Dismembered and Decapitated Parts of Teen Found in Dublin, Ireland

Photo Allegedly Showing Dismembered and Decapitated Corpse of Keane Mulready Woods

Dismembered and Decapitated Parts of Teen Found in Dublin, Ireland

On Sunday January 12, 2020, 17 year old Keane Mulready Woods of Drogheda in Ireland disappears after being last seen by family and friends. Having been linked to two warring gangs in Dublin, the teen had received death threats.

The following day, a taxi driver is shot at while carrying a passenger on the Bridge of Peace in Drogheda. The driver is non fatally wounded, the passenger manages to escape. The police believe the passenger was involved in Keane Mulready Woods’ disappearance and the shooting was an attempt at retaliation.

Later that day, local teenagers discover a bag with a human arm and legs in Coolock. Meanwhile, firefighters in Drumcondra put out a car fire and find a severed head in the trunk.

The decapitated and dismembered body, torso covered with dozens of wounds is then found in a house in Mountjoy. Gardai officially confirm the body is that of Keane Mulready-Woods.

Props to Best Gore member @dublingore and @ianstone for pics and videos alleging to show the remains of Keane Mulready Woods:

This is another video doing the rounds in Ireland. Allegedly made by the people who murdered the young man. Props to Best Gore member @djsham for this one:

Gallery of pics supposedly of the 17 year old dismembered in Dublin. Props to Best Gore member @cobh for these:

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  1. Damn I didnt know Dublin was getting this bad …they might give mexico some competition this year …its nice to see a change for a bit ..let’s see what this years gore brings us

      1. Yeah that’s a fact …I think only brazil can truly compete with mexico .but there’s always hope for others lol …here’s to a bloody new year may it be filled with gore

  2. It was a two Horse race between Mexico & Brazil for the “most dangerous country” award. It is nice to see that Ireland has entered the race making it more competitive & interesting.

    We shall see how this unfolds as retaliation kills are expected.

    Sieg Heil
    A. Hitler.

    1. Brazil is changing Adolph, no bad guys can break into my house because they know you can use Rifle 223 with high speed ammo.

      They found out the hard way that I had a gun, some of them are no longer with us.

        1. I’ve been banned on multiple websites at this point (twice on tumblr for posting blood shit, once on Twitter, and recently on YouTube), so I finally graduated to Best Gore. Feels good to be free.

          1. @extrapulate, no it’s just me wearing nitrile gloves while taking a photo. The thing in my hand is the phone. I finished lab work for a class and thought I looked ridiculous so I captured the moment. Not pictured is the mask I was also wearing (working with chemicals).

          2. I think Mike meant your background pic on your profile page. I too have been wondering about that pic as I’m almost sure I’ve seen it before somewhere. @janiel

          3. Alrighty, it’s not important, I just thought I’d seen it before but I think I’ve seen a bigger or a fuller picture. It could be part of a movie, maybe? No big deal, I was just curious.
            Good to see you back; I noticed you missing for a few days. 😀 @janiel

  3. It’s not him. When I get the real thing I will share it.. I’ve received about 30 videos and more images claiming it to be him, but it’s not, that’s not a house in rathmullen either, plus, I know the people who done it and they didn’t record the aftermath, so sorry it’s fake. Like i said I’ll post the real thing when everything calms down here first. Anybody with that video is likely to be arrested so nobody is sharing the real thing at all.. be about another month or so. Information description is totally wrong, the stomach was found in a burned out car, limbs in a bag near ballybough, and the head was thrown into a traveler site.

    1. Holy crap. Good to know the better details. Please update us, and thanks for this update. Shits gets weirder all the time these days. Definitely don’t put yourself in any position where it could compromise your self well being or others because of these shitbags.

    2. Everything, but absolutely everything you said is a big fat crock of shit.

      Gardaí confirmed the human limbs were found dumped in an estate in Coolock and DNA tests confirmed they belonged to Keane Mulready-Woods.

      Gardaí also confirmed his severed head was found in a burnt-out stolen car in Drumcondra.

      Lastly, Gardai said that they are investigating the reports of images and videos circulating on social messaging apps.


      While tat doesn’t prove the video is of Keane Mulready-Woods, it does prove you are full of shit to the rim, so whatever you else you decide to say is also bound to be a crock of shit.

      1. Oh sorry, I didn’t know that the Garda link meant that is what happened.. idiot.. who do you think put the parts in the car?? You honestly think Travellers will keep his head on their site? As well as the rest of his parts that where dumped originally where I said? At rival gangs places, you think they want that heat near their base of operations?? Listen I know what happened, I have first hand knowledge, His parts were moved by the people who were the targets for his remains, as a warning.. I’m not giving names I’m not that stupid.. but if you try to tell me I’m talking bullshit again then we will have a problem.. and believe me, that kid went through severe pain, eoin Maguire got the video and then he retaliated and shot John Myles. They found blood in Crosby’s house in rathmullen where he was killed, tools were dumped in ballsgrove in a bush and then found.. am I losing you here by any chance? I was already questioned by the guards, I know it all, tried to get me to talk but I wasn’t that stupid, but I’ll tell you this, I’ll never forget the fear or the screams. Put it that way, so want to test me on these facts ?

        1. Gonna have big problems? Fuck me! And then you say you’re not stupid I don’t name names

          Then named names and events and also brought attention to yourself! Imagine if the guards see your post
          “I’m in the know I know who did it” you think that’s not of interest to the police and the gangs?!

          What a a fucking wolly

          1. are you infantalized or something? Because you certainly don’t know the real world at all. why don’t you send this crap to the guards then? Oh that’s right! They already fucking know!!! You think I’m going to actually talk about the people that they don’t know? See how dumb you actually are, those people are already caught so I can talk about them, unfortunately you won’t know that yet with your shitty independent links and what not. Oooh the gangs, the big bad gangs.. hahaha.. bunch of nobodies that think they are something. That’s why Keane got cut up to pieces in his swanky Fred Perry outfit, thought he was part of a big bad gang. Personally I would have done it myself if i had the chance to. BTW your IP address is wide open. Just food for thought.

  4. weeell, we teamed up with a group of forensic experts and professors in the last 48 hours and came to the conclusion, that simply this guy must have pissed of the wrong guys.

    Yeah, we are so smart here in Zurich.


    1. I suppose you’re a yank that believes Irish people are leprechauns too… Jaysus get your head outta the sand there’s been gangs on this Island for ages we were the first gangs formed in America ffs, but to answer you’re question yea there’s Drug gangs over here especially in Dublin people getting murdered especially shot is a regular thing and no we don’t have them stupid lucky charms… Yet probably do but fuck that shite

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    1. Yep, Couldnt have said that better myself. You get what you put in. This dead guy is the one that chopped that little girl in the back with the machete. That video is floating around here on best gore. There was a little 13 or 14yo girl who got sliced by some prick with a machete, and the adults were screaming about it, and about how they couldnt go after the men, so they attacked a defenseless young girl. This is payback for that, he had it coming 100%, I feel no pity for this one, 17 or not, Dont play with knives if you dont want to meet the ice truck killer. You stab a young little girl who is barley 100lbs and not even old enough to fuck yet, this is what you get. I have no sympathy when someone who hurts children gets killed. To me its 1 less scumbag out in the world. I could be wrong, but im almost sure this is the same guys, same voice, so im almost 100% sure this was the retaliation from that, and probably alot more that we dont know about. This is my opinion. I could be dead wrong, so dont quote me, I have nothing else to go on but his voice. but damn that sounds like the same guy to me!

  5. Just another day in The Emerald Isle really, they love this kinda thing in Ireland it’s just something different from having a shirtlifter for a Prime Minister and the humdrum monotony of stoning vehicles and blowing up people and buildings par for the course…….

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