Defiant Response to the Bombing of Tyrants – ISIS Behead Man by Sword

Defiant Response to the Bombing of Tyrants - ISIS Behead Man by Sword

ISIS has released a new video, the title of which translates as “Defiant Response to the Bombing of Tyrants“. The video was reportedly filmed in Nineveh Governorate of Iraq.

The video starts with images of destruction apparently caused by aerial bombardment of areas under control of Islamic State. Aside from material damage to property, torn up remains of victims, including children are shown.

Later, a young man dressed up in an orange jumpsuit is shown being interrogated. He probably wasn’t a soldier, just some random, young guy who was unlucky enough to end up being captured. ISIS accused him of “dealing with the Iraqi army” and executed him “in retaliation for the strikes by the coalition.”

The execution was carried out by beheading by curved blade sword. In line with other professionally edited videos released by Islamic State, the moments leading to the execution are presented in slow motion, with dramatic images of masked gunmen standing guard, and the moment of beheading is partially censored out.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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      1. Everything it’s fine I guess I could say normal 🙂 I just love beheadings it’s an inevitable death I mean there’s no cure you know for sure that your enemy/victim is dead and there’s no turning back simply a perfect way to kill/die 🙂

      2. Islamic state is not a Christian they are from hell
        this are idiots hope this shit soon die
        fuck all idiot allah
        Allah from hell!

        so much sick never belive in god this sick people is only welcome to hell not more.

  1. For fucks sake… they allways cut the best part… 🙁 This had great potencial, but hey, at least we had some blood squirting from his neck… 😆

    Do people really think that ISIS cares for any of those innocents? Its really just a pretext for them to kill some random people unjustifiably…

    “Oh noez, they killed my pet ant… oh well, i guess ill have to murder a few dozen random people for it now…” 😆

    1. I’ve notice that a lot of the isis guys have Oakley Factory Pilot/S.I. Assault Gloves. and I wonder how they are getting them! Like, I know they came up on a lot of M16’s and shit from supplies meant for the Kurds. possibly the gloves were included?? I used to wear them for motorcycle gloves, and they’re great!

  2. that guy in the orange jumpsuit is kicking it with the big dogs because he handled that shit like a champ. as for all of you pussy fied head choppers you just show me what real men act at the time of their death.

    1. I don’t know how he was able to stay so calm and obeying them without fighting back. But I do notice how submissive most of the victims are in these beheading videos. Maybe they are drugged up?

      1. I read somewhere a defector ‘executioner’ said that they tell them they’re only making a film. It’s not until they’re sitting in the thick of it that actual terror comes out, and by that time it’s too late. I’d like to think I’d cause enough fuss so they’d kill me on the spot after capture so they wouldn’t be able to dramatize my death.

        1. The executions seems pretty routine, (ie: interview, victims being lead to site, execute) so I would say the victims know what’s about to happen. If it was me, I’d fight til my last breath. I would make them shoot me and not give these fucks the satisfaction of chopping off my head while I’m alive.

  3. I think this is pretty much proof of consciousness right after the beheading. Look at how his faced was completely relaxed before the blade hit his neck, and then the grin on his face after his head rebounded off the ground. Too bad they edited this video to shit, freaking retards!!

    1. Although I want to believe, I saw no signs of consciousness after that blade sliced through his neck……..

      The uncensored beheading a few posts back possibly showed the eyes open and look around, but it’s very hard to tell…….

      The French did experiments on this in the 17oo’s ( or sometime before ‘modern medicine’ was born) and I think they came to the conclusion that death is death……..

  4. If you look at the slow motion, you can see his face grimacing. He might even have had his eyes closed before the blade cut his head off, and then reopened his eyes after being beheaded. It demonstrates that he was conscious for at least 2 seconds after…

      1. @Necropheliac Spatt……. ahha, I see. If a “known hitman” once told you is correct, that means “you live by chocking your bishop, you’ll die by chocking your bishop”? Ain’t that right???
        Cut the crap man!!! You must’ve heard it in a game, in a movie, or read it in a paper. Just don’t try to impress us here.

  5. Why did the majority of “bombing victims” have no head? Is there decapitating ordinence now??? Smells of propoganda. “Hey muhammed , lets cut off these kafirs heads and put them in this hideout so when the ‘muricans bomb it we call blame them for killing civilians” . Don’t get me wrong, obviously there are innocents killed but that seemed shady….this beheading by sword has to be the most humane way to be murdered. I think i may not mind if it came down to it.

  6. Compare the US cops and ISIS. Usually the cops beat the civilian before execution, ISIS just makes the “admit” their sins in a boring monologue before execution. Hmm, not sure which I’d prefer – but I’m leaning toward the Beheading. :mrgreen:

  7. I dont understand why israel is tagged here.. what does israel have to do with isis? uploader is obviously mad. blaming israel for everything. even for the hunger in africa lol
    im a christian living in israel,and I dont really like it here but this guy living in a lie

  8. They need to stop with theatrical bullshit and go back to normal beheadings. The shit they keep posting is fucking retarded. Showing the actual beheading holds more shock value than their fucking SyFy channel esc bullshit movies!

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