Eugene Armstrong Beheading and Death Video

Eugene Armstrong Beheading and Death Video

Very disturbing and graphic video of Eugene Armstrong getting executed by beheading. Eugene Armstrong was an American civil engineer in Iraq.

Responsibility for beheading was claimed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his militant group. The video was originally posted on an Arab Website.

Al-Zarqawi is believed to be linked to al-Qaida and he is believed to be the person reading a statement in the video prior to the execution.

While the statement is being read, Eugene Armstrong is seen rocking his body nervously back and forth and from side to side. As soon as the last sentence was finished, the militant pulled a knife, grabbed at sitting Eugene Armstrong and started cutting his throat. Terrible scream fills the room as bound hostage is being mercilessly beheaded.

The masked killer picked severed head up and placed it on top of dead, headless body.

The speaker said that the beheading of this one was just a beginning and that others will see the same fate unless all Muslim women that are held prisoners are released.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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741 thoughts on “Eugene Armstrong Beheading and Death Video”

  1. shows the aniamls we are fighting. all the american public should have to see this! so the whiners and the ones downing our soldiers would think twice!
    I thank all the soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrafice, and the ones who are there.
    May God speed.
    mom of son serving

    1. are you serious? I have friends and familly who lived in US and even they say that Americans are the most fucked up and just as eveil as these sick fucks. My step brother serve in the war and he was brainwashed to thinking he is going over there to fight for his freedom, yeah right! It’s not til he was there that he realize he’s just doing there dirty work and for what! So you can get a stinking metal, be away from your familly and friends and remembered as a hero who sacrifice for his country. I’m sure you will keep these guys in your prayers too. Fuck off! Your gonna have to give me millions and garantee my familly will live a good life for me to even step into that hell hole.Do you honestly still feel that these sholdiers are fighting for your freedom? They are over there fighting for politics and there oil. Just a bunch of trigger happy sholdier who never made it anywhere in life so they join the military to feel worth it. All wars that Americans are in seems to be about there freedom and protacting there country. Please name one? I truely feel sorry for the few who serve for there country thinking its neccesary so there loves ones can live, but the rest are morons for being brainwash by there own country. I think they should come to an agreement, all of these sick fucking muslims terrorist and Americans who do the same crime on an Island far away from us and let them duke it out and wipe out every one of them. For what cause I have no idea, but if they want to play war go nuts! As for Ugene, poor guy died just because he was an american. Make no mistake, both sides are doing this barbaric acts of violence.

        1. You shouldn’t even be allowed to type, you’re so ignorant. First, “America” is not a nation. The “Americas” refer to SEVERAL nations/countries and continents, INCLUDING South America, Puerto Rico, among others. Landowners CHOSE to leave England in the 1700s because they were sick of paying taxes and the Illumanti, et other New World Order fucks created a master plan to charter new land, steal land from natives and build a government quite similar to the English Monarchy, only with much more financial gain, and eventual world domination. They came to the land that is now known as the United States, and massecured, maimed and spread disease to the owners/inhabitants, American Indians/AKA Native Americans. The English simply got a bit pissy and tried to stop it. So, we weren’t fighting for any freedom. It was a fight for government – and if you think this is a free country, you’re as stupid as you read.

          1. actually you are no better half the facts you spouted are just copy n paste wikipedia search links lmao the guy who didnt get a diploma trying to educate…thats def pot calling the kettle black lol

        2. Theres nothing free about the USA your only free to do what your told to american and think the americans are the biggest terrorist organtion in the world.when some people bomb a building we label them terrorists.when we do it we call it fighting for our freedom.bull fuckin shit suck my dick and fuck the usa lieing peice af shit government

        3. Freedom??? How about the owner of this site jailed for his freedom of press and speech??? Nobodies had to fight for freedom since….fuck I couldent say…..but We are far from free you are a perfect example of the brainwashed mass….dig into some banned books and the sort on a bit torrent site….check out you fucking freedom on display there where your not supposed to look

      1. Tundra, please learn the difference between the word “THERE” which means location, and “THEIR” which is a possessive pronoun, as in, “It’s THEIR country,” It’s hard to take you seriously when basic grammar escapes you.

          1. Thats same what the Mexicans punish by beheading the Drug Smugglers . Overall we all know how U.S Army is kind and what there Engineers or Spy were doing for the past 10 years . but you have no balls to understand it .

        1. While we are on the grammar kick, I felt as though I should tell you, sibylline, that you forgot to put a comma after the words, “word,” and “THERE.” Also, a period is needed after “in.” If I may take a quote from you: “It’s hard to take you seriously when basic grammar escapes you.” Idiot.

        2. Dude you fuckin ppl are the ones other ppl leave on sites such as this… him out about grammar and the ignorance just reeks from your post…… kinda missed the point…..This is what they do…..and I’m sure they have seen the evils that we do…….but buy the lie…its your country after all.

      2. tundra you make a good point because all these wars are just for land, property, money, power, & control thats all, all these wars that have started since the beginning of time have been about those things. now dont get it twisted either there has come a time that even you have to defend yourself due to someone else starting a fight but then you got to pick a point and when to stop it and when there is a enough of it. i agree though the united staten’s and i say united staten’s because there is no such thing as an american because everybody on earth is an american but thats another story. have started and fought wars due to this bullshit of freedom when it goes way deeper then that i to have a friend that was a marine and said the same shit that its a bullshit war and its not what they portray it to be on tv

      3. I’m a pfc (Private first class) in the army. went to war and saw gore…that rhymed. any whore i dont serve for any purpose other than a pay check. I respect all soldiers cause they are fighting for thier own cause. Army Infantry Hooah!!!

      4. ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. i hope you’re proud of your maniacal idiotic ramblings. THIS GUY WAS NOT A FUCKING SOLDIER, HE WAS A CIVIL ENGINEER YOU FUCKTARD. A soldier is a tool of war, he is trained to do a job and do it well. In war it is well known that some soldiers ‘snap’ and may do things outside the rules of war but WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO JUDGE, WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW? NOTHING! Youre just another in a long long line of arseholes who sit cosy in armchairs, mug of cocoa in hand and passing judgement on shit you know fuck all about, fucking idiot. The reason we are fighting the good fight is to try to irradicate the kind of unabated evil that is illustrated in this vid. There are a myriad of murders and acts of pure evil that are acted out in the name of islam. IT IS WRONG HOWEVER YOU LOOK AT IT. Make no mistake dickhead, if you get picked up by these maniacs, they wont be impressed by your hate towards ‘the establishment’. They will kill you exactly the same way and post it so that your family and the world can watch you scream and cry while you die, WITH NO MERCY WHATSOEVER. Why? because you are a westerner and a non believer. straight up dude, your a dick.

        1. oh gringos…….of course theyll kill you…..because you are white and IN their country…..they could be saying the same thing….that theyre fighting for their freedom from assholes that invade and judge their lifestyle… not defending them im just pointing the truth… each its own……

          1. Its funny how the Muslim world begs for U.S assistance when it suits their interests. Syria is an example of rebel towel head , jihadist filth begging for Western treasure and weaponry then the minute they get what they want its all ” imperialist America” this and “infidel invader” that. Iraq was an attempt to rid the region of a meglomaniac halfwit , a war supported by the Saudi royal family who feared losing the vast oil reserves they control. It was a Muslim family, in the holiest lands of Islam, scared of the theft of the wealth and power they possess, inviting the U.S and allies in to fight the war on their behalf. Yet we, the west, are the bad guys. The only difference between the scum in this film and any other muderer caught on tape is the religious aspect. Things just as gruesome happen in Mexico everyday, the 3guys1hammer morons etc…this stings because they hate us and it want peopleto be scared. What happened to faith making you a better person, enlightened and civilizing its purpose. Chopping heads off seems to be the complete opposite of those ideals.

          2. They have killed much more then “white” people. If we are speaking of color, not nationality, they have killed white, brown, black, yellow etc. If we speak of nationality, they have killed much more. Not saying we haven’t killed, but we are talking radical Muslim here. And if some tries to correct my grammar, fuck off. I try and type my comments fast and move on.

        1. Everybody will die, dumbass. Even you. How many Muslims have you executed? If the answer is none, then you’re just being ridiculous. All Muslims will die because you say so? Prove it. Kill one.

      5. From being a soldier, I understand your point of view. I went (dumbass me) as a civilian. I was thinking about the week before I went, I watched several beheadings. Yes, I think we went over there on an agenda, and yes I think it was all bullshit. Especially seeing everything up close & personal. We did some shady shit – every country has done shady shit or been involved in other countries shady shit, but in the end it comes down to politics – whose balls look bigger/cleaner and who’s hands are not so splattered with blood…

        1. AgreedIts horrible @cindyjv. I wouldn’t wish this on any living being. The sounds made me sick to my stomach. I am grateful to our troops who deal with these sick bastards. It’s very hard to believe that they are fighting for our freedom & not other political agenda, I lost 3 friends in the Gulf War & my ex was in the Army.

          1. I don’t know what happened to my comment above, I was replying to another person but you’re right, they don’t choose the wars they fight. Most sign up to try & preserve our so called “freedom” and end up making the ultimate sacrifice. This man Eugene did nothing to deserve this horrifying death, except be labeled an American.

      6. They give metal to soldiers. Must weight an awful lot. How much metal to do they give? A pound, two? Well, guess they can melt it down and make a medal, which is what they would rather have anyway. Just a thought.

      7. Well am not wondering why there is so much violence in the world because it is to sick for words what you can see on the internet like beheading and other shit and there are sick fucks in the world they think its normal to cut someone head of with a knife because you can see it on the internet also but it isn’t normal that you can see this things on the internet.

      8. oh shut up they are far more barbaric an guess what they need a fake cultlike religious reason to HIDE behind lol you the guy who gets mad at a vid of american troops beating a sheep but sunni militants beheading a NON combatant contractor grandfather? your ok w that ….lol same type of guy who spits on american gis during the vietnam war … bla blah were evil heard it before brainwashed zionist media etc etc go smoke pot liberalist hippie anti american smh /sigh so many of you

      9. Tundra.You sir are sadly misinformed.”I have family and friends that lived there”Really? I doubt it.But since this post is so old I also doubt you will ever see my response.You remind me of someone very selfish that will only care about his own well being.Feel sorry for you and any real family members.Peace.

      10. @tundra12555 Revolutionary War Dumb Fuck!!! But on the bright side you are part right the american troops are there for oil but you forgot our opium interest in Afghanistan!!! Muslims are the anti-christ Mohamed is the false prophet and islam is the beast!!!

        1. If its Dump , why you guys stealing OIL and feeding your Kids in West and attacking them despersing there children brain on the road ? what your army do , never comes in media because your government dont allow them to sniff your bad smell . When you leave your army from there countries , than there would be PEACE in the World

          1. Goodness, it is hard to take you seriously with the volume of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. I really would like to understand just what your beef is. So would you mind re-posting. This time maybe you could use spell check, or even just take a second and scan it. My messages always looks horrific when I am finished, but I go back and give it the onceover.

          2. Speak English.Oh,you can’t.well then listen Islam is nothing but a death cult.Fuck you and your damn oil.Wont need the shit soon anyway.Then where you gonna be ? Huh child molesters?

        1. Speak English.Oh,you can’t.well then listen Islam is nothing but a death cult.Fuck you and your damn oil.Wont need the shit soon anyway.Then where you gonna be ? Huh child molesters?oh,so that makes it ok? Oh,

    2. U.S discard its Army the first day from There countries , No more stories will be happen in future . U.S army is waging War and Its there right defend there country . You forget when you smell badly when your drones splash the brain of young children on the road ? You forget when your chemical weapons burn the skin to its organs in Hell fire in Palestine ? America is the major cause of Problem in the world . Workers from different part of the World comes to U.S and inreturn your ARMY invade there countries in the name of PEACE . People come there with PEN and you come with GUNS . Its cant be compare equally at all .

      1. Everywhere stinking Muslims go they can’t get along with anyone.They have been causing evil terror and wars since 5 th century. Vlad the Impaler had the right idea.Impale those muzzies and let them smell their own stink they bring!Every country that host Islamist end up having to cater to the whines pussies.They abuse physically,sexually, and mentally their own women and children.What kind of scum does that? MUSLIMS.

    3. You do realize what were doing there right? Its not about freedom, its not about vengeance,its not even about helping anyone. Its all about money. Are shadow government throws young men and women to the hounds for more money because of this so called war. Goddamn to think there are people today still as blind as you….(.-.)

    4. It’s just peaceful, loving muslims doing what their quran tells them to do: Kill all non-muslims. And sure, you will meet any number of muslims that will deny their holy book tells them to go out and commit jihad. But that same holy book instructs them to lie to all non-muslims, thus getting us to drop our defenses.

    5. Just wondering if we would do this if our country was bombed, invaded, women and children indiscriminately killed, the natural resources ( oil ) stolen, our religion and beliefs trashed. Just as a taster, imagine as an individual you are at home with your wife and children. Burglars break into your home, they beat the shit out of every single member of your family, then they rape every single member of your family, then they steal every thing that has any value including sentimental belongings and then destroy your house, how angry would you be.

      1. Like you dude? Lol you just agree with the majority and keep a low profile That’s pathetic if you ask me,nobody’s original nowadays because they want to fit easily and don’t like to defend their beliefs,it’s saddening you guys are just a legion of lambs following others,the only things you guys say is “Oh this is so sad,I’m crying,I can’t watch it,I’m gonna kill that bastard” you’re nothing but a joke

    6. I LOVE IT the way his warm tasty blood spilled as he screamed for life, i want to drink it. I WANT MORE I WANT MORE. fuck everybody, i want to hear everyone scream i want it i want it

    1. me too ! sick as it sounds( i watched more than a few x’s )-, i would put this as my # 1 in scary, horrific, and hard to wrap my head round… dont say it !.. but he sounds just like pigs when they are butchured..:( fuck ! the air, scream thru the cut pipe/s …

      1. Ive seen a few beheadings but this one was the worst because of the noises plus you could see how anxious he was as now days im sure they drug them or something as they seem to just sit there calm staring into space, id rather struggle to get away and be shot first then sit there waiting for this to happen, love to his family RIP

    1. Hate to say it but that’s the truth. Where’s the video where the American soldier just cuts an innocent man’s neck and has the fuckin nerve to laugh, the man recording the beheading and the murderer, as the man’s blood drains out his neck. Sick shit on both side.

    2. Every race on this stinking shithole of a planet has done something rotten to another race along the way. Tell me your race has never done anything evil and I will know you are a fucking liar. Most people from all races are good. It’s the few that always seem to fuck it up for the rest that do nothing wrong. Just the thought of this “bastard” American. You really need to know who you are talking about, all of them as a people and not what their government is doing before you post. Don’t let your view of a peoples government cloud your view of them as a whole. I do not.

      1. Triggerhappyface, indeed, yes, let’s look at the muslim people as a whole, shall we? Okay, for starters, they don’t believe in equality for women therefor regularly stone to death thousands of suspected prostitutes every year. They don’t allow women to wear normal clothes or leave the house unescorted by a male, they put rifles in the hands of children and teach them at a very young age how to terrorize and enforce a militant occupation of their own country, they support and believe in something called “Sharia law” which I won’t go into because it would take too much time, they have violently reared their heads against American assistance to a demacratic proccess and make snuff films in which innocent soldiers are being beheaded. They openly abbhore any religion that is not Islam and subsequently believe in the systematic extermination of any differing religious or even schools of thought. Speaking of schools, as a people, not a whole lot of emphasis on education…sounds like a pack of lowgrade morons to me.

        1. I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as an innocent soldier. Civilian killings are the lowest of low because they may in fact be innocent, but when a soldier kills another soldier it’s just war. Nobody said it was fair or pretty. Good people die at the hands of monsters everyday but unfortunetly it’s something you just have to deal with while you live on this planet.

        2. where the fuck did you get your facts??? first of all thousands of prostitutes die and get abused sold like cheap used rags in the United States by their own ppl. and what the hell is the difference between a five year old learning how to hunt in the states and a five year old over there same shit if you ask me. that dude shouldnt have been there to start with nor our american troops. and regarding the whole women thing your talking about at least they grow up to be respected women and not WHORES!!!

          1. Aha. Whores are not to be respected and deserve what they get, then. Public stoning sounds just about right – such a humane and quick way to rid yourself of women who don’t meet your standards. What about ‘suspected’ whores? If you call me a whore in public, whether or not it’s true under whatever criteria someone might be using, is it better safe than sorry to execute me in case I taint some ‘respected’ woman?

          2. Respected women!!!!????? I’m sorry but that has got to be the most ignorant and stupid misinformed statement I have EVER read anywhere.” At least they are respected??!! You stupid moron.Women are never respected.If they are raped they are stoned to death. If a family just thinks they may have left the house shopping or other without a male family member they are executed.Any woman that won’t marry to a man picked out for her is honor killed by her family.Women or I should say 5 year old girls are married to old men who DO wait till their 9 th year of age before they are raped by their ‘ husband’.These people make the child get a female circumcision that totally cuts off all external genitala as well as cutting off the clitoris,and seal the vaginia leaving only o small opening for urination.Hmmm what hole do they have sex with? These are but a few ways women are respected you fool.Now stfu.

        3. Very good summary. I will add that Islam has a high sexual theme flowing through it in ….This thing about the 62 virgins waiting in paradise is just one sick sexual indicator whereof I speak.

    3. Fuck you ass hole, do you see us executing people slowly and horribly on fucking TV? I didn’t think so you cock sucking whore. You have no idea the shit I’ve seen in Afghanistan and what people can do to each other, that’s the problem with civilians. They don’t know SHIT. But it’s faggot morons like you who call the shots.

      1. agreed. and you terrorist fucks deserve to die like this poor guy did. fuck allah and the taliban and all others who support or help these pieces of shit. just sit tight we are slowly but surely ridding the world of you filth. torture on guantanamo!!!! i hope they waterboard you all to death. at least you will still keep your heads.

        1. anyone who can support this needs to be lined up and experience the same fate. we should carpet bomb the entire area but getting up close and personal is where it’s at! they should be happy guantanamo is there…if it were up to me, the terrorist fucks fate would be very slow and very painful

          1. Absolutely right!! I would love to see these fuckin allah lovin scumbags tortured so fuckin slow. Keep reviving them so that they feel every fuckin thing!!

          2. If you’ve seen what goes down over there. You’ll know the atrocities we americans have commited. I have to say though, I have never seen or heard of any US Military slowly beheading someone. Usually we execute them gunshot over there. So I say, cut their fucking heads off with my K-Bar I dulled just for that occasion.

          3. I think nobody support them, people simply argue over reasons of what they do on both sides.
            This world is fucked up anyway and i want to ask you a question. Did you know what Israeli Mosad agents do in Iraq? They shoot Marines with hi tech snipers to make them in rage over Muslims.
            My friend, real terrorism happened on 9/11 by USA government. They started, these fanatic response on their primitive way.

      2. A Lone Pop Tart, THANK YOU! Ugh, it just pisses me right off when idiots like to defend these disgutsing mongrals by saying shit like, “Americans are just as bad, and blah blah blah…” Obviously, like you said, they know absolutely DICK about these revolting maggots and their pitiful society. They live like animals and treat each other like shit too; maybe if some of these assholes should look up SHARIA LAW and then they can shut the fuck up. “But what about the innocent women and children and civilians over there?” FUCK ‘EM!! FUCK ‘EM, FUCK “EM, FUCK ‘EM!! Those women are pathetic and won’t fight for their own equality, and these CHILDREN are just as lethal with guns and military training. FUCK ‘EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Yeah the Bastard Americans killing the People in Iraq , Palestine , Pakistan for the past 10 years . Invading there Oil , properties , smashing there Kids brain on road and Drone attacks . and when they reply the same . they got burned . The smell of US is very bad but there Government Media dont allow them to show , hence they feel other smell bad

      1. Wow.. Idiotic people like PeacE4LovE need to take their ass’s to countries like this douche just named so he can be beheaded too. These countries kill, massacre, and slaughter their own in the same country, with or without American’s being involved or in these countries.. These sick fuck’s know nothing but hate and their fucktard religion. Just because someone doesn’t have the same views and beliefs as you, you go cut their head off and rape and kill their women and children!? Sounds like something a God would want you to do.. said no intelligent person ever. American’s don’t run around killing their neighbors because of religious differences. These people teach hatred to their children so they grow up to be just as insane as their parents. May death come to all radical muslims and any who support killing of innocent people of any nation. Hopefully you all cut each others head’s off until there’s only one left that we can burn for the world to enjoy.

        1. and yes I’m a few years late but I just saw this video and it enraged me that someone could still in this day and age commit such barbaric acts like these. and on top of that to read all these moronic comments by anti-American idiots. please tell me what American’s have done to you that these countries haven’t been doing to themselves for thousands of years. hopefully idiots like you enrage Russia enough to put a foot in your ass’s too, then my friends, you will be forever fucked. may 1,000 dicks be waiting for you in hell (sorry to burst your fairy tale ass beliefs) because if there is anything waiting for you in the after life, it will be that for people like you all that support this delusional belief and lifestyle.

  2. Amazing that these people are the ones pointing their fingers at other countries and calling them uncivilized. *This* is uncivilized.

    They enjoy doing this. Under any other circumstances these men would be considered serial killers. Doing it under the banner of politics & religion makes them terrorists.

    And every time they hide behind masks and hoods like cowards.

  3. Jesus christ, the sound of that mans screams are gonna haunt me for a very long time. You can hear when they are cutting through his voicebox as his screams become more high pitched

  4. i can’t believe he lived so long through that. It seemed even when he was almost fully beheaded that he was alive. or was that some sort of bodily reaction, (the sounds I mean)

  5. Beheading is funny. Anybody ever feel Eugene Armstrong choke on his own bile while watching his life flash by, as a pack of jackals cut his throat with a dull knife? These people shit where they sleep. Fuck your god.

    1. Hehe you’re right it’s funny,it’s hard to say that you see your life flashback in front of your eyes I mean how do we know when that happen? if it’s real I guess his flashbacks were really boring

  6. those assholes will rot in hell, may the wrath of a thousand fleas infect their balls. burn i say burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. this is just painful to watch… why couldn’t they just make it quick?

    either way its horrible, and I can’t see how anyone could do this to another human being…

  8. Yeah, and ISLAM people play the victim. Mother fuckers. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this fucking hurts to watch. Animals, they’re animals, thus, they should be treated like animals.

    1. Calling them animals would be too kind. Animals care for each other and only attack to protect. Like others have said these people are monsters. They should be treated just the way they have treated all the innocent people they have killed, beheaded with the dullest knife you can find.

  9. These men aren’t animals, animals don’t have the thought process to know that what they’re doing is wrong. They act soley on the instinct to survive.

    These men know exactly what they’re doing is wrong, they’re Monsters, not animals.

      1. I don’t agree with killing of any race but please miss me with the “your country has invaded our country, killed our children, etc..” these stupid fucks would be doing this to themselves regardless. salo, you are a GRADE A moron. people like you are the reason things don’t get better so do us and the world a favor and kill yourself and anyone you know who has the same rationality as you. if American’s were cutting the head’s off of our enemies, then you really could say we were evil. but instead, the worst you’ll get is American’s pissing on dead bodies, making naked pyramids of prisoners, etc.. which is still demented in its own way, but to compare that to the beheading and cutting limbs from bodies to hang in public area’s and make viral videos.. that’s just insane and beyond rationalizing.

  10. This is why there is war. This bullshit has been going on for millenia (obviously more recently it has been televised). No human being deserves to have their head cut off while they are still alive. No person deserves to be as scared as that man.

    Fuck the whole lot of them for being cowards and lower than animals.

  11. This is cruel and sick and the same could happen here they are getting all our laws scrubbed and want everything there way brittian is getting to soft if they do not like our life style and laws then go home I am not racist but every where you go they break some law or other

  12. I love how muslims defend actions like this.
    Such as the cock here:
    “# Lasse Kongo Says:
    October 6th, 2008 at 10:49 am

    Don?t think for a second that the bastard americans haven?t done equally horrible things to the people or Iraq.

    When did a group of ‘bastard americans’ capture an Iraqi lorry driver just doing his job not hurting anyone and cut his throat in the name of God.
    Dumb cunt.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking hate those fucking Muslim pieces of shit, and think their whole nation needs to be shattered like glass. But americans do have a long history of kidnapping\arresting innocent people, and then torturing them severely before killing them, many times in the name of god and others out of greed. The crusades, the witch trials, execution and slave trade of the native americans. Any of those ring a bell? Of course, that was then, this is now. America has moved passed such bigoted and barbaric acts while places like the middle east still thrives off that shit. I mean, they rape their women then have them stoned to death for being whores, and throw acid on the faces of female children for going to school.

  13. Jesus, what is this obscenely awful shit? Its the sounds, the sounds that Eugene makes, that will be resounding and haunting forever in my mind. How the fuck do those deluded and psychotic fanatics of a non-existing deity, sleep at night? What is it that these people strive for to solve, by cutting the throat of an innocent lorry driver? Is it really for anything, but to embrace their merciless devil within them? I don’t see another alternative, and I am not a man of supernatural beliefs…

    Yes ok, it is fair to say the US have been the culprits of mass atrocities. Many people have suffered gruelling fates, as the US and the UK have continued to bomb and decimate iraq. Blah, blah, blah, its war endure it I guess…So this is retaliation, a justified response carried out to prove exactly what; to stoop to the ‘oppressers’ level, to follow by example of ‘infidels’? It just doesn’t make any sense! Unless its looked at very simply: resentful imbeciles capture a man, kill him for kicks because they know nothing of valuing human life. Their Warped minds throughly influenced by a smellier load of shit, than the one that passed between my bum cheeks a few hours ago. Fucking deluded douchebags…im so sick of Islam and how backward and unprogressive it wholly is.

  14. I fucking hate these terrorist mother fuckers. i dont give a shit even after the war is over. fuck the sand niggers.

    No amount of virgins promised to you by a fake fuckin god (Allah) could make anyone do this. Unbalanced mother fuckers..



  15. I’m speachless! I can’t believe what I just saw! I like to think of myself as one of God’s creatures. I like to think that my life is no more important than anyone elses nor is it more important than the animals we share this planet with. I treat my dogs as I would a child, so the references that have been made here regarding the inhumane treatment he received and comparing it to that of what would be appropriate for an animal, well… I take offense to that. That aside, getting back to the topic at hand. This wasn’t just inhumane! It wasn’t just evil. There is no word in any dictionary to describe what was performed there. No god would wish this on anyone! I live in America where I am free. Free to make choices and one of them is the freedom to choose which religeon I want to follow, or I also have the right to reject any religeon and beleive this is it. I choose to live my life as a Christian. My Creator is a loving God and wishes his flock to live peaceful and productive lives, not kill one another. I know the scripture says to turn thy cheek, but the Bible also says, God helps those who help themselves. Is this left up to us to decide which path to follow? After seeing this and knowing this is not an isolated case, I have only two words to say… GREEN GLASS! Nuke those S.O.B.’s and turn their God forgotten dust bowl into GREEN GLASS, not to be “opened” for 50 years! Too much time and too many lives (innocent lives) have been lost fighting a battle that can not be won. NUKE EM!

    1. are you being serious? If your god says all these things, wh ydon’t he do something about it. Your telling me that he can bless you with food and healthy life but he leaves his third world children with hunger and pain? Christians are killing muslims and vice versa with just as much or more barbaric than these sick terrorist fucks. Your so called religion is so hypocritical! these insane acts of violence is because of three main things, power,politics and religions. Please spare me the god BS! After what you just saw, I’m sorry to say but your just as evil to hide behing your god and just beek off.

    2. One of God’s creatures says “Nuke ‘Em.” That is an oxymoron. See, I don’t adhere to any religion or subscribe to believing there is a mysterious man in the sky, but how come I am less apt to say nuke ’em than someone who does? I’m sure as Hell quick to say FUCK ‘EM, (which I did in an earlier comment) but dropping bombs on brown people is not going to erradicate this filth.

  16. OH, and they bitched about guantanamo bay. Rest in peace Eugene. I was going to say, if there is any justice in the universe, their fate would rest in your hands, but I doubt you’re diabolical enough to come up with anything remotely appropriate for these band of cowards!!

  17. I couldn’t sleep last night after seeing that undescribable image of Eugene Armstrong being beheaded. I guess I wanted to see out of curiosity. I think it’s human nature to want to know more and understand death. “Can we get a glimpse of what’s to come from someone about to take that step?” The answer is no. If there was such a glimpse these MONSTERS wouldn’t continue to act in such a ___________ way. I left that blank on purpose. There is no word that describes such EVIL! Al-Zawahiri was nothing more than shit beneath our shoe! I have lost any tolerance for this jihad bull shit! Take your Jihad and get the fuck out of the US sand nigahs!

  18. Sorry for the mulitiple posts, I just feel so compelled to get this all out before I die from high blood pressure! To all the men and women who risk it all so we may be free… Freedom is not free! and I want each and every one of you to know you are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! May God walk with you and protect you while you risk so much. You and your families should be very proud, I am! Please don’t ever doubt your mission there. You’re simply carrying out orders. Orders that protect the sane from the insane. When you “pull the trigger” (whatever form that comes in) remember all those who have fallen for no reason! Anyone who believes in Jihad should pay by suffering. Let’s not rest until they are all burning in HELL!

  19. Al-Zarqawi was the headsman in the video (or so he claimed- what is absolutely factual is that it was his group who conducted the kidnappings and murders of the 3 contractors). For those who didn’t know, less than 2 years later, a couple of 500lb bombs crushed that pig and at least one of his aides. One step closer to wiping these culturally retarded clowns off the fucking grid.

  20. well i havent watched the video as i dont think i have the emotional strength to do so but i do have to say this. from what i read of what this video is about, it disgusts me! i am not religious and i dont believe in a god but i do think its dumb to say FUCK a whole religion based on these terrorists you see. just like some crazy christians kill others in gruesome ways, this time it was muslims. there are still a lot of muslims and christians out there who believe that we have to live in peace and not make war so i do think its a little narrowminded to hate a whole group becuz of some people that are bad in there. you wouldnt hate the whole white race if one white person killed you family so how is this any different?

  21. I don’t personally know anything about the Muslim’s ways or religeon. I understand that there are some seriously fucked up people in all walks of life. Color, race, belief systems … That’s why I don’t identify myself with any one religon but rather believe in “common sensce.” Christian based but no particular denomination. (Lets face it, if I had a child, the last person I’d ask to babysit would be a Catholic Priest 🙂 That was a joke! A sick joke admitidly but a joke just the same. Getting back to my ignorance to the ways of the Muslims… I’ve heard a lot of quotes coming from their scriptures and it sounds like hate not peace? There are those who hate Americans and yet live amongst us! I understand the freedom of speach, but …? You don’t like the US? GET OUT! I’ll drive yo ass to the frickin airport! (one way of course!) Bitter sweet that, that bitch Al-Zarqawi is dead. He deserved to suffer, but I’m sure he’s doing that now! Him and his 72 vigin horny male elephants! 🙂 May his suffering NEVER stop!

  22. Paul…Muslims do not condemn this kind of behaviour becuz unlike North America, if muslims in the middle east stand up for anything, they get killed. there is no such thing as prtoest or freedom of speech unless youre asking for your head on a silver platter!

  23. I’m glad those assholes are suffering, how do they not feel any sympathy for that man? It isn’t like it’s his fault for whatever caused them to do that to him. He was innocent, they aren’t.

  24. Does anybody else hear laughing as soon as it cuts to the part where they start cutting his neck? Am I imagining things? If its laughing, that’t just really jacked up.

  25. i feel sick. but this is war. this is men. this is what human do to each other over land, women, oil, amenities. this is reality. and those idiots above who have a poor grasp of the english language and an even looser grasp on reality are fuelling the issue. just look at the racism. if a christian person, or an american, british, woman, child or dog did this, that would not be an automatic indictment of the whole race/species/gender/agegroup/faith choice.
    what are you people talking about? senseless murder makes me ill. but dont for one second forget what you are sending your sons out to iraq to do. murder innocent women and children, amongst the killers WHICH YOUR CHILDREN BECOME. its a never ending vicious cycle and only education and understanding can end it.
    do you really think the men in this video have been killed by the virulent war you people (backed by my own winging mess of a government in the uk) have waged on the world? has it helped? or hindered?
    get real. think about what you say and do, both personally, and the behaviour of your government. hold them to account. and know… murder will always be around. its the way of ‘humanity’.

        1. My heart goes out to every Afghani’ & Iraqi man, woman and child whose family has been slaughtered by US bombs. Those people have never done a damn thing to me. I think my government is much dirtier than any of us know.

          1. They’re not so innocent themselves either, as you saw in this video. What about that guy who got beheaded? He didn’t do a damn thing either, we aren’t the only ones to blame here.

          2. An innocent man was killed in the most brutal way you can imagine, yet your heart goes out to the Iraqi scum? America doesn’t have to slaughter those people, because they are all to busy slaughtering each other. Most of the iraqi men and especially the women and children are slaughtered by their own kind. Their own brothers, their own husbands and fathers. America has programs to help the middle easterners that are actually victims, to bring them over here and get them away from violence, yet most of them choose not to take it, because they dont want to turn their backs on their violent ass “traditions”. The only ones I feel sorry for, are the women and children who are beaten and forced away from public eye, with no chance for help, and the few good men, who tragically had their wives and daughters ripped away from them on false accusations, as well as the men murdered trying to prevent the executions of their families by the taliban. Other than that, the rest can fucking go.

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