Duct Tape Head Beheaded by Cartel in Mexico

Duct Tape Head Beheaded by Cartel in Mexico

Duct Tape Head Beheaded by Cartel in Mexico

Cartel group in Mexico behead a man duct taped around face til dead. Unlike, this beheading with no air holes, this man has plenty of holes to inhale and exhale as need be.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. You sure do like bathies time with guys, don’t you? Just keep the poor rubber ducky out of it, you’ll get weird looks when you’re walking around squeaking with each step… I’d rather be a cracker than a quacker.

  1. I’m not sure why the victim had to be duck taped ? as it is a mere mention of the cartel and their presence must have paralyzed him with with unknown fear . Basically they wasted lengths and lengths of duck tape . I guess they were trying to instill dark fear within him and to the others of his cartel as well ;he’d been nabbed from to stop meddling around.
    Lastly plenty of oxygen was for him to inhale before bidding his last agonal goodbyes ; cursing himself as being a gutter rat ; that he was.

      1. You could be right but when someone is in a lion’s den its the horrific spell which may leave most go speechless . even the sounds are gonna go unheard as the ears go numb . The victim sits watching in silence as the minutes tick by knowing death is only seconds away.
        But then you could be right .

      1. By duct taping him they actually caused blood to concentrate heavily above the neck area ; if ya see his bulged out eyes and that swelled up nose ,its
        enough to conclude what happens when someone’s duct taped . And with the first snick or a cut you’ll have the blood oozing out like a fount.

        And yes of course there’s no denying it will aid in concealing the identity , but that’s that.

          1. Its like ya said cartel game of roulette with “truth or dare” playing with the victim………….. and the gangsters have it in them to enjoy wicked acts in shaming humanity and they have no qualms about it .
            For ’em its uglier the better each day.
            They know when their own existence is so very uncertain why not play around a bit in the dungeons and be self entertained before their time’s up.

  2. i m sorry but…

    what the fuck is this mean ?

    “Cartel group in Mexico behead a man duct taped around face til dead.”

    is the cartel behead him until dead ? (wich is kind of logic lol)
    or did they duct tape him until dead ? (wtf ?!)
    what kind of english language is that ? i know i m not english soo i probably just dont udnerstand the grammar but.. i think something is wrong in this line :/

  3. mexico, making my night better, once again! i do want to give a quick shout of appreciation to the man in back, nice choice of dark colored shoes there! no ruining your kicks with all that blood. nice.

    and a question, why the duct tape??? i rather enjoy seeing the faces.

    love you mexico <3

  4. I definitely think this guy has beheaded before. I would like them to use super glue and maybe glue his lips together, then kill him. I think they should change their m.o. a bit. To keep things interesting.

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