Dutch Jihadist Khalid K. Poses with More Severed Heads

Dutch Jihadist Khalid K. aka Abudurahman Poses with More Severed Heads

If this guy looks strangely familiar to you, that’s because we’ve seen him at Best Gore before. I kind of thought he’d be dead by now, but apparently not.

The jihadist is known as Khalid K. aka Abudurahman. He was born in Iraq but immigrated to the Netherlands and settled in Almere. He was a welfare recipient and lived off of Dutch social security because he was found to suffer from claustrophobia and schizophrenia – for 10 years.

A few months have passed since his posing for the photo with 5 severed heads made Khalid K. famous, and now he’s back posing for a photo with 7 severed heads impaled on spokes of a fence. Here at Best Gore we’ve seen videos of this very fence with these heads impaled on it so that basically tells us that Khalid K. was in Ar-Raqqa when the Islamic State took over Division 17 and decapitated captured Syrian soldiers.

183 thoughts on “Dutch Jihadist Khalid K. Poses with More Severed Heads”

      1. Thats not Khalid K….. Thats the Paedophile prophet who’s name is Muhammed , the same guy who used to rape female war captives whilst their husbands were still alive.

        At least its muslims killing muslims which is always pleasing to see….

  1. omg. that is so damn crazy looking. I realized that one of the heads belonged to a living man that is standing behind the fence. why is the guy standing behind the fence? It is just extra weird that he is chillin with all the dead heads.

    1. Not sure, but the comments on it would include popular sheeple-isms like…

      “Does he like head, or nah?”

      “43-8” (From a football fan)

      And a meme featuring The Most Interesting Man in the World that reads “I don’t always pose with the beheaded, but when I do, I make sure everybody knows that my head is number 1.”

          1. So if it means different in the UK what cheeky means then? Here in the states can mean a few different things like,
            Well dress for a girl,nice butt,withjeans on um,happy out going girl ,old or young just cheeky but not Chicky ,then you’ll look like a piece of a chicken wing ..,chic breast my fav

        1. Let me tell you guys what it really means.

          Cheeky , or being cheeky, is usually a reference to a person … usually a youngster, who is answering back or mouthing off.

          It also refers to a less serious way, a jokey disposition, someone who likes to poke a little fun in a nice sort of way. Kind of like cheekyme herself.

  2. He has three heads too many for a rendition of Queen’s bohemian rhapsody and not enough to perform anything by Talking Heads, maybe it’s a work in progress.

    Anyway, I hope this rapscallion gets banned from returning to the Netherlands because he just doesn’t seem to be very well balanced you know, a bit of an oddball if you ask me.

  3. I wonder if he has mother issues as well….hope to see his own severed head on here soon…perhaps Syrian boy can do this world a favor and put one between his eyes….it’s ashame how outsiders and the Zionist backers have destroyed this country and all the killings to weaken israels neighbor….a German politician was asking why are we educating syrians in his country to take over the Syrian govt after Assad is over thrown….can you imagine if any country was training Americans to replace our own obamas regime? Look at the mess caused by the USA funded regime change in Kiev….there was a good reason Putin created the BRICS 80….

    1. I don’t think so.If you watch that video,you see the guy giving an interview by himself,and becomes emotional when he speaks of orphaned kids etc etc.To me they don’t look the same.In fact that guy was from Belgium right?They (him and his son) left Belgium because of the infidel’s there etc. and hoped on the ISIS band wagon.

  4. Just another psychopath among many.If one was able to look into the medical history of these fellas I would bet you would find a lot of psychological anti social issues with them,and then birds of a feather………

  5. Here in Australia the filthy Muslim cunts have been travelling over to the Nation of Islam to undertake in jihadist shite, the prime minister has just said no more dole for the scabs on their return, maybe they can get a job then?

  6. Schizophrenia He’s in the right place to stop taking his Meds maybe one day someone will repay the favor and we will see that Mug stuck on spike also those Jihadis see people with Mental illness as less than Human they might use him now but eventually he’ll start driving them nuts and they’ll euthanize Him using the Nazi rule

          1. @stomper As far as I know those fences are mostly on bridges, so they throw the keys in the river. Well thats how I saw it once.
            I’ll keep by putting heads on them. πŸ™‚

    1. Not sure but it happens since the beginings and worldwide; perhaps is due to the fact that we have all the perception organs in the head, so it stands like the focus of the interaction with “the person itself” whatever it means in different context.

      Perhaps is like when the computer gets freezed in the middle of something so pissed people often hit the monitor instead to the CPU. TLDR version: we are just stupid monkeys.

    1. Because its the ultimate marvel of architecture in the middle east. They were used of things made of stone and wood… and a fence made of iron!?

      “BLASPHEMY! Infidel fence!! We must shove infidel heads on infidel iron fence!! Alan’s Snackbar!!”

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