Dismembered and Decapitated Remains Shown Off by Traffickers in Brazil

Dismembered and Decapitated Remains Shown Off by Traffickers in Brazil

Brazil again? In the video, a group of alleged drug traffickers show off for the camera the remains of a man whom they decapitated and dismembered.

I hear them say CV multiple times, referring to Comando Vermelho (The Red Command), but it’s unclear to me they they are members of CV who killed a rival, or if they are rivals who killed a member of CV.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Dismembered and Decapitated Remains Shown Off by Traffickers in Brazil”

  1. Inflicting pain and humiliation to your rival is one thing – and once he is gone, your appetite for these should be fulfilled. Other than that, all that decapitation, stabbing, and dismemberment is only to fulfill your vanity and display your superiority to your rivals. All such nonsensical act is an epitome of “bull-fucking-shit”!

  2. Boring. Why didn’t those bumblefucks make a video while they we’re dismembering and beheading him? That would’ve been awsome to see! Now that the damage is done, there is no more entertainment in it.

  3. The guy that was dead was a CV member killed by a rival gang that I can’t identify in this video, but maybe the rival gang was the FDN (Família do Norte or North Family), I am not sure, because there are so many gangs in north that is almost impossible try to identify… Moreover, I know that FDN and CV are allies, so, my guess is that they are PCC members. PCC has member over the entire Brazil, from south to north, and PCC is in a war against CV. Other thing to interpret is that after the video ends probably they had take off his heart, cause I heard something like “Eu quero o coração dele”, what means “[now] I want [grab or take] his heart”.

    By their accent they are from north of Brazil.

    1. The accent of these people from the north of Brazil is awful, even more when they have that ghetto style way of talking with shitty slangs. They’re killing the Portuguese language.

  4. I hate this world. You work your fingers to the bone for barely enough resources and money to stay alive, in order to make another man rich, while all the while enduring and witnessing the evils of the world, just to one day die and rot in a grave while maggots consume your corpse. Maybe one day “god” will enlighten us as to why our souls were condemned to this hell we think we love.

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