Eight Decapitated Bodies Found in Garbage Bags in Mexico

Eight Decapitated Bodies Found in Garbage Bags in Mexico

Decapitated corpses of at least eight people, bearing traces of torture and burns, were found wrapped in black garbage bags in Tixtla, in the central region of the state of Guerrero, Mexico.

In total, 27 people were found murdered during the two days of the last weekend in Guerrero.

Next to the corpses was a narcomensaje with the following message:

Ahi te va tu basura pinche bola de secuestradores, a la berga le pelan la riata ja ja ja ja Jr. Tu y tu mallate el fantasmita me la maman juntos con los de Tepos, a ver si le topan, no es lo mismo andar matando gente q no la debe conmigo se la pelan hijos de perra, tengo gente lista digan donde y cuando nos topamos Ate la Mera Riata.

According to Google Translate, it means:

There you go your trash pinches ball of kidnappers, to berga you skin the ria ha ha ha ha Jr. You and your mallate the ghost, they suck me together with the Tepos, to see if they hit you, it is not the same to be killing People who do not owe it to me they are skinned, sons of bitches, I have people ready to say where and when we run into each other Ate La Mera Riata.

Acapulco remains one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Eight Decapitated Bodies Found in Garbage Bags in Mexico”

  1. money and religion slaughtering millions upon millions of fleshys since the day it infected us with its illusion. and thats what both are .. an illusion. each is about as real as the tooth fairy or father christmas. yet we will continue our own demise in this illusion. we are a pitiful species.

    1. @haydolf_hittler I am skeptical about your point on religion, but certainly do not agree on your view on conflicts caused by money being senseless (or delusional). Money is store of value, especially if you think about gold instead of paper currency, as gold has been the form of money used for most of time. So being a store of value and a means of exchange means that with money you are able to get more resources (since you are supposed to get money yourself by providing goods and services, unless you take it by force or deception), and hence have a better chance to propagate your genes, by providing more resources to your children. As to religion, perhaps it has a purpose, or to better put it, one of its purposes is of tribe cohesion, the jews being a good example of it, so that your tribe will be better able to defend itself and attack others, so that you will get more resources from them.

      1. your a fool. its printed off a machine it has no more value than a tissue paper. your brainwashing and belief only gives it ‘value’. no other species needs paper to survive and neither do we. you are a slave to nothing. to the federal reserve. paper is your god. open your eyes.

        1. @haydolf_hittler I agree with you, it’s printed from a machine and has no more value than tissue or toilet paper. That’s why I was talking about gold. I mean, correct me if I am wrong (as I am no expert in history/ political history), but didn’t Hitler believe in the vital space for the German people, or am I talking shit?

          1. @Stomper. It’s all a scam, money, religion,politics, all contrived to keep us in line. And it works for now, just print more money and it’s all fine. You can’t keep doing this forever without dire consequences. Hope you and yours are good mate.

        2. @Haydolf Hittler. You are absolutely correct, we have been slowly enslaved by “money” and the idea that it has “value” it does if you live in the system which most of us do and were born into. Doesn’t make it right though. As all ponzi schemes it will inevitably collapse and all “money” will return to its intrinsic value which is zero.

          1. @hung – they are fabrications designed to control weak and gullible human beings. they worked centurys ago when information was scarce and lives were short and brutal and probably felt meaningless. religion gave them the idea that all this strife isnt for nothing there is something ‘good’ when their time is up. this mental disorder (which is in essence what it is) was quickly exploited by those who needed to control the weaker and then as things progressed the bartering system came into play. this would be items such as shiny nuggets of gold for a horse and so on until as language became more sophisticated one day somebody asked for an item and then instead of a handshake they wanted something a little more formal to seal the deal and ‘money’ ‘IOU’ ‘paper’ ‘currency’ came into human psychology. but thats all both are …just figaments of human psyche that have took a form on all of their own when in reality they are nothing, no more real than a belief of batman or like i said before father christmas. if a virus wiped out all humans the ‘system’ would vanish into thin air because thats all it is .. a fabrication. the world and all its life forms would continue like nothing ever even happened. we are so primitive, and the monetary system and all its evils and religion and its evils show us how insane and foolish as a species we still are. both are the root of nearly all death and misery of the fleshy existence.

          2. Money=convenience. We spend forty or so hours a week to earn money that buys products that took much longer to produce.

            Religion=simplicity. The average mind doesn’t possess the capacity or focus amidst earning their meager or seemingly non existent pay to form philosophies to answer the mysterious questions in life. Religion offers an easily subscribable guideline for these theories.

            We made life easier and lost touch with the value. You know, if minimum wage could be based on the current price of high grade pot in that state, that’d be great. It would also probably destroy organized religion in that you’d have a whole bunch of self proclaimed messiahs running around, claiming to have the answer, but never really getting anything done because they lose the spiritual inclination somewhere between demolishing a twenty piece nugget meal and shamefully jacking off while watching old videos of the 700 Club. Not jacking to it, just watching it while jacking about something else.

    2. @haydolf_hittler Correctamudo dude!

      The monetary system is an illusion.
      Paper money holds no real value at all.
      Back in the day every coin/note had real estate to back it up. ie: gold,silver,oil,food,product,etc. that ain’t the case no more, we literally are make money out of fresh air. every time you use you card/shop online we are inventing money that has “zero” value and “nothing” to back it up
      Its like a runaway train mate that can’t (but more importantly won’t be stopped) and its heading in only one direction, the proverbial crash at the end of the line.

  2. I’m actually a little shocked that they weren’t packed in a stronger grade plastic garbage bag, with a “fragile, handle with care” stuck on the outside of each bag… Fkn cheap tossers!!!

  3. And the correct translation of the narcomensaje is……
    Here you go your trash fucking bunch of kidnappers
    Go to hell and suck some cock
    Jajaja Junior you and your nigger (mallate is a black person) little ghost together with those from Tepos suck my dick
    I dare you to come my way
    I bet it is not the same as killing those that ain’t got nothing to do in the business
    Fuck with me all you sons of bitches are (or will get) fucked
    I got people that are ready all you have to do is just say when and where we can cross paths with each other. (or run into each other).
    Ate. “The Great Dick”

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