Desert Jeep Jump Ends in a Spectacular Nose Plant

Desert Jeep Jump Ends in a Spectacular Nose Plant

Not too much info around on this video, but it seems to be in Australia.

A dare devil had a bright idea to try and get some desert air in his jeep, and also seemed to have a brilliant idea to film it. Everything seems to be going well (if you are to ignore the shit scared cameraman), until the jeep takes flight. It only gets roughly 4 foot in the air and decides to go nose first in a spectacular fashion into a sand bank.

If you watch the guy in the left of the jeep you can see him try to brace himself for a rough landing, only to get thrown out right in front of jeep. He seems to be alright, which you can’t really say for the driver who had his whole body smash into the steering wheel – definitely some broken rips there.

This is one sure way to turn off your vehicle:

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