El Chapo Leaves a Message for Zetas Leaders Heriberto Lazcano and Z-40

El Chapo Leaves a Message for Zetas Leaders Heriberto Lazcano and Z-40

Joaquin Guzman Loera aka El Chapo – leader of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel, which happens to be the largest and most powerful drug cartel in the world has apparently had enough of Los Zetas. Here’s a bit of history on Mexican drug cartels and on what lead to an all out war between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Los Zetas:

Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano who started as Z-3 (third in command of Los Zetas), became the head of the cartel (Z-1) in 2004 after then Z-1 Arturo Guzmán Decena got killed and second in command (Z-2) Rogelio González Pizaña captured.

Los Zetas operate from out of Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which is directly across the border from Laredo, Texas. Needless to say – Nuevo Laredo is an important gateway through which drugs, including marijuana cocaine and heroin are smuggled into the USA. Whoever controls Nuevo Laredo, controls massive cash flow from the drug sales.

Los Zetas came to exist in 1999 when Osiel Cárdenas Guillén – new leader of the Gulf Cartel recruited services of retired army lieutenant Arturo Guzmán Decena whom he provided with enough money to bribe a few dozen deserters of Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales – the Mexican Army’s elite forces to join him as armed enforcers for the Gulf Cartel (mercenaries would be a more accurate term, though).

As the income of Los Zetas grew, so did their power and influence over the Gulf Cartel. In 2010, under leadership of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano (new Z-1), the Los Zetas broke apart from the Gulf Cartel. It is rumored that Los Zetas outgrew the Gulf Cartel because they expanded their sources of revenue into kidnapping, extortion, murder and theft – activities other large Mexican drug cartels steer away from, in order to spare uninvolved public from suffering.

Needless to say, what started as a group of enforcers for the Gulf Cartel soon became a pain in the neck of more than the Gulf Cartel. In February 2011, the Sinaloa and Gulf Cartels unleashed a widespread offensive targeting the Los Zetas operatives. Many were executed, beheaded and mutilated and their body parts displayed in public with narcomensaje containing warning that this will happen to all Los Zetas if they don’t stop with targeting civilians.

And now that Los Zetas also started to generate revenue by collecting for passage of drugs through Nuevo Laredo city, city which long belonged under control of the Gulf/Sinaloa Cartels, the big boss El Chapo himself decided to step up to the plate and address the Zetas leaders with warnings. Being military elite trained by the US special forces, Los Zetas are considered the most dangerous and advanced Mexican Narco cartel. But now they have the boss of all drug bosses pissed off at them. There is only one El Chapo and the warnings come from him personally.

Narcomensaje seen in these pictures were accompanied by severed heads and dismembered limbs of seven Zetas operatives. In the warnings, El Chapo specifically names the Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano aka El Lazca (Z-1), Miguel Angel Trevino Morales (Z-40) and his brother Omar Trevino.

Miguel Angel Treviño Morales (aka David Estrada-Corado, El Catorce, Comandante Forty) is a 40th in command of Los Zetas (Z-40) but being a gatekeeper of Nuevo Laredo, he’s actually a very important figure. Z-40 is a former member of GAFE – the Mexican Army’s elite Airborne Special Forces Group trained at the military School of the Americas in the United States. Part of Miguel Treviño Morales’ training was the skill set to locate and apprehend Narco members. He also underwent training by the French, and Israeli special forces in aerial assaults, rapid deployment, marksmanship, small-group tactics, ambushes, counter-surveillance techniques, intelligence collection, sophisticated communications and prisoner rescues – holy fucking damn!

Throughout Nuevo Laredo, Miguel Treviño Morales is known for exceptional cruelty so his name is often left out from any news reports as well as the “Most Wanted” lists. He’s credited for being one of the main initiators of activities which took Los Zetas beyond trafficking of narcotics – extortion, human smuggling, and gunrunning.

Because Los Zetas do not honor or comply with the established truce, El Chapo Guzman called Heriberto Lazcano, Z-40 and Omar Trevino out, calling them traitors, openly challenging them and claiming Nuevo Laredo as his turf.

The narcomensaje with severed limbs reads:

Mira pinche 40 y L 42 estas manos se las pongo porque son unos pendejos peidos y culos, porque las veces que han hecho tregua ustedes las han tronado y ya se acabaron los basureros de juntar gente y que son una bola de basura y ratas… Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas es mío… Atte. El Chapo

Google Translate says it means:

Look at fucking 40 and L 42 I put these hands because they’re assholes and ass peidos because many times you have made the truce have already thundered and eventually dumps and gather people are a bunch of garbage and rats… Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas is mine… Atte. El Chapo

The narcomensaje with severed heads reads:

Para ser cabecilla de un Cartel se usa la cabeza pendejo y además eres un peido y repugnante piojoso, por eso has llegado por lamehuevos de Lazcano y serás siendo para mi un lava carros… Atte. El Chapo

Google translation:

To be leader of a poster you use your head and you’re an idiot and disgusting peido lousy, so you got to lamehuevos Lazcano and you will be for me a car wash… Atte. El Chapo

Then one more narcomensaje on its own reads:

Así es como se debe de acabar con gente pendeja, descuartizándola, todos esos ratas que roban y se la pasan secuestrando y matando gente inocente, yo te voy a enseñar como manejo mi Cartel que tiene 30 años, no como ustedes que eran unos boleros y lava carros y llegaron a donde llegaron por traidores… Atte el Chapo

Google trabslation:

This is how people should stop asshole, descuartizándola, all those rats who steal and pass it by kidnapping and killing innocent people, I’ll teach you how to manage my poster that has 30 years, not as you were about boleros and car wash and got to where they came as traitors… Atte El Chapo

El Chapo Guzman basically launched an initiative with a goal to exterminate Los Zetas, their leaders and all whom serve them. It must be mentioned that despite El Chapo’s current dedication to stick with truces and leave the civilians out of the turf wars, it was El Chapo himself who first broke the nonaggression truce that resulted in many deaths and including uninvolved civilians. Los Zetas, however seem to go much further with backstabbing and killing of the innocents:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. true that americunts would be crying like lil bitches if Mexican drug cartels disappeared because it’d be harder to export drugs from long distance countries like Colombia or Asia the prices would be high aswell

        1. Hahaha they would be back to making “moonshine” and fucking their cousins and\or siblings. So give thanks cunts we take your mind off of your sisters ass. Prices for weed would still be the same the Govt. Has worked a deal with cartels … we supply the guns, you supply the MoTA in a “drug bust”

          1. haha – thats hilarious .. your actually bragging about supplying guns and drugs to people ? your a parasite / ill look for that face of yours lying under one of these posters

        2. Look up Iran-Contra… Cocaine is flown straight to Arkansas from Nicaragua. 25 tonnes a trip. US Government deals it. In my opinion, Zetas are just another School of Americas assassination group, funded and supported by the C.I.A. They’ve done it everywhere else in South America. Actually, quite similar circumstances to Afghanistan. US control has increased Afghan opium production so much, the US now controls 90% of the heroin trade from Afghanistan alone.

          I wouldn’t have commented if American’s opinions weren’t so racist, close-minded, I mean very fucking misinformed. Brainwashed even, do some research… It shows how obnoxious the country itself is, the people are merely an obnoxious by-product of Capitalist psychiatric operations.

        3. eltarasco and Jesus..
          You two are 2 mega Internet trolls? Not everyone does drugs and therefore, not everyone needs your shit.
          Most of you outsiders are just a problem to our country. Please, keep your drugs and keep out, thanks.

        4. Don’t worry, they’ll pull off what they did in the 80’s in Florida when Cuba’s prices for shipping were lowered dramatically in exchange for amnesty and targeted sale zones. They’ve done it for more than just Cuba too, they’ve done it for Serbia, Columbia, Hong Kong, Japan, The Philippines, Russia, France, Haiti, etc. Drugs and likely contraband make up for about 20% of the U.S. economy. They’ll find a way should Mexico ever disappear.

      2. Fuck Mexicans without them we would probably get coke cheaper its called economics Jesus not that your dumbass would know anything about that, you cut out the Mexican middle men the Colombians did it before in the 80s with Cubans in Miami and look how they fucking flooded the place with nose candy nobody needs fucking Mexicans to deal coke to the U.S. we might need them to cut our yards or paint our houses but that’s it. And why the fuck are you so proud of illegals in Alaska eltestico like it something proud of a bunch of wetbacks freezing their asses of in Alaska…fucking idiots…what do you expect these ed hardy wearing faggot wanna be drug dealing idiots are your primos aren’t they, shit no wonder so many of them get killed in Mexico they’re to fucking stupid to stay alive!

        1. Colombians no longer deal directly to the U.S. Chapo has the Colombian army general in his pocket & he owns all the plantations there as well. Your a fuckin idiot I’m glad these “beaners” are invading your country and not only cutting lawns & painting your houses hut now taking real jobs as well you sack of shit.

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          1. (Part 1)

            You just enjoy talking your bullshit about things that you are WRONG about.
            It’s one thing if you had a leg to stand on, but I/We prove every single point that you ATTEMPT to make, every single time.
            So why do You even come to Best Gore anyway?
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            (I’m gonna go with a ‘yha Don, that’s dead-nuts on the money’)

            Seems to me that you take a few SENTENCES that we write, and ALL OF A SUDDEN You’re an EXPERT on who we are as individual people.

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          3. @RS, don’t worry about him/her, whatever! I’m not sure why it thinks I got ‘beatings’? I never even mentioned beatings, it is upsetting when people call ya kids retards, but really what can you do? This person is the most racist person on the site? Just cos I said some people stink, hahaha they really come down heavy! must of hit a nerve? Hey MKoH, go have a wash you smelly cunt!!

          4. So, you don’t like judgmental individuals who don’t think, and look at things that way that you do, is that about accurate JUNIOR?

            (I’m gonna go with a ‘yha Don, that’s dead-nuts on the money’)

            Seems to me that you take a few SENTENCES that we write, and ALL OF A SUDDEN You’re an EXPERT on who we are as individual people.

            It’s one thing if You become an irritant due to irrefutable points that others don’t like and disagree with, but can no dispute.

            Nobody likes being wrong all the time, do they JUNIOR. Your style seems to be that of a whinny, know-it-all//knows-jack-shit little bitch.

            Watch your ass or you may just find yourself banned from Best Gore for being a cunt-faced shit-mouth.

            I’ll personally see to it, and substantiate MY SIDE with ample reason, and examples that YOU YOURSELF have provided Me.

            So either stay and enjoy the gore and stop attacking members of the site because they look at life differently than you or else.

          5. Hmmm, part2 isn’t posting, but rest-assured, ROTTEN STENC will have these words of importance talked….and they will become readable (at some point)

          6. @RS, my comment hasn’t gone through yet either, but I said, don’t worry too much, MKoH is obviously a little mentally challenged? Accuses everyone of being racist, but the racist spew that comes out of it’s mouth would be enough to shock Hitler! Should stick to the teen sites, that his/her(?) comments sound like they belong to. Stable adults wouldn’t insult other members parents or children, would they?

          7. @ RT Are you fucking kidding me? lol You’re one of the most racist bastards here.Tiger is pretty civil, but I’ve seen SO many racist remarks from you in so many pages, it’s not even funny. But I had to say something this time. Cause you say insulting shit all the time, like “how long does a Mexican have to be dead before it stinks worse than when it was alive?” But when someone like M.K.O.H retaliates, you want to get all fucking butthurt and threaten to get them banned?! LOOOL You’re a fuckin’ dumbass.

        1. @NFW, you have very nice boobs, I doubt very much you would smell anything but delightful!
          Actually I think quite often it is peoples CLOTHES that are ‘whiffy’! The sour smell of unwashed clothing worn day after day in Aussie heat!

          1. The answer is an overwhelming YES they reek. I don’t really know why. Perhaps it’s the food, grease baked in lard, wrapped in a flattened shit-roll.

            I don’t know.

            I have had to live around them all of my life.
            Growing up it wasn’t too bad, but in the late 80’s there was more and more and by the mid 90’s they were already beginning to ‘take over’.
            Not by superior abilities or intelligence, but strictly by numbers.


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            My idiot filter is very much like the gnomes here so there are no guarantees of message arrival.

          2. @rikko420

            as a half-mexican woman, i would appreciate it if you kept your stupid fucking mouth shut. if you’re going to talk like that try not to sound like an ignorant prick, that just makes you the problem. If you feel you need to say something to protect your mexican heritage why not make it a lucid, thought-out, and relevant thought, not that machismo shit you’re spewing, you’re just adding to the problem. first of all, pay attention to who you’re insulting and keep their names straight. second of all, pretending you have any amount of balls is just meaningless in a place like this.

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  2. Many beaners would probably be more than happy to stay in their country if only the US Government would stop doggedly lobbying around the fuckin world against legalising drugs, particularily squeezing the balls of legalization-friendly governments like those of narcocrime plagued countries like Mejico and Guatemala…

    1. I agree,I live in the united states and I believe people should be able to ingest whichever poison suites there fancy. I for one enjoy th occasional recreational joint. At least with weed it don’t hurt you no
      More than alcohol. Let crazier men and women have there chemical fun as well

  3. I just hope they keep pissin’ each other off, so these beaners can keep providing us with hours and hours of entertainment. And it’s just a matter of time before they come up with new and exciting ways to kill each other, hopefully they will listen to our past suggestions, a few of us came up with some good ideas that I/we/us would LOVE to see carried out!!!

  4. the only solution to these muderers is ironically to exterminate and kill them totally. it is the only language they understand. there is no salvation for their souls as they have sinned greatly. the govt needs to go in heavy with swat and military, gunships and whatever else to do the job. like a chuck norris movie, you know.

    1. the guys whacking junkies in the video i posted the other day call themselves “COMANDO DELTA” (thats the spanish name of Chuck Norris movie Delta Force) , so perhaps they actually think that they are the good guys…

          1. Some idiots from there call tamaulipas “ta ta ta ta tamaulipas” mimicking the sound of a machine gun since their Is so much violence in that state…pretty clever

      1. Chuck Norris has stepped into Mexico Jackass he went to Nuevo Laredo of all place and he fucked up a whole cartel and killed their drug lord haven’t you ever heard of Walker Texas Ranger…he would totally fuck up el Chapo and completely disnan

    2. @ Mouse

      Yup, but unfortunately some governments are pussies or on the take.

      Sending in Norris, Segal and Lee with 10 thousand ninjas would make a good movie.

      Where’s my bong……………… GOT IT

    3. Obama would gladly exterminate them all you know him being Muslim and all or whatever he is but from what I have been studying I think chapo has been trying to establish a relationship with russian politicians meaning it would be harder for the U.S. to focus on taking down the cartel, or the whole race of Mexicans at that.

    1. turks did that to some venetian commander that held a fortress for too long, and killed too many turks in the siege. Another venetian commander got flayed alive for a similar deed. In the second case, the sultan heard about the evil deed, got pissed off and turned back the commander’s skin to the venetians with some golden ducats and an apology.

  5. Pretty much everything that comes out of Mexico sucks. The food, the people, the products on Walmart’s shelves. Even the word “Mexico” sounds all cheap, and low quality, but I’ll be damned if their gore isn’t top notch. Keep up the good work, you fucking disgusting cockroaches.

      1. Yha, untill you see them take a shit, wipe their ass and trow it IN THE GARBAGE CAN, NOT FLUSH IT DOWN, and most ANY mexican can vouch that that is true…Many places i have worked had to get on the beaners to STOP DOING THAT.

        Then, with their shit-fingers, they go and roll up your burrito for you. UUUMMMMMM, enjoy!

      1. Dude, sometimes I can’t help it. Seeing shit like “El Chapo”, and “Los Zetas” brings it out of me. Stupid spic bullshit makes me want to behead all of them with a chainsaw, but if I did that, I wouldn’t have anything to hate on. We can’t have that.

    1. That’s a dumb thing to say Jesus for one thing you don’t know what kinda security detail each on would have and also El Chapo is in hiding meaning he’s not going to be running around with the same amount of security as the president of Mexico who is openly fighting and targeting powerful druglords elchapo is to smart for that if to many of his people know where he’s at he will surely get caught so he keeps a low profile and changes locations constantly and has a couple guards with him at all time and that’s it, he’s not going to be running from house to house with caravans of dark tinted SUVs and dozens of armed security guards he’d be caught for sure that way and he’s not living in some mountain luxury ranch stronghold either he’s to smart for all that shit, he uses disguises and had a small security detail probably no more than 5 body guards and keeps a super low profile blending in to Mexicos upper middle class neighborhoods where no one would expect him to be…remember he’s in hiding the president of Mexico isn’t he’s a Target and I’m sure he has a lot better and large security than el Chapo…maybe at one time in the past Chapo might have had something that could atleast rival the Mexican governments presidential security but not any more he’s to busy running around covering his ass from getting caught by rivals and law enforcement

    1. It’s gone, Toodles, 🙁 (hey, someone else said it first! well I think they were talking about you?) “good morning, Professor Toodles”, yes, that has a nice ring to it.

          1. If we do this right, it’ll be even BETTER than the delayed-reaction chat room was…although I never got the chance to ‘talk’ with you there

          2. Weird, according to my reatrded phone’s “world clock” it doesn’t appear that it’s 7:30 am ANYWHERE in the entire world right now.

            What a peice of crap……that CAN’T be backed with reality!

          3. doing waht i do every single night at about this time.

            I have my Craigslist account in one window (still”working”) my hotmail (so I can quickly spell check my words to nullify any potental fuck-tardery) and of course, BestGore.

            I enjoy being here so much, it’s taken over quite a bit of my life, to be honest with you, but I don’t mind at all.
            I have more fun here than most other places on or off line.

          4. I’m here, I’m not leaving the page! i’m just having a cup of tea, just dropped my kid off at his part-time job (Macca’s!) he finishes at 9pm, there’s still 6 kids here though, my 2 PLUS 4 of their friends (two are sleeping over *groan*) its bloody mothers day in the morning, I think they should have been home for their mums in the morning! I’m TOO soft on ’em sometimes!

          5. @Don, i have noticed that sometimes your name is in yellow (FB?) and sometimes in white? Do you have 2 computers? (excuse my ignorance) its probably something obvious?

          6. @RS, hahaha, its not like we can say ‘over’! this ‘chat’ is all over the place like a mad woman’s shit! I rather enjoyed Tulio & baked little sessions though? Some people are just awesome on this site, alright. I think any ‘racism’ is generally ‘good natured’, honestly its fine to have a laugh about others, everyone does it! (on BG most do?)

          7. Tulio
            How the hell would you advertize something like that?

            Rotten Stech’s Ramblings?

            Put on e-bay and i bet if it sells it wouldn’t even cover the cost of the printer paper, let alone shipping!

          8. I wonder where the hell she ran off to.Last commnet was 1/2 hour ago.

            Never in MY LIFE have I been able find people like you guys, that I didn’t have to slowly introduce my veiwpoints on to see if they were just fleshy robots or not.
            Most, as you all so very well know are just absoulute worthless shit, and it comes out over time, like a mile long hot turd.

          1. no, you were perfectly right about there being a 15(!!!) hour time diffrence…..but, going the OTHER WAY, it’s only a 9(!) hour diffrence, going BACKWARDS!

          2. Those (miss-wang-in-her-butt and calls it heaven) aproach to ‘raceism’ is annoying because of one simple fact.
            When somebody tries to enter an argument armed with personal opinion, against reality-backed-fact and reason/true consistancy, it’s a waste of time, but when they begin to throw shit at people faces (kinda like…..a MONKEY would) it steps over the threshold of annoying, and goes into a campaign to shut them down.
            I’ve already taken the first steps.

          3. @Rotten Stench, thankyou very much! I just want to tell you the reason I haven’t e-mailed you personally is because I would find it extremely hard to change my e-mail address if (God forbid) we had a ‘falling out’. I hope you know what I mean, can you just tell me, can anybody (such as yourself but I really don’t mean YOU personally!) send viruses (through e-mail)or anything else likely to stuff me around? Am I just being unnecessarily concerned cos I’m a natural worrier?

          4. Geez, I hope I haven’t offended you with that comment, I really didn’t mean to, ok. Please don’t take it personally, Stencharoonykins!

          5. The bad stuff only comes in the form of supisious e-mails, usally with little paper clip attatchments on them.
            If you decide to open them, they can slow your computer down and do other annoying things.

            If I may make a suggestion.

            Make a throw-away e-mail address, takes about 45 seconds.

            Just go to yahoo or hotmail and click ‘sign up’ and just make something generic [email protected]…or some shit…whatever.

            and that’s all there is to it. Use it strictly with me, so that way you KNOW damn well that if anything at all comes in, it’s junk.
            I’ve had rottenstench (ot) rocketmail (dawt) com for over a month and I have only 1 e-mail in it…I have never even gotten a single spam, because I have ONLY ever used it here, and like Mark has said time and time again, Best Gore REALLY IS a virus free website.

            He’s not kidding!

          6. Bloody hell, ‘Craigs list’ didn’t someone use that site to find his murder victims? what exactly is that site for? I USED to think it was a ‘buy ‘n’ sell’ site?

          7. You are a sweetheart, fuck knows how a girl like you is so into this shit.
            Most people look at me and underestimate how reality-based my views on things are too.

            Tiger, I’m not offended, like i just said, REALITY BASED.
            It’s just being smart to be smart. That’s all there is to it.

            Doesn’t matter what’s assumed now, because neither one of us have a chrystal globe

          8. Craigslist is an online classified ad site that’s broken down into geographic areas around the world.

            Yes, many stupid people have done some very stupid things using C.L. (just in the movie store the other day and there was actually a film based on those events, I beleive it was anyway) but for me, I have made a BUNCH of $$ over the last 5 years using C.L.

          9. I also use E-Bay and I sell alot of hi-pro car parts and antiques. I do a lot of thrifting.
            The power of the internet is being searchable, being able to be found by the people who are activly looking for what you have to sell, rather then simply depending on the passers by even knowing what you have, let alone willing to pay you for it (typical brick & morter business)

            The internet makes finding one in 10 million an everyday thing…..look at us ;^}

          10. Yes I remember you saying you sell some car part (escapes me now) it was a specific part you mentioned but you probably sell lots of different parts?
            About the extra e-mail address, I will definitely get on to that, I promise! I don’t mean to tease you, but I have actually written out stuff but been too shy/scared to push send! I seriously wanted to correspond with you through e-mails or whatever but I haven’t been game, silly me!

          11. holy shit, stench, man, if you manage to catch me again in this broken inebriated state i will start making a compilation of your posts into a novel and assign 30% of the profits to the MINORITIES of USA like COLOURED people, gooks, william shatner and what was the other?…..beaners?……las garompas de peluche son fashion

          12. Stench and Tiger sittin’ in a tree. G-O-R-I-N-G. First comes flip flops, then comes Fake Syrian Army, then comes Stench with a…da Silva? 😛

          13. and like I SAID, You just do whatever You feel comfortable with.
            I’m not that impatiant of a dude.
            In fact, it has been an intresting feeling checking that e-mail once a day to see if you had written or not.

            Don’t worry about giving me that new e-mail here on the site, just send me an e-mail (assuming that you want to) from that new e-mail address. That way you won’t run the risk of getting flooded out with other stuff.

          14. Honestly, with the world-wide exposure of this site and the contrversal (as all fuck!) content I would almost put money on it, and eventhough I live in Reno, I don’t bet money on much of anything (unless there’s a good chance of profit…one of my favriote words of all time)

          15. How’s this….

            Stench and Tiger sittin? in a tree. G-O-R-I-N-G. First comes flip flops, then comes Fake Syrian Army, then comes Tiger pourin’ serieal killer knowledge on me……too many sylibals to flow right, but it’s a start

          16. It’s decent, but I want to see what Tiger can do with it. Considering what she did with my Old Macda Silva joke a week, or so, ago we’re in for a real treat. I still laugh about that “and a boom boom here, and a boom boom there” insanity. I love you guys.

          17. I’m good at spotting bargains too, I found an antique bracelet in an ‘op-shop’ once, it was $2, my knee’s were knocking as it is ‘rose’ gold, I could see the hallmark on it etc. I took it to a jewellers, he said i’d be looking at $800 for something similar! I’ve got heaps of other gold stuff, rings, chains etc, ivory, all from ‘yard’ sales, opportunity shops. I have never paid more than $25 for an item! I don’t go so often anymore, but it is exciting finding a bargain! If I’m ever broke one day I could always sell some?

          18. TIGER…look all the way down.
            I’m starting a new ‘thread’ this one’s gettinmg outta control….can hardly find the damn little ‘reply’ button anymore

    1. According to many religions, Jesus and God were real people that will return one day to save us from ‘something’.

      I keep watch because they tell me to believe but my FUCKING PATIENCE…………… Sorry jesus.

      I’m also told that somebody wrote a book that is said to be the final piece to the puzzle that one needs to constantly read for the rest of life for ultimate bliss.

      I don’t know about you fuckers but I struggle to watch a DECENT movie twice let alone reading a fucking book twice.

      Sorry Jesus……….. I know your sheep are precious.

      Speaking of precious………. Did you say 10% of ALL income ?

      Sorry Lord.

        1. Yep before tax. No worries I had to go through a fire and brimstone house. All my family relied on god to fix there problems … Most are sick or dieing. I’m doing good so I’ll just keep not. Careing what happens its worked so far

    1. Some of the best places that I have always had luck in are junk yards.
      I end up finding SO MUCH STUFF that sometimes has NOTHING to do with automotive what-so-ever.

      Then again, when somebody pours money into their truck/car and they get one-too-many D.U.I’s (drunk driving) the car gets impounded and given to the yard (sometimes) and I’m there, tools in hand.

      Most the time, I pay .10 on the dollar for parts as to what their value is.

      I don’t get out to the yards nearly as much as i used to.
      I’ve always said that if I was rich, I’d STILL go thrifting and out to the yard.

      You can buy stuff that’s brand new, expensive, and looks just like everything else.
      Some of the stuff that WE find is so far beyond ordinary, plus when it has an interesting story to go along with it, just makes it that much better.

    1. Remedial threads ?

      My homeland never has gore either……… EVER.

      On another note gorgians, we had an accident the other day where a woman of some ethnicity was walking across the road with a baby in hand and a bus ran over her………. squishing her.

      The baby was unharmed.

      All they showed was a HUGE wet mess on the ground and some dude looking at rear tyres.

      That trully was remedial.

      I love my imagination.

  6. Moderator, those Google translations were quite poor. Much was lost, and the narcos love to use slang and profanity that will not be in the Google translation dictionary. Google took ‘Cartel’ to mean ‘Poster’ when ‘cartel’ just means ‘cartel.’ ‘Lambehuevos’ means ‘nut licker’ which google cannot possibly hope to know. ‘ Contact me when you need accurate translation as I am skilled in Spanish and English and willing to help out this great web site.

  7. Based on the posters, it sounds like El Chapo is actually an individual with hugh morality.. I mean, if people want to join gangs, rape and kill each other than that?s somehow acceptable. But going and picking on innocent kids and people who have nothing to do with that stuff; that?s just plain wrong.

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