Driver of Small Hyundai Dies in Collision with Large Truck

Car Driver Split Skull Crashing Into Truck

Driver of Small Hyundai Dies in Collision with Large Truck

All the backinfo I got is that a small Hyundai Eon hatchback collided with a loaded truck. The incident happened on a rainy day in the south of India.

Looks like the truck won. As a matter of fact, there’s hardly a dent on the truck. And I don’t see any seatbelt around the driver of the car. I wonder if, in spite of the damage to his vehicle, the seatbelt could have saved the guy’s life. He obviously slammed his head on the dash or windscreen when the impact happened. A seatbelt may have stopped his head from thrusting forward with so much momentum.

Props to Best Gore member @vigked for the pics:

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        1. yes, well, it pop out XD

          you can see it in pictures, the yellow bag. its the airbag.

          but airbag aint very efficient in huge impact anyway. and add more chance to knock you out or even kill you by broking spine or something.

  1. My buddy bought what he thought was a fiesta in texas for $75 and drove it for a year, then he got into an accident going under 40 mph. Everyone was wearing a seat belt however all people aboard were killed, it looked like someone went to town on it with a jaws of life, turns out it was a Honda festiva with a crash rating so bad it was illegal outside of mexico that is why the seller doctored the title

  2. Well that proves it, those hyundais are shite, buy a kia, i got a sportage and i hit a darkies bmw one nignt, his door was well dented, and only a scratch to my bumper, well happy about that.. anyway, one less delivery driver to infiltrate a soft country, fuck him….

  3. The description made me laugh.
    Right where it says ‘don’t see a seatbealt around the driver’.

    Hahaha, a seatbelt in that tiny hunk of tinfoil wrapped plastic swizzlesticks?

    That car was like riding around inside a flying tomato, hahaha!

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