Defenders of Eastern Ukraine Find Mass Grave with Corpses of Their Friends

Defenders of Eastern Ukraine Find Mass Grave with Corpses of Their Friends

Group of volunteers who took up the arms to defend the people in Eastern Ukraine from bloodthirsty henchmen of war criminal Petro Poroshenko found a mass grave with corpses of their friends who had been captured by the Ukrainian Army earlier.

As is explained in the video, 3 to 4 weeks ago, a group of eight defenders was captured by the Ukrainian Army. There were negations to do the prisoner exchange in order to get these boys back, but that never materialized.

After the Ukrainian army left, following their stint of murder and pillaging in the village, the defenders came to see if there were any survivors who told them that the Uks tortured, and executed their comrades in cold blood. The survivors then pointed them in the direction of the area where the boys were taken after they were last seen.

The defenders searched around there and found a mass grave with five bodies in it, and additional three bodies nearby. Corpses had bullet holes in the back of their skulls, one body was decapitated.

Skip to 1:14 to get past spoken word tribute to the fallen.

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    1. the 1st guy says that the victims were captured in early morning (~4-5 a.m.) and were being brutalized until midday

      the 2nd guy mentions a local old lady who told him that ukrainian soldiers (he calls them “jackals”) were torturing two of his comrades all the night

      the 3rd guy tells us that about 10 days ago a group of 8 of his comrades was captured by ukrainian militaries. a mutual agreement was made to swap the captives, but the ukrainians broke their promises, killed the prisoners, buried them like dogs and (allegedly) planted landmines in the spot or left some other “presents”, as they usually do, to prevent their opponents from taking bodies out. at the end he says he and his men were told that the prisoners would be safe, and this is how safe they are now

      the 4th man says that local residents told them the militias had been murdered somewhere nearby and pointed the place, where the bodies were found. one of the corpses was headless. five corpses were in common grave, one was found occasionaly laying in the field. one of the the victims has his hands tied and his head shot at the back; the ukrainians brought the man to his knees, shot him in the temple and haven’t untied the body. by the end the speaker says that this is what the ukrainian army does to maintain peace and protect the civilians, and concludes with wishes of good health to the murderers; it is for god to decide, how good it will be

  1. So, all the slain dogs were brought here
    The rest of the dogs left out on that day swam helplessly in fear
    Blood shed! Mothers, sons and daughters drowning in tears
    But as i behold these tombs now of the heroes we hold so dear
    I now recall quite clear why we must remember them year after year

    Dash Black

  2. Sad 🙁 Cannot fathom finding my buddies skeletons after hearing about the pillaging and murders.Here in California its dangerous with the gangs and predators, shit happens but usually if you provoke your own drama, but to actually live like this, omfd. I wake up every morning like “damn am I reading a fiction story? Nope this really happened Im looking at it ”
    Grateful for my peace!!

    1. Don’t know (not asking) what part you’re in, but here in San Jose what you say applies. Sadly tho, as I’m white, I’m pretty much immune, because random violence happens often to folks of the same looking ethnicity as the various gangs. Innocents end up as victims a lot, but just as often it’s people who act like an ass douche ‘right’ or not. I often travel through Oakland, Salinas, Richmond… occasionally LA, and friends I have that have histories that live in these places, it can be like Baghdad on a brisk day. And then when you’ve also got the very unfriendly police to worry about, well… they can be worse more often than those they’re supposedly ‘policing’… Here in San Jose, well have mutilated bodies go unreported for a few days sometimes when they’re in a public “park” located in a particularly bad area. Some of the shit that commonly happens is surreal to hear about from people I know who live there who are just trying to get through each day. Forget normalcy…

  3. Russia is LAST gate that’s stooping Satanic servants: USA, GB and IsraHELL(i will say)governments.
    I don’t want to believe that people in this countries are for that shit. At list not all and those are definitelly here on Best Gore.

    1. Nobody is stealing land from Ukraine.
      2 regions in eastern Ukraine said: we want a referendum about federalization, because we don`t want to live in nazi country. You know, Germany is a Federation, Russia is a Federation – it works.
      Kiev said: Nope, fuck you. Heil Hitler. Heil Ukraine. And started moving tanks into cities. Then they got ass kicked, moved tanks out of cities and now are just bombing cities and villages with reactive and chemical(phosphorus) artillery.
      Watch TV more, where Russia is still communist, Putin eats babies and shoots Malasyan planes(because why not), and Russian Evil Army is invading countries with no tanks, no jets and no army. Because why would Russia invade whole Ukraine in 2 weeks using tank brigades, aerial supremacy and thousands of troops. Let`s just send 500 secret _Ivan_Russian_Spy_xxx people and wait 5 years.

      1. not want to live in a “Nazi” country but want to live in a Zionist / communist / globalist and anti white parents? both countries are controlled by Jews, this war is a war casualties among different Jewish gangs !

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