate unless they are careful with their chiropody ”
    Its not about cartel but chiropody …..and this goes out to all the dames living in the colony of Los Mangos .

    1. You’re one fucked up motherfucker for referring to this woman as a “whore”–hope the women in your life are never subjected to such brutality and utter savagery. Yes, we are all gore fiends here and our likemindedness brings about comradary; nevertheless, you’re one heartless cunt yourself for speaking such about a likely victim of a retaliatory hit. Smh. My distinct distain for humanity never ceases to worsen.

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          1. You’re one fucked up motherfucker for referring to this woman as a “whore”

            hope the women in your life are never subjected to such brutality and utter savagery.

            hahaha she then says ‘bitch-ass man who clearly received no loving compassion from his mother’ .
            well thats some great logic you have there cunt .. one sentence you expect us to worship you because you are a ‘woman’ then you proceed to mock somebody if they dont have a mother, which would make the mother a scumbag and therefore deserved of no respect. you backwards cunt your argument is as pissy and weak as your stinky hole .. whore.

    1. It’s a name, generaly all this kind of people have a very bad orthography, don’t write with cap letters, change “g” with “j” or “s” with “z” and write “h” where they want, that’s why is hard to translate.

  5. Sure enough you guys all know what this means right?
    The cartel is baaaaaack! we’re in for a real treat I am sure with a bunch of brand new videos from the cruelest forms of torture to plain cold blooded murder.
    This is awesome I love the shit :p

  6. I thought the message was in Portuguese and Acapulco was actually Caruaru lol

    the first three words of the message are the same in Portuguese but “jente” got me like: oh this bastard doesn’t even know his own language. But then I saw “mierda” and I noticed it is Spanish actually.

  7. deathfetishfemale.. amen, to often people refuse to see both sides of brutal murder judging photos as if they knew the victom. the truth is probly sad and sadistic. i like that comment..

  8. How is anybody that comes and enjoys this site “normal”. Yes my mother was a full on prostitute whore. So i think I know whores when I see one and I see many woman that are whores. I don’t wish anybody bad but but it is so obvious how many women are whores. This site is all about telling the truth and not hiding behind preconceived ideas that woman are just naturally and by default special “princesses”. It is just not the truth.

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