Drunk Young Man Is Stabbed to Death in Morocco, Witnesses Search His Pockets to Rob Him

Drunk Young Man Is Stabbed to Death in Morocco, Witnesses Search His Pockets to Rob Him

This happened a week ago. I had the video back then, but too much has been happening lately and I have not had the chance to post it when it was fresh. Better late than never?

The incident happened in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Agadir, a city in Morocco. The video shows an altercation on the street at night between a group of drunk people. The altercation quickly escalates and one man gets stabbed by another to death. The attacker also slashes the victims throat in a curbside fashion reminiscent of ISIS videos.

The young people were out and about to celebrate the Boughlod (not sure what that is) on the occasion of Eid al-Adha – an important Muslim holiday commemorating the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son to prove his obedience to God’s command.

The killer escaped on the motorcycle and last I heard, he was still at large. Props to everyone who sent the video. Too many to mention:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. Lmao…all I had to do was read the title, I didn’t even need to watch the video. This is Morocco. I’m sure there’s a guy there who would be perfectly willing to murder a poor little widow and her two babies simply to allow a cockroach to cross the road safely.

  3. this is why you shouldnt get drunk in public specially in poor societies or bad neighborhoods but when you drunk you always do stupid thinks many times happens to me when i was drunk enought to get beaten down and stealed so im stop doing it or try to stay home but many times when i wasnt totally drunk i beat my self many guys too this is life even in europe ….killing can come always by accident no matter what so its stupid …just dont get wasted and carry important things with you like money or documents etc sorry for my bad gramar 😀

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