Dying Chechen Beheaded and Violated by Ahrar ash-Sham in Syria

Dying Chechen Beheaded and Violated by Ahrar ash-Sham in Syria

Ahrar ash-Sham, like ISIS, are friends of Israel, fighting for Israeli interests. The ultimate goal of both is to ensure the democratically elected and secular Syrian government is overthrown, and replaced with puppet regime that lets the Yahoodi control the country’s banking and natural resources. Still, despite serving the same master, Ahrar ash-Sham and ISIS fight with each other, to ensure none grows too strong to eventually become a problem for Israel.

In this video, Ahrar ash-Sham behead a dying Chechen mujaheddin who was fighting for ISIS. The Chechen doesn’t have much fuel left in his tank, and can barely talk, but tries to fight the blade off when it sinks into his throat. He’s also Laid on the ground with his pants down and legs spread apart, giving rise to suspicion that he had been sexually violated.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video.

Originally Published on: Aug 27, 2015 @ 21:03
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Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video once deleted by prochan:

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    1. I thought the victim was dead already before they kicked him. I was surprized to find out i was wrong. Then i got shocked again when another dude jumped on his neck with a knife like his juggular was a steak.

          1. Lmao I like you to brother broke (no homo) I shorten just about everyone’s username if it’s longer than one syllable lol

          2. @mama you’d pay to see me @broke and @wreck in a threesome?? And here I thought you were a stand up woman…

            Oh btw… Whatever you ‘may’ here about me in the near future… Please know that it was entirely @brokes idea…

          3. Besides about the threesome. Did y’all notice I wasn’t a part of that scenario for at least 4-5 comments. And I’m tired so I have no clue anymore about anything. That’s what I get for telling my friends they can contact me any

          4. Oops, I thought the threesome was three guys, I didn’t see your name there train wreck, that’s why it would be funny. I feel like a right perve now offering to pay to see you and two guys, that’s not what I meant, honest.

        1. Naah, bombs are too quick and too impersonal. I imagine how I jack up the knife into his guts, slowly turning it, looking right into his eyes with wild grin, and asking “Where is your Allah now? Oh I know, he’s too busy fucking goats” just to let him die feeling deeply offended.

      1. @atucker31
        No babe he still had some living daylights on him but looked dead though . But why in every footage you see them beheading someone is because they are cannibals and love eating meat by ripping open the skull and cooking that gray matter .serving for them sizzling hot , salted with some lime shot .

      1. Something about seeing people suffer makes me feel a certain way. Been a member for many years and lynching, rapes, beheading still require some time for me to watch. But I always watch. It’s just life and death at the end of the day

        1. Yeah after awhile it becomes repetitive but still makes you squirm in your chair. I like this stuff but I have a humongous heart. So certain videos I can’t watch. But I can still sleep at night you know. It’s not super upsetting just not interested

          1. My first beheading video was the Chinese guy and the one that really got to me was the Armstrong dude now I think beheadings are so 2000s smelly ragheads

    1. The only muslims i ever liked were from india. In the USA they work hard. I had a male friend i havent seen in forever. He was polite to women, no sex until marriage,etc….

      We worked at walmart together. A guy was slapping his wife around in his line. He grabbed the guy and made him appologize to his wife while twisting his arm behind the man. He loved america. He hated when people were mean to each other. Is india violent?

      1. @atucker31
        you having fondness for some retards makes me lose control . atucker31 remember to weigh them down and not up as they are , you know what?
        the one and only religion this world wants ousted .

      2. There are a lot of nutters out there and they have the caste system which is a disgrace. I just read a news item this morning about a low caste guy running away with a women who had been married off to someone of her own caste. The un-elected all male village council ruled that his two sisters, one who is only 15 should be paraded through the village naked and raped as punishment for what their brother did, the family were forced to flee the village.

  1. That was very grim, he seems alive even when his head is nearly severed, you can hear him gurgling as he’s trying to scream. How can these people honestly believe that if there was a god it is his will to see them execute people in such a barbaric way? How do they know this is god’s will, did Mo’ tell teach them this? If so how can this be the religion of peace and tolerance, if this is not god’s will according to their religion how could they get it so wrong?

    1. wicked mama from the very start they have gotten it all too wrong and now for them there is no looking back cause according to the caliphate they belong to , you may have often seen their scriptures screaming out wanting bloodbath all over the world ; they say its all in the name the highest and the mightiest most “Allah.”
      Is Quran misinterpreted who will tell and will these butchers listen ;I doubt .

      I want those dots on the map wherever these warts live WHO go shaming humanity each day GOTTEN wiped off and be called Ground ZERO.
      Earth is our mother , AND IT wants just ” PEACE”
      but not before these warts are taken care of.

  2. Hadn’t been to bestgore for weeks. Tuned in for a beheading first and foremost. A what I found first up was this pleasant enough clip of an uncensored wriggle session. Any of that fucking other shit would have pissed me off for weeks again.

        1. Oh for fuck sakes what is up with that fucking nut job. Most lunatics are usually very brilliant but that doesn’t mean you elect them into any office, give them any power of any kind. You give them soft clothes, padded walls, pen and paper. That’s it

    1. There’s a very good reason why people are being admitted to Europe, it’s a strategic plan. You see, most Europeans are lazy decadents, they don’t with to labour, and we have a serious shortage of labourers and a huge deficit in people willing to do craftsmanship. That’s where these come in play. I have a huge home here in North Ireland, just for myself and I’ve applied to accommodate two families.

      1. wish* to labour. Btw “boozer” what makes you think you deserve the civilization bestowed upon you, what do you even do? How are you contributing to our economy and Western values? I don’t think you do, I would deport your ass in a split second to Syria, where natural selection would take its due for your kind.

          1. I’m a working tax payer, these two families will get their provisions during their stay and that’s it. Any other cost is on my account, but to be honest, I was planning to learn Arabic, I need someone to talk too to acomplish that goal

          2. What the fuck do you think i do all day??? play with my dick or what! I work my ass of on a daily basis, who the fuck are you anyway! Deport your ass to Syria its the best way to learn Arabic you fucking hero!

          3. @Boozer WTF was that all about? Im not understanding why theres so much attack on you now. You’re a single human being. One. You’re not an entire culture. I hate who I hate but I can’t hate everyone as a whole. I can hate most of them but like who i like as they come. I state as always I hate everyone equally

    1. ?Uloh Ohkbor!! Uloh Ohkbor!!?
      fuck ‘im up
      and the others of that clan
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      Blisters in the butt
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      sing along
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      @Der Kopfsammler
      the rant just keeps pouring out in my ears like some molten lead .

        1. @Der Kopfsammler
          Yeah I just happened to write it spontaneously all because of your one liner ?Uloh Ohkbor!! Uloh Ohkbor!!?. It just caught my attention and my key board went poetic like trainswreck

  3. Inhumane, fucking Animals, they are! Nobody deserves to be tortured, and beheaded like this, in my books! I don,t care, what color, country, or what religion you follow, if you follow one, but NOBODY should suffer this fate. R.I.P. 🙁

  4. Chechen dude: one cup of coffee please.
    Muslim towel-head: regular or decapitated?
    Chechen dude: decapitated of course. can you add some jizz and sugar. Can you make it to go?
    Muslim towel-head: one decapitated coming right up!

  5. I was starting to wonder about the bearded guy towards the end of the video. He kept pointing at the dead guys dick as if to say, “I’m going to make his head disappear as well.”

    (as soon as I put on a little lipstick)

    It’s amazing how men react towards one another, when there’s no women around. What a shame!!

  6. There’s no evidence that any of these groups, whether ISIL, al-Nusra or these delinquents, are linked to Israel. However it’s no secret that they work in the interest of Israel or rather, it’s Zionist regime.

    This video made my blood boil though, I’ve always hated to see and hear suffering, more over combined with pure frantic sadism, it’s ultimate cowardice. In war your moral conscience is awfully distorted but I wouldn’t do this even to my gravest enemy.

    One can see that they’re Ahrar ash Sham, mostly young morons and delinquents, not as fanatical as ISIL or experienced, but nonetheless equally brutal in slaying prisoners. I even hate them more than ISIL, because with ISIL you’re on the clear, these guys however have the appellation of “moderates” slapped to them, believe it or not our governments are cooperating with these assholes, in a limited way.

    I have doubts this guy is a Chechen though, no Chechen mujahid would be shaved (or they shaved him?), also they didn’t sexually abuse him rather they did what the Syrian army does to Islamists, exposing them nude and pulling their pants down, which makes me think this is a Syrian soldier. Ahrar ash Sham is made of descendents of Hama massacre and they hate Alawites with flair, which could explain the beheading. But then again anything is possible, this mess is already cooked and now is boiling, war in Syria lost almost every direction. It’s gangs versus gangs.

    1. This video made my blood boil though, I?ve always hated to see and hear suffering, more over combined with pure frantic sadism, it?s ultimate cowardice. In war your moral conscience is awfully distorted but I wouldn?t do this even to my gravest enemy….”

      Very noble of you, but let me assure you thath the ‘chechen’ would just as happily beheaded the other guy if he had the change.

      BTW I share your doubt he was truly a chechen. He looks more like a Syrian.

  7. Props to the pro cutter for battling the clock! It seems obvious that he was trying to keep the beheading to a professional & respectable duration of less than 30 seconds in total.

  8. Yeah, I get that war is all about atrocity and horror but kinda getting sick of this fucking shit!

    Why can’t we just nuke these psychotic fucks?

    Imagine if US soldiers or any coalition or NATO troops were sawing heads off of the filthy rag heads? It would be propaganda like no other propaganda! Only they can butcher Muslimes!! Kill all of these motherfuckers and stop arming our sworn enemies against our other sworn enemies to fight proxy wars! The entire Middle East should be vaporized!

  9. Great Job brothers @honkeykong & @Seraphimserenata at Finding, & Digging-Up one of these old classics, & one of our brother @Ate‘s gem, that i’m sure a few of us Veteran-Members remember Well and missed. You Two Are Quite The Fucking Combo-Man & YOU,s FUCKING ROCK MAN! 🙂

    I Am Not Positive That I Myself Remember seeing-it cause of my fucked-up memory,, but for once i can say that it works in my favor, cause it’s just like seeing lots of stuff for the first time ever again, lol. 😉

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